You can get “Build a Better Business Book” now — or sign up for the free Webinar

If you’re considering writing a nonfiction book, go ahead and get my comprehensive book on the topic now. It’s got everything you need to know, and it’s no longer a pre-order — you can get your copy now. (The full table of contents is at the end of this post.)

There are three ways to get access to the content in this book.

  1. Buy the Kindle eBook on Amazon. You can download it now for $8.99. I have no idea why the price is set that low; they’ll probably fix it some time soon, but you may as well buy it while it’s cheap.
  2. Buy the book from the publisher. My publisher Amplify is shipping copies now. Amazon isn’t shipping yet.
  3. Join my Webinar. It’s at 2pm on Tuesday June 20. I’ll tell you some stories about authors like you who succeeded (and failed!) and share some valuable tips on ideas, planning, writing, and book promotion. And if’s free, of course.

If you prefer an audiobook, I promise, it’s coming; I’ll record the last few bits once my voice no longer sounds like a frog and it should be ready in two weeks.

Build a Better Business Book contents


Chapter 1: Business Books Are Stories
Chapter 2: Why Write a Book?
Chapter 3: Great Ideas and Great Titles
Chapter 4: Publishing Models
Chapter 5: Book Proposals That Sell
Chapter 6: Book as Narrative
Chapter 7: The Book Plan
Chapter 8: The Employee Author


Chapter 9: Case Studies and Stories
Chapter 10: Research and Data
Chapter 11: Drafting Chapters
Chapter 12: Writing and Planning Tools
Chapter 13: Graphics and Cartoons
Chapter 14: Coauthors and Ghostwriters
Chapter 15: Editing and Revising
Chapter 16: Facts, Footnotes, and Back Matter


Chapter 17: Turning a Manuscript into a Book
Chapter 18: Covers
Chapter 19: Blurbs and Endorsements
Chapter 20: Audiobooks


Chapter 21: Launch and Promotion
Chapter 22: Public Speaking
Chapter 23: Making Money
Chapter 24: Writer to Author

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