Scrabble has now become “Scrabble GO” . . . which will lead America to its doom.

These are trying times. A microscopic virus has transfixed the nation in fear. Our parents and grandparents are at risk, even as the government shares mixed messages about what is safe. Institutions of all kinds must step up and preserve the American way of life against the viral threat.

One institution has failed us. Scrabble.

In 2009, Hasbro the owner of Scrabble, licensed it for mobile play to Electronic Arts. EA’s app is a staid, simple, easily played, and diverting version of the classic board game. It looks like this:

(Why yes, that is me scoring 149 points in one turn for “REVALUES.” A fairly typical play for me, actually.)

Who plays this silly game? Word nerds and old people. I don’t do Candy Crush. I don’t do Fortnite. I don’t even do Words With Friends. I do Scrabble. My opponent is the app itself in Expert mode. The Scrabble app is quite an opponent; it never makes a mistake or misses an opportunity, and its vocabulary includes words you’ve never heard of. (“Squeg?” “Dogvane?” Every day brings an opportunity to learn a new word.) Even so, I often beat it, because of superior strategy, or because by random chance I get the Z, Q, X, and J.

In the time of Coronavirus, Scrabble is a crucial resource. I need a challenging intellectual diversion that has no political agenda, one that will wait patiently as I puzzle things out. I Scrabble before going to bed, and before dinnertime as I relax from the day’s work.

The Scrabble app also essential for my mother, who needs something to occupy her mind during my father’s cancer treatments and at other stressful times of day. (She’s awesome at it, by the way — she’ll clean your clock.) When you are 85 years old and the authorities are telling you to stay shut up in your house, Scrabble is more than a diversion. It is an essential coping tool.

My mother and I are not alone. Millions of people want something other than flashing lights, flickering Instagram, and angry news headlines to divert us. Scrabble is like the voice of Alex Trebek — calm, authoritative, and intelligent, reassuring us that the world remains sane and that we can take comfort in something trivial but engaging. We need this now.

But Scrabble is going away.

Stop Scrabble GO

Those of us who play the Scrabble app received this message a few weeks ago:

So I gave the new Scrabble GO app a try.

It is an obscenity, characterized by childish interactions, lurid colors, nagging reminders to invite your friends to play, and some sort of incentive system based on (gag) jewels you can earn.

Yup. They gamified a perfectly good word game.

After some diligent digging, I determined there was a “Practice” mode that does not require an opponent. It is well hidden. You play against “Zooey,” a white girl with brown hair and an unnaturally large head. Zooey is an airhead. She is no challenge at all; she’s a complete novice. And in practice mode, if you attempt to make a word that’s not actually a word, the board lights up in red to warn you off. This renders the game puerile.

I understand that it’s about money. But Scrabble GO is doomed to fail. It’s an ironic choice of name, since it’s not even worth playing on the toilet.

Those who like sparkly games have plenty of other choices that don’t require literacy and accurate spelling.

Our lives are about to be bad. Very bad. We will be shut up in our houses, especially the oldest and sickest of us. They just cancelled much of the baseball season, which was our other staid, boring, intellectual pastime. Some of us don’t want to grab the game controller and blast holes in people with a shotgun. We don’t want to stream the entire run of Seinfeld or Star Trek (or, like me, we already did). We certainly don’t want Zooey and her sparkly pink, purple, and chartreuse travesty of our beloved word game.

The old Scrabble app will be the only thing keeping us from cabin fever, tearing each others’ limbs off, and the inevitable swell of toxic, family-threatening sarcasm. (“Those sweatpants and slippers are so flattering. It’s too bad you can’t go out and show everybody how stylish you look. And smell.”)

Someday I hope to play QUIXOTRY across two triple word scores. But now that day may never come. Instead, we will need to choose between dying, our lungs filled with fluid, and living with purple sparkles and an opponent too stupid to play XU and XI crosswise on the same bonus square.

Death is inevitable. Hasbro, reverse your course. Save humanity. You have our fate in our your hands. Don’t kill the old app. Or else we’ll all go insane.

Update (8 May 2020): In a separate post, I’ve written an analysis of what will happen to Scrabble, my experiences with Scrabble GO, and a promising alternative.

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    1. Amen
      I’m literally reeling that I can’t play with my friends and family without a “prize” interfering every play !
      Unforgivable !

          1. Absolutely unequivocally YES! I could not have said it better!!! “They” need to bring Scrabble back.

          2. I simply loved the easy-to-play old Scrabble. I cannot play my regular players I got to know after so many years. Absolutely livid! I want the old game back. You won’t find me playing Scrabble anymore! I’m also very disappointed.

          3. Bring Classic Scrabble BACK!!! There is no improvement on the perfect word game where strategy can win every time. This cheap Scrabble GO is the worst!

          4. Is anyone listening to us . Can we get these messages to those who took scrabble away. This is the worst time in my life time , covid 19; isolation , stress and fear all at the same time and now scrabble is gone. They have seriously damaged any trust or relationship they might have had . What would happen to Scrabble Go if we all boycott it .

