This connection I have with the object of my desire is so amazing. Every day it’s something new. Maybe you feel the same way.

Sometimes it feels like you’re just out of sync. Like you have nothing in common. But you learn from what isn’t working, and change your approach. If you try enough new things, you’re sure to figure it out. Giving up is just not an option any more.

And then the next day it feels like you have to start again from the beginning. Maybe this time things get steadily better and you get closer and closer until . . . finally, fulfillment.

Then there are days that you feel closer than ever, but somehow, it seems to take forever to take that final step to come together in harmony.

There’s often that strange feeling that a connection is happening — but something’s out of place. So you move things around until it fits.

You feel fulfilled on most days. And then on some days . . . you just don’t end up in sync. It’s heartbreaking.

Some people spend days away from the dance. I never do, though. It’s like an obsession.

Yes, some days the object of your desire is just puzzling and weird. But you roll with it, because each of us is growing and changing every day. A weird day is just as likely to be followed by a normal one.

Sometimes you come together just after midnight . . and other days, it might take all day to feel really close.

It doesn’t help that it seems like everyone else is having a version of the same experience, and boasting about it. You’d like this relationship to be just between you two, but it feels like your sweetheart’s so popular . . . like everyone else in the world is after them, too.

Can words really express how you feel? Maybe not, but words are all you have. So words are how you try to get closer.

And not just any words.

Five-letter words.

Yeah. Wordle. Why, what, did you think I was talking about?

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