See “Writing Without Bullshit” live in New Hampshire, Cleveland, Salt Lake City, and Boston

My speaking schedule is filling up. You can hear me talk about the absurdity of the way we communicate — and what to do about it — at the following events.

Yankee Chapter of the PR Society of America (PRSA)

Newington (NH) May 2 at 3:30pm

Great Lakes Oracle Conference

Cleveland, May 18, keynote speech at 9:45am, then workshop at 1:15 pm

Utah PR Spring Conference for PRSA Greater Salt Lake

Salt Lake City, May 25, workshop at 9:00 am, then keynote speech at 3:45 pm

Content Marketing World 2017

Cleveland, September 7, speech at 3:10 pm


Boston, September 25-28


Why should you come hear me speak (or hire me to speak for your event)? Because:

  • I will get you laughing at absurdly bad writing.
  • Everyone who hears me will think differently every time they write.
  • You’ll finally get a chance to do something about all the bullshit.









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