          5. Starting a new form of Scrabble for the VE (virus era). SMS text based Scrabble. Server. Deals tiles, transmits plays. Real board. Real rules Real dictionary (OWL, bring your own). You send your play, you send a pic or a description of the play, and the score. Folks can challenge the play or the score. The server keeps track of the score. Anyone can look at the tile bag any time — which shows number left and all tiles in other racks plus the ones in the bag. Like chess by mail, but you need a mediator for the non-pubic info, i.e. the tile bag.

            Welcome to Tile Bag Server. Just send a message like this to ‭833-207-4023‬

            start scrabble
            name_no_spaces phone_number
            name_no_spances_2 phone_number_2
            et cetera — no limit, but suggest keeping it to 4, 5 in a pinch; 2 for the serious

            challenges are on; plays adjudicated by other players
            timers are a work in progress; will implement full NASPA rules sometime…

            also going to work on a waiting list sorta find an opponent or opponents thing soon

            Cheers, ITDT,

          6. I sent Scopely a message that my husband and I always played 3 person games with friends of ours and could they please at least enable that with the new app and they expressed surprise as if they had no idea that the old app had that option. Are we the only ones playing a 3 person game? I Also used to hate WWF, but now I prefer it over the new Scrabble. All of the guys that quit games they started because I don’t want to chat them up – yeesh. Get a life!

          1. I had a brain injury, and some years ago Scrabble was suggested , by my neurologist , to play while doing the therapy. It helped SO much, and I STILL use it ! I tried the Scrabble Go , and it IS NOT HELPFUL NOW. I beg ,for all my heart, PLEASE give back the previous Scrabble! Please.

          2. Agree. This scrabble go is awful. They’ve dressed it up like a clown. Who cares about rewards and prizes. Just let us play!

          3. Biggest disaster since the Titanic. The idiots that changed this game should All be jailed for life

          4. This innovation by a brain dead moron or a child of six, is terrible. Who wants stupid rewards of pretend jewels and other crap. The reward is getting a good score after a strategic play when you have only seven vowels to work with , and also the reward is being able to interact with friends , family and other like minded people. I am 76 and severely disappointed….scrabble used to fill a lot of quiet hours… bring back the old scrabble siite please.

          5. Katherine, I’m replying to your post as I feel the same way. I’m having a horrible time with this isolation and also deal with PTSD. Scrabble was my balm through this. It is getting worse each day. I’ve reached out to Scopely several times and they just don’t seem to care. They just keep saying to try Classic Scrabble Go. I have done that. NOT the same AT ALL. Today they closed “the ticket” on me without real communication. Maybe we should all keep contacting them through Scopely. It’s a thinking game. I don’t know if these new, young developers understand that. They grew up with bells, whistles, gems, killing games, etc. Their brains are probably all ADHD. Scrabble players think and strategize. I’m sorry for you and the rest of us. We’ve lost a great friend. That’s HOW GOOD Scrabble is! Digital Scrabble… was. 🙁

          6. Scrabble Go is also a place to meet/hook up with new people: scammers ( can I spell Catfish)?
            So disappointed with today’s attempt to play. I deleted the entire game.

          7. I don’t want all singing and dancing scrabble, just leave it alone it was perfect. Another defector. Is nothing sacred

          8. Absolutely ~ I have not played in awhile & I am horrified
            I tried playing today. The ads & interruption was crazy. I am
            So addicted to Scrabble. When I last played I had 600-700 games and only lost like 50. I am visually impaired. I too have a Brain Injury & it is so very good for everyone’s Brain. I loved the old Scrabble. “WITHOUT THE BULLSHIT”. Well said😊😷🌸🐝 Yes Scrabble Go~ was crazy, I left two games
            Because of ads & could not get back to the game & left two
            People hanging!
            Thank You

          9. I decided to give Scrabble Go a try, since the old scrabble game inexplicably disappeared. Ignoring the Disneyland interface, I chose a random opponent. I knew the whole idea was a mistake when my opponent added “i” and “p” to an open “n” and then added a blank “s” to make “snip” for a total of 5 points, gaining zero for the blank. How moronic is that? I can’t find a worthy opponent. So I continued to play and started accumulating worthless diamond and “German Mustard.” This game was designed for 5-year-olds. I hate it and want the other one back. And the draws are not random.

          10. I just wasted five minutes on the “new” scrabble go. It is an insult to anyone’s intelligence. I hate it. I wanted to quit Words With Friends because they are dumbing down, as well. Yesterday you could see if you were playing the word with the most points. Today that option is gone. But so far anyway, “scrabble go” is much worse.

          1. A very bad decision for its makers. I too, played scrabble in frequent ‘down’ times. I had downloaded the new app and subsequently DELETED IT! What a horrible decision to change Scrabble. So disappointed and frustrated.

            ***** Bring back the original please!

          2. … and it seems to be used as a pick up place for trolling men…. disgusting👎


          4. I decided to give Words with Friends again with a friend now I have some good games going. I have to weed out the creeps and mute the ads but it’s better than the new Scrabble Go.

