Seeking professors who teach writing without bullshit

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Photo: “What You See May Not Be Real” by Chen Wenling, photo via Impressive Magazine

I want to change the way the next generation writes. If you teach them, I’d like to help you.

See if this description fits you:

  • You teach writing. That could be English composition, marketing communications, public relations, technical writing, journalism, or any other non-fiction writing class.
  • You are teaching a class in Fall of 2016.
  • You believe in the ideals of this site: writing that gets right to the point, avoids meaningless verbiage, and hits the target with the maximum amount of meaning.

designIf this is you, and you would consider recommending Writing Without Bullshit for your fall class, email me at josh at bernoff dotcom.

Send me the following information: your institution, department, the name of the class you teach, and your anticipated class size.

I’ll send you a pre-release copy of the book if we agree it make sense (and please be aware that I have limited copies). I’ll also help you work it into your syllabus.

Let’s start training the next generation of bullshit-free writers, starting now.

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