Build a Better Business Book

How to Plan, Write, and Promote a Book That Matters

Endorsed by more than 50 successful business authors.

The first accessible and comprehensive guide for authors who want to create impact. Learn how to refine your idea, choose a publishing model, and research, write, publish, and promote a book that matters. Includes advice on how to collect and write case studies, plan your book as a project, structure compelling chapters, and launch your book to maximize your sales, revenue, and influence.

From Josh Bernoff, a veteran of 45 book projects that have generated over $20 million for their authors. Includes writing and publishing secrets from successful business authors like Jay Baer, Laura Gassner Otting, Phil M. Jones, Joe Pulizzi, and Scott Stratten.

“If you’re serious about writing a business book that matters, then look no further.” Daniel H. Pink, #1 New York Times bestselling author of To Sell Is Human

Includes these topics:

  • Ideas and titles
  • Traditional, hybrid, or self-publishing?
  • Writing a book proposal
  • Escaping writer’s block
  • Sourcing and conducting interviews
  • Research and data
  • Book covers
  • Audiobooks
  • Book promotion
  • Monetizing your book

Writing Without Bullshit

Boost Your Career by Saying What You Mean

Part I: Change your perspective

1. Transcend bullshit
2. Seize your opportunity

Part II: Change what you write

3. Move beyond fear
4. Write short
5. Front-load your writing
6. Purge passive voice
7. Replace jargon
8. Eliminate weasel words
9. Be direct
10. Use numbers wisely
11. Reveal structure

Part III: Change how you write

12. Be paranoid early
13. Think first
14. Plan purposefully
15. Unleash creativity
16. Find flow
17. Collaborate without tears
18. Embrace edits
19. Edit effectively

Part IV: Change what you produce

20. Understand containers
21. Email thoughtfully
22. Master social media
23. Promote intelligently
24: Craft actionable reports

Epilogue: Change the bullshit culture