Dr. Wobs is on duty to solve your writing problems. Try me!

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Stumped at work? I can help.

Today I launch “Ask Dr. Wobs.” Use my form or email me with your toughest problems about communicating at work.

Special offer: between now and when my book is published in September, if I select your question to answer, I’ll send you a free pre-release copy of the book.

If you’re having a problem, somebody else probably is, too — let’s solve it together. Put me to work and I’ll find an answer for you. And we’re not just talking words; I solve people problems, too. For example:

  • Documents with problems. Send me your problem documents and I’ll recommend a fix.
  • Writing conundrums. Why are my sentences too long? How can I fit eight ideas into a 300-word piece? Is jargon better than a long explanation?
  • Process tips. What’s the best way to wrangle reviewers? What tasks are most important to do before actually writing?
  • People issues. My reviewers are fighting — how can I resolve the problem? What do I do when my company reveres counterproductive traditions?
  • Motivational challenges. How can I deal with existential dread at the word processor? How I can get excited about writing the same crap every day? How can I gear up to do battle with that problematic coworker — again?
  • Tool questions. What are the relative advantages of Word and Google Docs? What are the best tools for creating simple graphics?
  • Format-specific stumpers. When adapting a blog post into an email, what strategy should I use? What’s the right mindset for tweeting?

If it’s related to writing at work, it’s fair game. I’m happy to keep you anonymous, if that’s what you’d prefer. And thank you: whatever you’re wrestling with, the rest of us are grateful to have the chance to think about and solve your problem.

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  1. “Click here” for a link – really? Gotta call BS on that one. Not an effective call to action 🙂 Maybe try “Use my request form…” instead.