How to find and cure common writing flaws (infographic)

It’s not enough to find the flaws in a piece of writing. Editors must know why they’re there. Good editors explain how the writer can cure the habits that led to the flaws.

Writing Without Bullshit exists to reveal, not just how to write better, but why you don’t write better already. I don’t just want to make writing better. I want to make writers better.

That’s why today I’m sharing the first in a series of shareable infographics about writing. If you’re an editor, I hope you’ll pin this up on your wall.

Please share it or embed it in your site or blog.

Writing Flaws

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  1. Thanks! Had to look up “lede”–I had never seen it spelled that way. One definition online described it as journalism jargon. Nice handy tool though.

  2. Useful to writers, too, when a piece just isn’t working and you’re not sure just why or how to fix it. Thanks.