        1. So bad , also I have been playing the same random players for 10 years and now , they are all goneski . It’s a sad day in a rabble land . This new one is crap

          1. Greed sucks, taking away scrabble for greed suck more . I tried the new game, really not worth my time so I deleted it. bring back scrabble. Please,,,,…

          2. The entire point of forcing Scrabble Go on us is that it is so bad people will complain and whine and offer to pay to have the original game again. It was designed to be as bad as possible.
            Scrabble will return if enough people complain and be ready to feed the greed. Its all about the money they can squeeze out of people. Yes I love scrabble, do I love to play enough to manipulated and scammed out of money. ? Hummmmm some will , some won’t.

          3. I also found the old scrabble a relaxing diversion from the this forced isolation.
            Please listen to usvand bring back the classic version.

          4. Ok, I agree with all the complaints about Scrabble-Go. But, who wants to play? I’m tired of playing bots or players who aren’t much of a challenge!!!

          5. This Scrabble Go is certainly the most frustrating game ever. I have lost many game friends, who I presume, also decided not to play this stupid version any longer. Is another place where one can still play the od version?

        2. So agreed. Whoever devised this board and game never played scrabble. I dont need gems or treasure chests, i just want to play scrabble with my friends and have a dictionary at the top of my screen. I want to have a rating, i am competitive.

          1. I agree with everyone! I want the old scramble back! I can’t stand the flashing lights and the interference of LEVEL UP. I am old and I don’t like change!

          2. I agree with you all. The majority of people who play scrabble love it because it is a great word game simple as. We do not need prizes etc to keep us playing just the game nothing else. Just a plain board with plain tiles.

          3. WTF. Scrabble Go sucks. I’ve never lost a game. I’ve beaten every opponent.

          4. It’s still possible to play basic, classic scrabble. It’s well hidden In your settings but possible. I couldn’t bear all the points/rewards etc so am back to the basic game.

          5. Yup, new game stupid but it was better than nose picking!
            Now it’s gone too!
            I’m sad and really really miss the the old wonderful scrabble and I even miss the new ugly stupid one. Alas. I seems that there are many of us feeling this way. WTF?

        3. Why is everything going bad. The new scrabble go is so childish. It can’t even be timed. Pls someone tell me where I can get a good scrabble game online.

          1. Well, I tried Words with friends but didn’t like it.
            I finally got used to playing Wordfeud (in French)
            A different board, not as appealing as the original Hasbro
            and you need to familiarize yourself with bonus placement.
            But I paid a small amount and will never have any ad
            Again, not as great as our beloved Scrabble game (which was not that perfect, by the way), but I got hooked to Wordfeud!

          2. Try isc.ro. You play in real time, you pick dictionary and rules, and you can limit play to someone who is using same parameters. As close as you can get to real in-person scrabble. No ads at all. No creeps. For serious scrabble players.

      1. They have lost the plot, this new game is an abomination.
        Do they really think anyone over 12 will play this.

        1. I’ve been playing the original scrabble game for a long time. I’ve got epilepsy and this game really helps my brain calm down. I looked into the scrabble go. All I can say is,
          “ how stupid!”
          The bings and bangs go so fast I can’t even see straight. It’s just plain ridiculous. We must get the good scrabble back!!

          1. 100% agree fellow epilepsy sister. Not to do with epilepsy, just saw your message and I play this game with two people 1000 times a day lolololol. Have a great summer!

        2. What was wrong with the old game? Can’t play multi players, can’t dump and exchange letters, ads, flashy, trashy graphics, and rewards? Who cares? Thanks for nothing. Mg

      2. I agree! And if someone can please stop the damn ads for 5minutes! Most mobile game companies would offer you to pay to make them go away. BUT NIT THIS GAME!! There’s not even an app support option.

      3. This is outrageous. I’m very ☹️ disappointed. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it! It’s a classic! Nothing to improve! I want my scrabble back!

        1. Here is an opening for another company to jump in and make a fortune I’d pay $20 for the old game (clone) . I miss playing with my daughter and friends.

          1. I agree. I don’t usually pay for games, but I would love to get the old game back, and $20 would be fine with me.

          2. I loved the “no ads” scrabble game. Worth the monthly 3:99. Please bring it back

        2. I am with all of you that made negative remarks. This version absolutely sucks. I’ve lost people that I’ve been playing with for years. And we were in the middle of a pretty good game. I miss my dear friends in England that I can’t play with now.

          1. Hate new format all money should sue as original contract is no longer what we payed for

        3. You are right on the money! The new game sucks!! Letters do no appear so you can play! When you try to place letters they do not “stick.” There is nothing to like about this new game!!!!!! Give us one that works!!! I would rank this MINUS ONE!!!!

      4. It’s awful. I was still able to play the old one until I just got a new phone. I loved that game. This new one is garbage! If anyone knows a back door way to download the old app I would love it. The so is still active for ppl who have it downloaded.

