Buzzword bingo (and you can play)

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I’m starting a new project for 2019 and, with just a tiny bit of awareness on your part, you can fuel my efforts.

Here’s a list of buzzwords you’ll see in technology and marketing press releases and announcements.

  • Robust
  • Seamless
  • Omnichannel
  • Analytics
  • Cloud-based
  • Comprehensive
  • Secure
  • Encrypted
  • Engagement
  • Scalable
  • Saas
  • Disruption/disruptive

Your contribution?

First, tell me what to add to the list. What meaningless, overblown terms cue you in that the speaker is full of crap? Add you own suggestions in the comments.

Second, I need video for my project. Send me links to your favorite overwrought, buzzword-filled marketing videos. If you’re shy about posting links here, just email them to me at josh @ bernoff.com. Use the words Buzzword Video in the subject line. I’ll send a free signed Writing Without Bullshit book to the first 6 who do that.

I can’t tell you yet what I’ve got planned . . . but I promise that you’ll enjoy it.

Thanks for your help.


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  1. “solution.” As Steve Woodruff wrote in Clarity Wins, “Jargon-terms like ‘solutions’ are the opposite of clear and obvious. If you’ve got that generic word in your business name or tagline, you’ll need to get specific about just what it is that you’re solving with your ‘solutions.’ Otherwise, it’s fog with a side of vagueness.”

    My favorite video about buzzwords is Al Yankovic’s parody Mission Statement: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GyV_UG60dD4

    1. Toni,
      I couldn’t agree more! Seven months ago, I wrote this to Josh:


      “For years, I’ve been annoyed by the BS slogans of the companies and nonprofits that sponsor National Public Radio. Don’t get me wrong: These organizations do good work. I’m paraphrasing from memory now: They are …

      letting people chat by video from anywhere to anywhere
      helping companies navigate government regulations
      building a more just, verdant world
      saving the planet, one tree at a time

      “Why, then, must they qualify each claim by writing that they or their products and services are …

      designed to let people chat by video from anywhere to anywhere
      committed to helping companies navigate government regulations
      working to build more just, verdant world
      committed to saving the planet, one tree at a time

      “I get that their writers seem to think, “Everyone else is qualifying their claim, so I guess that’s what I should do, too.”

      “And I get that their lawyers and other corporate cowards won’t let them make an unqualified claim.

      “But have they given two seconds’ thought to how ludicrous their “committed to” slogan sounds when it’s sandwiched between two similar “committed to” slogans?”

      Josh replied that corporate sponsors use “committed to” and “working to” because, as sponsors, not advertisers, they are not allowed to make claims indirectly.

      Even if that’s so, it doesn’t excuse the lazy writers who post such drivel to their corporate websites!

  2. Infused A.I.
    Infused Experiences
    Omnichannel Engagement
    Cognitive API
    Business Transformation
    Digital Transformation
    Contextually Rich UX
    Next Generation
    Intelligent Experience DNA (I didn’t make this up!)

    1. “Digital transformation” really winds me up. You could say the same thing for 50 years ago when we moved from using an abacus to a calculator.

  3. Must haves for the list:
    Leading provider
    Global leader

  4. Whenever a client or prospect asks to be described as a thought leader, I have the same response. That title cannot be claimed or bought; it must be earned.

  5. We are Concretizing the mosaic of agnostic modular components aligned with agile, cloud, iPaaS, PaaS, SaaS and iOT to come to a best value solution that will monetize the client’s assets.

  6. Not as frequent as in past years, but for a while everything was a “solution.” Still appears from time to time.

  7. Focus Forward – Boundless – Scale able Excellence – Scheduling Preference Formatting
    Here are a few that floating around here in Academia……

  8. “And more” – you’ve railed against this one in the past
    “Modern” when discussing design.
    May not be found in a press release but “Revenue Assurance Analyst” as a job description gave me quite a chuckle

  9. [Name Redacted], a Wipro Company helps customers improve Worker & Customer experiences with outcome-oriented consultants who bring the latest digital thinking and unmatched cloud experience. We create actionable strategies that deliver results quickly, and help organizations adapt to a new experience-driven era. We do this by harnessing the power of one of the world’s largest crowdsourcing communities and thousands of pre-built solution accelerators. 
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