Halls cough drops speak to me

I need to admit, this is a challenging moment for me. I’m coming out of the tail end of a bout of COVID-19. While I was sick, I followed everyone’s advice and did, basically, almost nothing but rest. But that further squeezed my book launch into the weeks that followed.

This week and next, I’m participating in 14 podcasts and recording the last few bits of my audiobook. Which means I need to be able to speak clearly and sound great and not be coughing all over the place. The COVID is mostly gone, but now I need to hold the coughs at bay.

So I started sucking on Halls Cough Drops, which open up the nasal passage and soothe throat. And I suddenly noticed that there were some tiny words on the cough drop wrappers.

“Power through!”

“Put a little strut in it

“Push on!”

“Bet on yourself”

“Get back in there champ!”

“Flex your ‘can do’ muscle.”

“Get through it.”

“Tough is your middle name.”

“Impress yourself today.”

“March Forward!”

“Nothing you can’t handle.”

Exactly the right whisper of marketing

I don’t usually talk back to cough drops or respond to marketing. But man, these words were just what I was feeling. As I sit in front of those microphones, “Get back in there, champ” and “Put a little strut in it” are just what I’m thinking.

Halls marketing features “A pep talk in every drop.” Exactly the right touchpoint at exactly the right moment.

The cough drops work fine. But the marketing messages are getting me through the week.

How did they know?

So I’ll raise a virtual glass to the bivalent COVID vaccine, Paxlovid, and Halls. They’re my support team right now.

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  1. Josh

    Just be careful you don’t eat too many of those. They’re “sugar free” and can cause diarrhea if you do. With all you’re already powering through I’m sure you don’t need any additional problems.

    From someone who’s been there.