        1. Here’s my take. It’s like the return to classic coke or classic Diet Pepsi, etc. They take away our favorite board game, then they bring it back as Classic Scrabble, charged us $20 each to get back in the Scrabble we already paid $10 each for if we didn’t want to put up with ads. No game change but say they get 20 million to give 1 million people the chance to keep their beloved Scrabble. It’s all about marketing. I’ll pay the $20 if that’s what I have do. It’s money well spent albeit a typical marketing ploy. I would have just preferred they ask for the money to continue on regular Scrabble.

          1. I agree. Still I would gladly pay to get the old scrabble back. The Go version is horrible.

          2. I totally agree. I haven’t even tried Scrabble Go. I don’t want to! After reading the other reviews, I’m DEFINITELY not interested. I’m SO disappointed in the change. I would pay to keep the old one too!

          3. I am sick over losing this game I played with my sister and granddaughter. I don’t want any more flashing lights and dumb noises. Give me back the Scrabble I paid for!

          4. Wholeheartedly agree. Who needs GO! Bring back the old version. Plus lost all my stats, really bummed! Why, why, why?

      5. This game takes forever to play, shuts down frequently and seems to be used as a dating site for lonely men! Someone needs to compete with a classic game and call it vintage or something similar to avoid copyright.issues.

        1. My profile picture from FB had my
          (obviously) teenage daughter in it. I have men messaging me and hitting on me thinking I am her! I have reported it to federal authorities. Waiting to hear back. The fact that the game allows chat is stupid!!! And you can’t mute all chats either which I hate. Sooo creepy!!!!

          1. I recently started playing this game. I cannot believe the men who request a game and after a few turns invite me into a private chat room. Is this some sort of hookup site? Why can’t I find people who just want to play a game? I don’t mind small talk, but when things get creepy, I’m done!

          2. I am so relieved to read all these negative comments on Scrabble Go. I am an absolute greenhorn about the net. Being isolated for so long I tripped over this game. Never h aving played Scrabble before. It took me quite a while to realise this was a dating site. I had more “proposals” from desperate men than I’ve had in my life. Then some frightening ones. So I chose only to play/ chat to a woman, who by the way didn’t answer me she had clouds around her photo so after reading this review I realise I was playing with s robot.. I shall uninstall right after this post. My Facebook photo is years old so I expect that’s why j was targeted by these creeps. I am 82 years so they were all barking up the wrong tree. Thankyou, thankyou. This is a real eye opener.

      6. I have three scrabblers I’ve played with for years….How can I retain these current players In the new scrabble platform? 😞

        1. I switched over to Internet Scrabble Club on my Mac. I play the five-minute option. Very good competition and the time limit really give it intensity. No more Scrabble Go games that go on forever or where opponents simply disappear.

      7. To my mind it is no longer a game Worth playing, I miss the original Scrabble and the friends I have been playing with for some time, not happy ….

      8. Please may I thank this blogger for highlighting the alternative to the appaling new scrabble go game . I was devastated that it was considered a viable alternative for any adult scrabble fan
        The word master is way better
        Thank you from London England

      9. There apparently is a way to select the ‘classic mode’. I’m going to try it out shortly. If you’d like info my user name is ‘Bf Mil’. Send a game request and your email address and I’ll send screen snapshots showing how to do it. It is not very intuitive to find, I found I by accident. I have this post set to notify me by email when replied to.

      10. I was shocked when activated my scrabble ap this morning and discovered, they’d pulled the plug on the server, no internet access. Since I’ve been playing Online, about 4 years, I’ve learned that you need to be not just good at finding words, but strategize to have any reasonable chance of winning. For any person who loves a challenge, it’s great.

        Scrabble Go is total bullshit. I just want to play and not worry about all the other nonsense they throw at you. I pride myself on my stats, there are none here that I can see. I’ve not been playing for a day or two but feel disinclined to continue this purile form of the game.

      11. The entire point of forcing Scrabble Go on us is that it is so bad people will complain and whine and offer to pay to have the original game again. It was designed to be as bad as possible.
        Scrabble will return if enough people complain and be ready to feed the greed. Its all about the money they can squeeze out of people. Yes I love scrabble, do I love to play enough to manipulated and scammed out of money. ? Hummmmm some will , some won’t.

      12. No words for the depression I’m now experiencing because I can’t play. I have physical limitations. I’ve tried other games…forget it. PLEASE, SOMEONE OUT THERE COME UP WITH AN APP LIKE OUR BELOVED SCRABBLE. Btw…it’s not just me, an old fart, that plays. I play across the board, all ages

      13. Many of my friends have dropped Scrabble Go and so have I. The “new” version of Scrabble is frustrating and problems to load the game.
        Why mess with a game that was popular for many years? I guess it all has to do with money.

      1. This is a poor substitute for the Scrabble game as we knew it. Juvenile too say the least, and not challenging and who needs all the “glitzy crap” . I tried one game and am deleting the app as soon as possible. Bring back the old Hasbro style Scrabble game or a facsimile that looks and feels like your old friend that we have known for years. The new Scrabble Go sucks!!!!!!

