Today, statements from US and European leaders on Brexit

Photo: Reuters/Stefan Wermuth via Quartz

My heart goes out to the people of the UK in the wake of the Brexit vote. They face the uncertain task of navigating a post-European future with, very soon, a new prime minister to succeed David Cameron. Turmoil and suffering are inevitable.

But of course, here in America, we think only of ourselves (America First!). So let’s get a sneak peek at what American (and European) leaders will say about Brexit vote.

Hillary Clinton

“I respect the voice of the British people. I’m certain that the new leadership of the UK will develop a good working relationship with their European compatriots. This is not the end of the EU, but the beginning of a new era for our allies — an adjustment of the level and structure of independence. Europe is, and remains, a strong presence in the world, and the world is better for it.”

Donald Trump

“The English did what they had to do. Immigration is a huge problem. Muslims and other foreigners. The people have spoken and they hate bureaucracy.  The EU is a great example of where America is going if we don’t make a big change here. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are responsible for everything that has happened in Europe. In the end, this will be good for Britain’s tourism, since everything here will be cheaper.”

Bernie Sanders

“Working class people are angry. The system is rigged in Europe, too. It’s up to them to deal with their own international trade agreements, but I stand with the working people of Britain, and Europe, today.”

Barack Obama

“David, I’m going to be free in a few months, want to get together for a pint?”

The American People

“Holy crap, look at the markets. This xenophobic ranting is making a big mess.

Maybe it’s not such a good idea to throw tantrums and torpedo the status quo.

Uh, Donald, are you sure this is the future we want?”

The British People

“It’s not about you, you narcissistic shitheads.”


“Was it something we said?”

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  1. Josh don’t forget David Cameron:
    “I’m outta here!”
    Watch for him to join some international boards or directors and do just fine in the private sector.