Newly discovered video reveals behind-the-scenes view of the WeWork IPO, in progress.

Captions are so much fun. Why stop with one?

“Dervish Airlines. How may I help you?”

“I’m so sorry, Mr. Bond, but we’ve had some difficulty preparing the martini in the fashion that you requested.”

“To get this claim started properly, could you please describe for me exactly how the accident occurred?”

“The UK Brexiting: captured on video.”

“Rudy, just go to Ukraine for me. Head straight for the jet. And stay off the tarmac.”

“Autonomous vehicles aren’t fully ready for actual highways and city streets. But they’ve been successfully put into service in more controlled and restricted spaces, such as airport taxiways.”

“Thank you, Wolf. Let’s now go live to look in on the Democratic Presidential Primary debates.”

“As you can see, the taxation system functions quite well, with regulatory safeguards built in to prevent abuse.”

“Yes, actually, I did go on to design the 737 MAX autopilot system after my work on catering carts. Why do you ask?”

“We trained the neural network on 175,000 political tweets, then asked it to output the result in the form of a video. You can see the result.”

“And now, an exclusive: a secretly recording of Facebook’s senior executive team debating and designing its privacy policy.”

“Spectators are on edge today, Scott, as we’ve never before seen the quadruple axel with catering cart performed in competition. She’s up and . . . oh, no. Oh, no. That’s not good at all.”

“And that’s how the American health care system works, just as the Congress designed it. Any questions?”

“You needn’t worry, professor. This is actually fairly typical of academic committee meetings.”

“If you’ll please step over here, Mr. Trump, and put your head in this MRI machine, we can get a look at what’s going on there.”

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