    2. Eloquently written and so bloody true. This new scrabble go is absolute pig swill. All I want is to have a game of scrabble. I don’t want diamonds. I don’t want chests. I don’t want to unlock new tiles.
      Just want scrabble. Bring it back!!!!!

          1. Beware, those men are mostly russian hackers pretending to be in the US military to get your information.

          2. I was playing 10 games at once, 7 players identified as male. 5 of 7 were widowers. What are the chances, statistically, of that happen? In one very short conversation, the man’s first question was about the stability of my 37 year marriage. I changed my name and image to one not revealing gender and everyone leaves me alone.

          3. I have a lot of men say they are widowers and have a daughter left with them. I’d say 4 out of 6 men say this. It’s like they are in a club together and are told to say this.

          4. That’s for sure! I suspect a lot of them are scammers too. One guy tried to persuade a friend of mine to loan him a large sum of money yesterday.

          5. I agree with the whole dating site, trolling thing. I have had the same story – widower with a daughter…please give me your email as she is interested in the (vaguely described) profession you mentioned. Wow. Clearly Russian on more than one occasion. Scrabble Classic is buried but it does function per the traditional app – just without our beloved and infuriating “teacher” – that’s a monthly subscription fee >:(

      1. What has happend. A fanastic and true to the original game has been replaced with something so naff I cant play anymore. So rubbish and unnecessary.

        1. I have a lot of men say they are widowers and have a daughter left with them. I’d say 4 out of 6 men say this. It’s like they are in a club together and are told to say this.

          1. Lots of scammers. You can tell right away from photos (stolen) and the questions they ask. I think many are from Nigeria trying to romance women to extort money. Be careful!

        2. I want Scrabble back. Not done stupid replacement. Not everyone wants to go thru Facebook to play against an opponent!

        3. Yes yes!! WTH? Many men are trolling around Scrabble! Can’t they go elsewhere to flirt or have romance? If I say I’m not interested, they abandon the game. I mute everyone.

      2. I only started playing this game about a month ago, I’m flabbergasted at all the scammers on this site…I have reported one to the company they told me how to properly get rid of him…I did what they suggested, but this person is still there scamming people and probably getting thousands of $$$ from someone whose vulnerable. These people are mentally ill, some in the mental institution should be out and these put in…That’s my rant for today.

      3. “Pig swill”! I concur. I am sickened by Scrabble Go. The graphics are a hazard to epileptics. I may be doomed to spend what little spare time I have fighting off a migraine headache if I want to keep spending time interacting with my faraway friends through our favourite pastime. If it weren’t for the pandemic we could take to the streets in protest.

        1. Is it worse than WWF ?
          Where any 2 letters can be a word. Many mis-spelled words are allowed or become a new word. A knowledge of Scottish is helpful and MId eastern is a plus. Your opponent plays some word that is not ln any dictionary in any language but if you try to use it , it’s not allowed. Some proper nouns are ok now , but not the ones you try to play. The definitions they give for some words do not even match the word played. Some abbreviations are ok . It’s all so weird,

        2. This scrabble go is for kindergarten. I don’t know why they phase out the real scrabble. I’m willing to pay $50.00 for real scrabble app this June 06,2020.
          I wish this app will return.

          1. Scrabble GO is the worst ever !

          2. You’re spot on. I have tried the new Scrabble Go and it is absolutely rubbish. And now the old game that I have been playing for years has disappeared and my current original version is not working. Like you I would happily pay $50 for the old game. I’ve just had to give up Scrabble for ever!

          3. Scrabble Go is as bad as Scrabble was great. An enjoyable part of my day , what a drag. I would love to meet the person who thought Scrabble Go was a great idea ! Can’t these people perform some sort of analysis to reflect which version would perform better ?

          4. I wish so much that the old app would return. Since it has been bought out it
            doesn’t seem likely that it will. A big piece of my life is now missing.. So unhappy.
            The Scrabble Go app needs lots and lots of work to be able to stand up to what was. Very disheartening. Very distressing.

      4. I agree. Is there any way to get rid of the prizes and cartoony graphics? Scrabble is the way I connect with friends.

      5. Well usually in times like this I would say follow the money… What sort of incentive made them want to destroy Scrabble?? I have had two games going for about 5 years. It keeps my brain sharp. And gives me so much enjoyment. It is such a perfect game. I haven’t managed to even think about scrabble go. Sadly on the 5th of June my fun time will be gone. Is it possible they want us to pay for Scrabble ( the real game)? I would gladly do so as I’m not interested in the child’s game which replaced it.

        1. I would happily pay for the original Scrabble game too (in fact I did pay to get the advertisement free version). But I’d happily pay again! If anyone hears of a good alternative to the abomination known as Scrabble Go please post it??!!

