Listen and watch: interviews about business books, AI, and storytelling

I’m grateful to the hardworking podcasters and video creators who’ve been interested enough in my book to interview me. These are some of the most creative and best-prepared thinkers out there, working hard to come up with new perspectives that will benefit their listeners and viewers.

Here’s a short list of unique interviews I’ve just done.

For senior executives, why does storytelling matter?

A deep dive into the relationship among marketing, corporate purpose, storytelling, and books, and what that all means for CXO’s. (The chubby-cheeked photo is a bit of a throwback.)

Books and collaboration

Phil Simon is an accomplished author and one of the world’s foremost experts on modern collaboration. We discuss tips for authors and how to work effectively with coauthors and collaborators.

An energetic look at business books

Lou Diamond is bursting with curiosity and energy. Here’s what it looks like when I try to keep up with him — including why Monty Python will never be replaced with an AI. Listen here . . . or watch this preview of my perspective on book promotion.

A Shark’s Perspective on Business Books

From the fearless Kenneth “Shark” Kinney . . . including how my first book proposal was a total failure because I didn’t understand that business books are stories.

Diving into books with the world’s foremost optimist and sales leader, Phil Gerbyshak

Including why avoiding passive voice was the best advice I ever got.

Detailed advice with the doyenne of LinkedIn, Brenda Meller

Why the first thing you should do is start collecting stories, and how all authors find unique ways to fail.

With Anatolii Ulitovoshyi, a look at how books can generate visibility and revenue

Anatolii, a refugee from Ukraine, remains relentlessly curious.

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