Quick cancer update

In December, I told you I had prostate cancer. In February, I let you know I had completed radiation treatments.

After treatments, it takes three-plus months for your body to settle down enough that they can test and see if the treatments worked.

That’s happened now, and according to my latest blood test, I’m basically cured. It had an 85% chance of working, and apparently, it worked.

They’ll keep checking every six months, but the most likely outcome now is tests that show less and less cancer activity each time. Prostate cancer, caught and treated in this way, isn’t nearly as tenacious as other cancers.

Thanks for hanging in there with me. I’ll now resume my constant stream of book promotion 😉

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  1. I’m glad you were spared the need for surgery. I hear that many men who undergo prostrate surgery feel they paid too high a price in pain and consequences.

    1. You’re right, Alan. After BUILD A BETTER BUSINESS BOOK we should all be looking forward to BUILD A BETTER BERNOFF BODY.

  2. Great news! It keeps getting better! As a fellow survivor, I’m sending you a huge high-five!