          1. Agreed!
            I live in South Africa and until now there have been no deadlines, or threats to move to Scrabble Go – just an invitation.
            This now seems sinister.
            If they take Scrabble away my life will never be the same.

          2. So would I. I have been playing since 2013, and I am very sad that I can not longer enjoy the Scrabble like I have for the past 7 years. This really bites!

          3. You raise an interesting point. Why is EA selling the rights anyway. I suspect it’s because they could not make money using their pricing model. What was their pricing model? It was the same as for many “apps” that appeared as soon as the IPhone was first released. The games sold ads to compensate the developers for the game they developed. If you didn’t like the ads, you could buy an ad-free version for a one-time fee. Was it $5 for Scrabble? $10? This may have been reasonable for games like Solitaire, 2048, and other self-play games. These games had very small ongoing costs.

            This was not the case with Scrabble, and despite the fact that we all loved it, we need to look objectively and remember that there were fairly frequent (once every couple of months?) outages in which games with other people would not update for several days. This reflects the need for EA to maintain server farms, employ technicians to keep those server farms healthy, fairly significant ongoing costs. This would not be the case if everyone played Scrabble in solitaire mode, against the computer. But there is the social media aspect of the game and that changes the cost structure.

            If EA had honestly approached its user-base with this dilemma, we would have grumbled “I already paid. Ripoff!, etc.,” but they would have had a compelling case. Would you have been willing to pay $1, $2, $5 bucks a year in a subscription to maintain the Scrabble network? I might have.

            But we were never offered that choice. They just dumped the game off to these Scopely assholes who know and understand nothing of Scrabble, and want to charge several times reasonable rates for their crappy new Scrabble and to turn off its EXTREMELY annoying popup ads. One might even call this a form of “ransomware” frankly. I won’t pay a dime to Scopely for a subscription to anything short of a complete clone of the EA app.

      6. The board is too small , the coloured squares too pale . Have to strain to play.and there is nothing wrong with my vision. Can’t see my stats or my opponent’s stats. Hate it!!!!

        1. A reasonable one time price or an annual subscription would have been fine. The new “GO” game is junk. Maybe a teenager or almost teen could use this with their friends. But I want the challenge of beating the computer for real like we had it before. I was able to do this about 95% of the time. I liked having it tell me when there was a better word I could have played. Now it is just useless. Somewhere at EA and Scopely there are people who should be unemployed over this horrendous blunder. I wonder how much the license to the old version would cost. I could set up a company to maintain and update it.

        2. Electronic Arts does not own Scrabble, they had an exclusive license agreement with Hasbro, the owner. Hasbro has chosen to license Scrabble to a new company called Scopely.

          1. I wish so much that the old app would return. Since it has been bought out it
            doesn’t seem likely that it will. A big piece of my life is now missing.. So unhappy.
            The Scrabble Go app needs lots and lots of work to be able to stand up to what was. Very disheartening. Very distressing.

          2. I was under the impression it has been sold not rented.

            I wish so much that the old app would return. Since it has been bought out it
            doesn’t seem likely that it will. A big piece of my life is now missing.. So unhappy.
            The Scrabble Go app needs lots and lots of work to be able to stand up to what was. Very disheartening. Very distressing.

    3. I agree with everything you said! This app is ridiculous and infantile! We need the real scrabble game to stay running and I would be glad to pay for it.

      1. Please Please do not take away the old Scrabble game. Scrabble Go is the worst thing I’ve ever seen! Are they appealing to four year old’s to play Scrabble. The original Scrabble was the perfect game, why are they messing with that??

        1. I agree, Diane! Scrabble has been something that has helped me through a lot of difficult times, and now they’re taking this away from us? Why can’t they give us a choice of the current version, or the Scrabble Go for those who aren’t longtime Scrabble players on FB? I cannot tell you how sad I am about this ridiculous change!

    4. And there is a tile bag that you can look to see what letters are init. How frigging ridiculous Now I know what me opponent has.

        1. This is bullshit. Scrabble is an institution. My wife and I have been playing it for over 25 years, about ten of which were using the Scrabble app. I don’t want gems or extraneous baubles. I don’t need to play with my teenybopper friends Hartley, Haley, Alexis, or Tiffany.

          I want the traditional game that challenges my intellect without having to wade through a morass of color, glitz, sparkles, and hype.

          It amazes me that marketing people, programmers, and CEOs being paid all kinds of money don’t understand that in a world where complexity and anxiety abound, many people crave tradition and simplicity in their choice of diversion, especially in a game so beloved and ingrained in our consciences as Scrabble.

          1. Here here. Bring back the old Scrabble.
            Everyone should refuse to play this new game.

      1. You could also do that in old EA scrabble (think you just clicked on ‘Exchange’ function and you saw what tiles were left). I hate the graphics etc, but let’s at least have valid criticisms.

        1. Made my day! Only my 3rd day playing. Is anyone on the paid version? Is that better? As in less adverts and prizes? As a data scientist, I love the metrics and stats. Absolutely amazing engine.

