Take the day off.

Take today off. I am. Nothing in this post is original.

If you don’t need to work today, stay home with family. Wrap yourself in a warm blanket and watch a sappy movie. Make a fire (but only if you have a fireplace). Leave the stress behind.

Look around you. If someone in your family is cooking, cleaning, washing, setting the table . . . give them a hand.

If you’re home but can’t be with family, know that I care about you. I’m giving you a virtual hug. Call your real family, if you can. If you’re feeling really down, reach out to people who can help. No matter what you did, we still care about you.

If you have to go somewhere, today’s a challenging day (tomorrow, too). Have a care for anyone working today. Thank them. And wear a mask. They may not have a choice about working, but you have a choice about how you treat them.

Talk to you Monday.

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  1. Thank you, Josh! I appreciate what you do, and because our relationship as blog writer/reader tends to be one-sided, i wanted to give you a virtual hug back. Enjoy your holidays and here’s to a better new year!

  2. 2021….Josh, I appreciate your daily contribution to my education. As a fellow writer, I know the discipline this requires.

    Congratulations on your new home and your pending re-wirement. Health and peace be yours.

  3. Make a fire, but only if you have a fireplace…that made me chuckle. Happy holidays to you and yours, Josh. Thanks for the daily edification. Looking forward to a brighter 2022!