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  1. Josh, I enjoy your work. I happened to be in Boston back in November meeting with Forrester and we found an opportunity to reflect on you. As a former engineer and pretend marketer, I can say that Without Bullshit is the best writing reference ever.

    But some of this blog content has been a bit of a disappointment. I was not really signing up for coverage of the President and politics. Sure you are free to write on whatever you like, but as a reader, I say your brand is so much bigger than this stuff.

    Best of luck, and again huge thanks for WoB.

  2. Can’t this deeply flawed man only surprise to the upside? We expected too much eight years ago; perhaps we expect too little today.

    1. I believe this reflects what Michael Gerson called “The soft bigotry of low expectations.”

      Every time we expect Trump to do better, he fails. It is possible he will be different as president, but the track record of the last few months suggests not.

  3. Trump *could* give himself a blank slate and start an era of presidential (not unprecedented) behavior. I’d not give good odds for it at the casino, however.

  4. I think that the way the President-elect (and in a couple of hours, the President) uses, and perhaps more importantly for the subject of this blog misuses, language IS a legitimate topic for this blog.

  5. LOL! And true to your mission – if one can’t speak (or write) without bullshitting, then it is best not to speak or write) at all!

  6. What’s worse than bullshit? Cutesy bullshit, like your “black-block” blog about President Trump. The two previous blogs were the best writing I have read concerning politics. They made me think you were a wise man, but the piece of black-block bullshit proved you are just a wise ass. But, please, don’t put me on your black list and cancel my subscription. Give me some white space among all that blackness. Spread some light in this dark world. If you can’t say it with words, then shut the up.

    1. Stan, I’ve been thinking about your comment.

      This is my only wordless post. It exists because, after all the words that had been shared, I could find no more to say on inauguration day.

      It’s been interesting to see how polarized the response is. I know words. I don’t know art. This is art, I guess, and art polarizes people’s reactions.

      I’m rarely at a loss for words, so don’t expect to see anything like this again. But I will hold the powerful accountable for their words, you can count on that.