    5. Can we sue airhead Zoey? Or Zooey? Since they kept taking our money from thy faithful lot, all the while creating this new money grab, …any scrabble loving lawyers??

        1. You are just grumpy because you don’t have enough gems to get the tiles that look like a cat.

          And maybe I’ve been shut in the house too long, but Zoey’s kind of hot.

          1. Anyone who plays the game well enough can earn enough gems to get the tiles they want without paying a cent. Some of the designs are cute but the animal ones look stupid.

            And you definitely had been shut in the house for too long. Please remain there for the rest of your living days, thanks.

        1. Things you can do, in addition to signing the petition at: https://www.change.org/p/electronic-arts-keep-ea-scrabble-alive

          Rate the Scrabble GO app in your app store: To do so you will likely have to install the app, then go back to the store and the option to rate and write a review should be live. Then you can uninstall the app.

          Post a comment on EA’s Scrabble Digital Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/pg/ScrabbleEA/posts/?ref=page_internal

          Write to EA’s PR Department:
          Jino Talens
          Sr. PR Manager
          Cait Doherty
          Global PR Manager

          Post a comment on Hasbro’s Facebook page (under their March 30 post We’re here with you) at: https://www.facebook.com/hasbrogaming/

          Send a message to the CEO of Scopely, Walter Driver, through Linked in at:

          Encourage your fellow Scrabble fans to do any or all of the above, and post about it on your own Facebook page.

          1. Shock and awful! Scrabble No!

            Great idea I have visited the App Store and left a review shame it will not let give it zero stars.

            Such a shame the EA version is/was brilliant this Scrabble Go is appalling.

        2. great question. Scrabble EA is the ’32 Ford of word games. It’s perfect. Now to be substituted by Scrabble GO!???? Whose absolutely puerile brainchild was that. I’ll not be playing, thank you. Roses. Perhaps I’ll take up growing roses. In a serious way.
          Surely the Scrabble we have all become addicted to CAN survive. Surely it is still making a lot of money for its controllers.

      1. I agree with all these posts! The game is horrible! It’s not scrabble! And I find it hard to believe that they got together with Hasbro or Mattel to make that mess. If children could play, they’d love it.i will not play it. I want the old game to stay. Who is with me on that? I would also pay to keep the other game.

          1. I’m glad to see I’m not only one appalled by Scrabble Go as a replacement for the current well sorted out Scrabble game. Intrusive graphics, pleas to connect with friends, and clunky game play did not improve the original version. I join others who would pay (again) to keep the original version. Can the developers improve it so that we might like to play it?

        1. OMG It is awful!!! The classic srabble was for players who did not need all the added glitz and treasures, trophies, etc. I do not even know what to do with that stuff.
          Ruined the game totally – the developers need to do something about this.
          It is like trivia quest which is full of consumerism crap and kills the passion to play.
          Hope developers are reading these reviews.

      2. How sad to have lost contact with old friends.not to mention all the old statistics.really upset about it all

    6. This game is for children. In addition it constantly freezes. When it froze it stole all my diamonds and tickets. The company refused to do anything about restoring them and as a consequence I feel like they have stolen money from me. Not only has a game become ridiculous but the company is not trustworthy

      1. You keep on reporting to support. You get 20 gems for every documented glitch. Though very annoying to report each time, it works. If it wasn’t the fact one co-worker got me into this, I would’ve quit. I didn’t have the pleasure of playing the previous incarnation players were praising about.

        This new came glitches and freezes but I’ll be damned if I let Scopely gets away with every video reward that malfunctions.

    7. Scrabble Go is crap! Just like words with friends. Hasbro ..please save Scrabble. Ie been playing since 2012…even through all the glitches…Ive been loyal!!

    8. Agree completely with what you have written and more.

      I can’t even see the board properly- no way to enlarge it. I can’t stand it.

      The original scrabble has been a life saver in so many ways, I can’t believe they are removing it… even reported in UK Times newspaper today. Unbelievable rubbish. Please somebody take it over.

      1. Hi
        I did a quick search and a few recommendations came up. Of course, you probably won’t find the same ‘friends’ but at least you can play here without all the hassle. I’m trying it on a laptop, and it seems ok. I’m only playing the demo version with a bot (who’s winning by far). I think you can play real people by registering, and it’s free.
        I hope it sticks to proper words, because even in the much-loved Scrabble that this page is berating the demise of, I did get quite ticked off that so many weird words were allowed, that you can’t find in any search of real words online.
        All the best to everyone.
        PS – my whole family have already jumped on the ‘Go’ bandwagon, but I think I prefer playing strangers anyway!

          1. By the way, you get 8 letters instead of 7, and the board layout is slightly different, but otherwise, the play is similar, and you can also check the actual meaning of the words. I actually prefer this, and will be happy to transition to it! Oh, and you can also watch other people’s games. Seems like a good way to boycott ‘Go’.

          2. Thanks but no thanks. Scrabble is perfectly structured. What you describe is not. There is a market for the real thing, foolish people with control over it should be smart about using what they own. People WILL pay for Scrabble if the market offers it.

