The complete history of every social network ever

  • Never heard of it.
  • Wow, this is sorta cool.
  • Look, there’s nobody here by my peeps. What a great way to connect. Fun.
  • It’s getting crowded. How the hell did I end up with 1000 followers/following 1000 people?
  • Jeeze, it’s down like half the time. What’s wrong with these people?
  • The algorithm shows me what I’m supposed to like, but it sucks. And I never see posts from my friends any more. Did they leave?
  • Who are these random people with a million followers? This viral crap is stupid. And there’s not enough of it, I get bored sometimes.
  • The spammers are out of hand.
  • Why are there so many ads? And why do they all suck?
  • They had a data breach — am I going to get hacked now?
  • Hmm, Facebook has just added a feature that’s exactly like this.
  • Well, my parents just showed up. It’s clearly jumped the shark now.
  • I haven’t checked this in months. I wonder if anything is still going on there?

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