Send me your awful emails, job descriptions, and web pages

feed_me_little_shop_horrorsI need your help. needs fuel. I know you’re drowning in crappy stuff. I want to help.

My post rewriting Inovalon’s “Who We Are” page was very popular. But I need more. Feed me! And I can keep things confidential.

Send me:

  • The email you got from your managers or HR department.
  • The pitch you got from that clueless PR or salesperson.
  • The job description your company just posted (or that you’re applying for)
  • The “marketing” web page that made a horrible impression.

Two ways to submit.

  • Fill out the simple “submit bullshit” form.
  • Forward emails to me at josh at bernoff dotcom.

It will be worth it. If I pick your submission to analyze, I’ll wittily deconstruct it, rewrite it better, and use it to fuel my growing analysis of where bullshit comes from and how to fix it. And I’ll keep your secrets safe. So you can poke fun at your enemies, learn new techniques, and make the world a better place with each submission!

Don’t make me come down there . . .

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