The one Secret Service text turned over to the January 6 committee

Reports say that the Secret Service deleted text messages relating to the events of January 6, the date of the insurrection on Capitol Hill. According to news reports, in response to a subpoena from the January 6 Committee in the House, the Secret Service was only able to retrieve and turn over a single text message. Just one.

What did it say?

Multiple unreliable sources have leaked the single text message to me. I’m having difficulty authenticating. I’d value your judgment. Which one is legit?

(For context, Beast is the presidential limo and Mogul was Donald Trump’s Secret Service code name.)

fuck i tripped over his damn tie again

damn you *do* look hot in the new suit nice pecs man

if you drive beast today be aware – mogul had tacos for dinner last night

still thinks he won lol shit mogul wants to drive what a maroon

don’t let him talk to giuliani today that dude nuts

where’s my phone where my fucking phone . . . ah jeeze, it’s in my hand

gonna be late damn misplaced my bullets again

he’s really handsy today. good thing those hands are so teeny

Armed rioters on capitol mall. Get Mogul in Beast stat. Wait, says they’re not here to hurt him. WTF, only 15 days left, forget it

still think lauren boebert is smokin

have fun at capitol I’m babysitting melania really dont care do u

code white, code white, leftover pastries in Roosevelt room

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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  1. Those little hands wouldn’t even fit around Bukosky’s neck. Wish it was easier to find the button to put up the separation glass

  2. I’ll bet all my bitcoin that the only surviving tweet/email would be “f…k you simple peasants