The easily excited editor

I think the reason I like editing is that I’m so curious and easily excited.

I’ve edited books on cybersecurity, medical cures, networking, customer experience, disruption, AI, clear communication, data, ethical management, personal productivity, the future of transportation, and financial advising. Plus two memoirs, one of a musician and public speaker and the other of a serial entrepreneur.

I loved them all. What a fascinating collection of ideas. I wanted them all to succeed, and was genuinely excited about getting them out in the world where people could learn from them.

I’m editing a book right now on the future of work. It’s an awesome idea. I can’t wait to help the author succeed with it.

I’ve edited books that didn’t excite me — just a few. What a slog those were. I got to the end, but I won’t be super-invested in whether they ever get published. If I can’t get excited about your book, I wonder if anyone can, because I’m open to almost all possible ideas.

So long as I can stay curious, I expect to continue to be excited about ideas — and about editing books about ideas.

What a wonderful thing to get paid for.

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