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  1. That’s perfection.

    My Dad was a designer and could have used some of this clarity. His approach was less conciliatory, though, to clients’ “favourite colour as a kid and wouldn’t that be great for my logo” crap.

    Im off to revise my own contracts…do you think authors can handle that sort of bald approach?

  2. I shouldn’t be surprised, Carlos Segura has been a trend-setter in the design industry for years. That contract is what most of us designers wish we could say! I’m happy to know that he actually said it.

  3. Well, I have to disagree. This contract sounds too vague to me. (Josh I am surprised that you like it. Perhaps this is satire and I did not pick up on that?)

    1. I admire its clarity and brevity. It’s not really enforceable, but I find most of these contracts overdo it the verbiage and confuse the client about what to expect. It may not be the ideal contract, but it is an iconic version of what one would look like.

  4. A person who is an ass is rarely (if ever) aware of that fact. Therefore they cannot “try not to be an ass”. I don’t think that clause would hold up under pressure…