I helped these authors, can I help you?

I’ve worked on 45 nonfiction book projects: big idea books, how-to books, textbooks, even memoirs.

My philosophy is simple: Help authors refine their big idea, choose the right publishing model, write great prose, and make an impact on readers.

I’d rather work closely with a few passionate writers to help them succeed than hoover up cash from dozens of credulous wannabes. If you care about your book, I will care about you.

See below for more detail on my services.

Idea and Title Development

I’ll help you move rapidly to define your book idea and find a title and subtitle that positions your book perfectly. Deliverable includes one-page book treatment.


“Josh helped me take a big complex idea and simplify it into one document that provided a kind of North Star in the writing process. He provided the steady hand I needed to go from excited but frenetic to focused and prolific.”

— Jay Acunzo, author, 
Break the Wheel 

Book Proposal

Collaborate with you on a proposal that will make publishers drool. Includes development of a compelling opening, main ideas, market analysis, comp titles, table of contents, promotion plan, and sample chapter. Here’s a sample.


“After working with Josh on a book proposal, I received multiple offers from publishers including a six-figure advance.”

— Stefan Falk, author, 
Intrinsic Motivation 

Developmental Editing 

Review and edit your manuscript. Comprehensive advice at all levels: critique of your idea, advice on book structure and content, and analysis of writing style, including detailed and concrete recommendations for improvement. Price varies depending on length and difficulty. 

“Josh Bernoff is The Bookmaster. With decades of experience as a writer, editor and strategist, he has a huge fan club of authors whose ideas he has helped bring to life.”

— Diane Hessan, author, 
Our Common Ground 

Writing Coaching 

Regular meetings to review text you’ve created, plus recommendations to improve your planning, research, and writing skills. $500 per one-hour meeting, which includes editing your work in process. 


“With Josh’s quick feedback and support, I was able to get writing, chapter by chapter, story by story, until I successfully published KNOCK. That book became the foundation for my career and leadership development training business.”

— Rebecca Otis Leder, author, 
Knock: How to Open Doors and Build Career Relationships That Matter 


Write a business book to your specifications. No memoirs. $75,000 and up, cash compensation only.

$75,000 +

“Josh served us as an advisor, editor, ghost writer, and therapist. We could not have published without him.”

–Dave Frankland, coauthor, Marketing to the Entitled Consumer