The “Build a Better Business Book” audiobook is now available; here are some fun excerpts

My audiobook is finally ready. You can get a copy from Audible, here.

I used a professional recording studio and audiobook producer. Production was delayed for several weeks while my voice recovered from COVID. (You might think I’m still not a professional audio actor and my voice sucks, but it’s the only one I have.)

Here are a few excerpts. I made these videos with Headliner, a clever audio-to-video tool.

Why your Chapter 1 must tap into fear or greed (or both)

The power of business books: Laura Gassner Otting makes an indelible impression

Writing a chapter: moving beyond writer’s block

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  1. 1) Shouldn’t your cover loudly (hehe) proclaim, “As read by author”? Or maybe the cover you posted here isn’t the audiobook cover?

    2) How did you decide, for NON-fiction, to do your own reading? It can’t have been inexpensive, and required many new skills. Or were you like me with covers, delighted to finally have a chance to learn something like graphics for a real purpose of your own? I’m facing the same decision (How – not Whether to) for fiction; and the process is daunting given that I couldn’t find a professional studio in my vicinity – and I can only work for a relatively short period each time. But I SO want to do it that I will.

    1. The most important thing about the audiobook is the content. Advertising that I read it myself isn’t likely to generate many additional sales.

      I read it myself because I could do a better job than an actor. Because I wrote it and I know what I meant.

      It has a cost. But it will sell enough to recoup the cost. An voice actor in a professional recording studio would cost more, since I’d need to pay the actor as well as the sound engineers.