The Rationalist Papers (26): 25 reasons

The election is one week from today. What have we learned?

Just a reminder: these Rationalist Papers posts are for the group I call the deciders: conservatives, moderates, undecided, and third-party voters considering their choices in the 2020 US Presidential election.

  1. We need sober analysis free from the extreme shouts and screams of cable news and social media.
  2. In this election, trust is more important than policy positions or party loyalty. And President Trump has proven you cannot trust what he says or what he will do next.
  3. Trump has refused to commit to a peaceful transfer of power, and has continually denigrated elements of the electoral process. If you are committed to American democracy, you’ll be a lot better off with a Biden landslide.
  4. Joe Biden is not a socialist; not even close.
  5. Trump’s brand is fake — he has accomplished little, and was a poor businessman.
  6. If you’re pro-life, you’ve won the Supreme Court battle. Biden is better on compassion for children.
  7. Forget the debates, they’re just noise. Decide based on policy and temperament.
  8. Stability is good for everyone, and good for business. With Trump in office, things will never go back to normal; with Biden, they will, and quickly.
  9. Trump’s approach to risk is to ignore it. That’s why we’re in the COVID hole now; he swept aside programs intended to mitigate that risk.
  10. If you’re tired of the tweeting and screaming, give it a rest. Just ask: are you better off now than you were four years ago?
  11. Negotiation experts know that insulting your opponent is unlikely to generate a sustainable agreement. When it comes to governing, Biden knows how to make deals; Trump, despite his reputation, doesn’t.
  12. Biden takes COVID precautions seriously; Trump doesn’t.
  13. Watching Vice Presidential nominees Pence and Harris debate made you long for the days of normal partisan politics. But that’s not the choice we have before us right now.
  14. Trump had dozens of decision points regarding what to do about COVID. He failed every single time, serving himself over the nation’s interests.
  15. Biden now has the support of progressives, moderates, and traditional conservatives. He has the opportunity to govern based on a broad coalition.
  16. Trump continues to dissolve the boundaries between himself and the government, for example, tapping the Justice Department to defend him in a personal lawsuit. This is a dangerous trend reminiscent of monarchs.
  17. The polls strongly favor Biden. That’s no reason not to vote; polls have errors, and Republicans are gearing up to fight the election in court.
  18. Biden will raise taxes, but unless you make more than $400,000 a year, it won’t be your taxes that go up.
  19. Trump can’t hire and retain good people. Most of his cabinet and key advisors are gone, because of poor vetting, corruption, inability to serve trump and retain their integrity, or unwillingness to defend Trump’s actions.
  20. At the televised town halls, Biden talked about what he would for you, while Trump talked about himself.
  21. Trump has insulted enemies ranging from Jeff Bezos to Ted Cruz to Ruth Bader Ginsberg to Anna Wintour. If you hate nearly everyone, then nearly everyone will hate you. It’s pretty hard to govern from that position.
  22. There are good reasons to dislike both candidates. But if you vote third-party, or don’t vote, you’ll have no influence on the result. There are better ways to protest.
  23. Trump has no health care plan. Obamacare is problematic, but not nearly as bad as what happens when it’s gone.
  24. We’ll never see Trump’s tax returns. We deserve more transparency from our candidates.
  25. A president who thinks you’ll fall for an obviously doctored weather map created to protect himself, not potential hurricane victims, has poor judgment and thinks you’re stupid.

I’ve made my case. Please vote intelligently.

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  1. While I’d made my mind up to vote for Biden before publication of The Rationalist Papers, I am grateful for the ample justification for doing so.

    It will prove interesting and a tad ironic to learn (post-election) whether ACB’s pre-election placement on the SC removed the only justification to vote Trump for many moderates and conservatives.