The best writing advice you will ever read

It is June. In many parts of the world, the weather outside right now is incredible.

Put on some comfortable, sturdy shoes and head out to a nearby park or nature sanctuary.

Take a walk. Allow you eyes to focus in the middle distance — or to infinity. If there are people with children and dogs, smile at them. If you are alone, just notice the glorious disorder of the forest.

Notice the sounds — the sound of your footsteps, the sounds of the wildlife. Notice the smells.

Take a good hour or so and just amble.

When you come back, you will be a better writer than you are at this moment. Your flow will improve. Your vocabulary will blossom. Your energy will spring to life. If it works, writing will cease to be a chore and become a joy. (Editing, too.)

And once you learn this, you’ll see that it applies even when it’s raining, or sweltering, or freezing out there.

Writing doesn’t only happen in your own head, at your own keyboard. It happens in the world. You just need to be open to it.

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