Trump concession speech leaked

Photo: KCCI via YouTube

Tuesday, November 8, 2016, NEW YORK, 11:15 PM EST. Thank you. Thank you all. We showed America something, didn’t we? Didn’t we?

Let’s acknowledge the hard work of our volunteers and campaign staff. And of Ivanka, and Eric, and Donald Jr. and Melania. And Mike Pence! Let’s hear it for those guys.

Look. I set out in this election to make America great again. There’s a huge, huge group of real Americans out there, people like you, that our politicians have left behind. No one will ever forget about you again. We are still going to make America great again, you’ll see.

Now I’m supposed to be gracious and congratulate Hillary Clinton right now. And let’s be realistic. She won this rigged election. It’s over. The media put its thumb on the scale and fooled the voters and Crooked Hillary won. Good luck, Hillary. Hillary and the rest of the crooked politicians in both parties will be back in Washington, wasting our money and doing nothing, nothing , doing nothing about the real problems in this great country.

But I’m not a quitter, and I’m not going to quit. And I don’t mean lawyers. I could challenge those “results” in Ohio and Florida, and I could win, but . . . well, look.

Remember when I said “I am your voice?” Well, I still am.

Here’s what I learned in this election. I learned that media makes all the difference. If I got a fair shake with the crooked, crooked and biased media, things would have been different. I’m going to fix that.

Starting next year, you’ll get something new on your cable. The Trump Network. Cable and streaming.

The Trump Network will make America great again.

We’re going to have the best news. The best. Finally, you’re going to hear the truth. About illegal immigrants. About crime and welfare cheats. And about the Second Amendment. And radical Islam. And especially about what Crooked Hillary and the crooks in congress and the courts are doing. We’re going to tell the truth, people. You won’t believe who I’ve lined up.

I’ve got the best people behind this. Roger Ailes. Steve Bannon. These are major players, people.

I’ll be on there, personally, four days a week. I know cable news. You’re going to see it like you’ve never seen it.

I’ve got Geraldo Rivera. His show is “Checking the Fact Checkers.” We’re going to turn the tables on those suckers. You’ll see that I’m right and they’re dishonest, dishonest and biased.

We’re turning Rudy Giuliani loose on crime. He’ll show you how criminals work the system and get away with it — and how we could stop it.

Sarah Palin will on there, interviewing regular Americans. Real people, real working people who can see what’s really going on in this country.

Ted Nugent and Phil Robertson — you know, the “Duck Dynasty” guy — will get you out of doors and partying every week. I love those guys.

The NRA has its own show. The NRA! It’s about heroes. People defending themselves and protecting America and shooting people who don’t belong here, wackos and radicals who threaten us.

We’re going to root out liars. Scientists — you’ll see how they make stuff up. Liars in the media. New York Times reporters. The Washington Post. Anybody who works in a university. Wall Street shenanigans. Tax cheats. And politicians, all sorts of politicians, Democrats, Republicans, all of them. Nobody gets a pass. Nobody.

We’ve got the best film people doing documentaries on really strong leaders and how they did it. People who don’t back down. Reagan. Margaret Thatcher. Putin. Even people like Saddam Hussein and Mussolini. Yeah, I know they were evil, but they weren’t weak. You’ll learn from these people. Real leaders.

Ben Carson’s on at bedtime.

Hannity? Megyn Kelly? Yeah, I hear you. We’re talking. We’ll see. We’ll see.

We are going to change this country. Two years from now, we’re going to have candidates for every House seat and the Senate. That’s how you make change people. And after four years of crooked Hillary, people will be ready for a change. And I’ll be ready for her.

I ain’t goin’ nowhere folks.

Trump Network. You heard it here. Call your cable company now. Ask for it.

Good luck, Hillary. See you soon.

Thank you.

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  1. I will remove the buttons from my tv remote to prevent me from accidentally landing on the Trump channel.

  2. I call BS on the click bait headline of this post 🙂 If there is one Trump speech that will not be prepared ahead or read over teleprompter (thus never able to be leaked) it will be his concession… it will be the best TV of the year no doubt

    agree the Trump Channel will be the likely next step for him… Bret H, no need for reprogramming this one on the remote, it will 100% streaming so he will be able to get fridge advertisers and little to no FCC oversight…

  3. I vacillated between believing that this could actually have been written by Trump and not…until I read the “Ben Carson’s on at bedtime” line. LOL

  4. I made this prediction weeks ago. With the joining of his latest I.e. Riger Ailes & Brainbart looks like it’s a done deal.