    9. Absolutely true about Scrabble GO. Childish, inane and kitschy. I won’t play it. Leave Scrabble alone! Not everything need to be “new and improved”. I’m too old to enjoy bells and whistles, stupid jewels, prizes and coaxing.

    10. I won’t be playing Scrabble Free after it switches to Scrabble Go. I am still upset the chat option is gone. I have made many friendships over the years with players. Do NOT count on me. DONE

    11. I’m so sick, I can’t believe what they have done to my beloved game that I’ve played for years. Are they insane… It is a piece of garbage geared to 10 year olds… I’m heartbroken.

    12. I so agree with you.
      Bring back the old Scrabble. This version is ridiculous and not suitable for serious players. It seems to be designed for kids. So sad. I won’t be playing it. So sad that at this terrible time I could be playing the original game with my friends and now I can’t.

    13. I contacted the Scopely website and sent a message asking them to restore classic scrabble. It may not work, but its a lot better than all this gnashing of teeth and raging. (The new national language, apparently.) Hope you all will also contact Scopely and give it a try or come up with another way we Scrabble fans can try to get the game back again.

      1. Not sure if you have had anything back from Scopely, but I got a very prompt and interesting response to the message I sent through their customer service. I complained about Scrabble GO, asked them to find a way to let us continue with the game as we know it, and requested the message be passed up to senior management. Here is the response:

        Scopely Support
        April 18, 2020, 20:31 -0400
        Hello Margery. My name is Jehoshua. EA’s rights to publish Scrabble have transitioned to Scopely, who have recently launched Scrabble GO, a new game for Scrabble fans developed in partnership with Hasbro and Mattel. Scrabble GO is the new permanent home for Scrabble and word game players, and we encourage everyone to transition to the new game to get started. Nonetheless, I’ll make sure to share your feedback about Scrabble GO with the rest of the team for review. No guarantees that it will be changed right away though. We’ll have to discuss it first before we can change anything. If you have any other concerns, feel free to contact us again.

        While this may be a meaningless sop, I think the more people who contact Scopely the better.

        1. Yes, I too contacted Hasbro/Scopely and here is their reply (my email to them appears below):
          Scopely Support
          April 21, 2020, 09:14 -0700
          Hi there Katy, Jen here from support team. I can see that you really loved the classic layout and not so much the new one. EA’s rights to publish Scrabble have transitioned to Scopely, who have recently launched Scrabble GO, a new game for Scrabble fans developed in partnership with Hasbro and Mattel. Currently, in limited release, Scrabble GO will soon become the new home for Scrabble and word game players. The final dates for the transition will be announced to give players plenty of time to make the change. Since the new version is still developing, I’ll take your message as helpful feedback. Who knows, your idea of bringing back the classic feel to the app might be considered in the future! In the meantime, I would suggest playing the Classic Scrabble or the Solo mode in Scrabble Go. These have the same feature as the old scrabble. Just tap the “Start New Game” button on your home lobby then tap the Scrabble Classic or Single Player at the bottom of your screen. Should you have other concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me back.
          April 21, 2020, 08:48 -0700
          Why, oh why is Hasbro/Scopely messing with success??? I play the Scrabble app version A LOT because it offers me a worthy opponent. As much trouble as Alfred Mosher Butts had in bringing his game to market, I am sure he is spinning in his grave at the advent of Hasbro/Scopely taking Scrabble away from its zillions of fans.

        2. Yes. I have contacted them as well. They seem awfully pleased with their Frankenstein’s monster.

          1. Ben, you must be working with the company, and they sent you to say this…

            This APP is awful and must go… or we must go and find something else

    14. Well i feel like there are more than just Zoey as bots.. there’s this player Jose N. who is online nearly 24/7 and his gameplay and score will match mine per round! Very suspicious hahaa..

      1. Yes. I actually looked up this article because of Jose N.’s suspicious play. Never gets more than 5 points ahead and never falls more than 5 points behind. Always comes down to the last tile.

      2. I also came to this post for JOSE N. obviously is a bot or i.a. but since it is not created by the game developers, I wonder what’s the purpose behind this bot…

        1. I think there are so many bots player in there. So far i’ve detected 3. Shawn, George and Robert. I thought they are real people because of the photos. But i realized they’re actually bots because they’re always online, played their words in seconds, and plays at my pace? Our points are always close 🤷🏻‍♀️

    15. I agree with everything you said. It’s an abomination and an attack on the senses.
      I can’t stand stand these new bells and whistles. It’s extremely distracting.
      Great blog!

    16. I literally cannot add anything to that. BTW, best word, 158 for FRAULEIN and best game, 579. Which my regular opponent just eclipsed and now I will not have the opportunity to reach a 600 game! VERY UPSET. So EA is behind this huh? Time to write EA.

    17. Hate this Scrabble Go. Too gimmicky and childish. Bring back the old version soon please . Norma

    18. Absolutely horrible! Trying to just play normal Scrabble with Pass n Play with my daughter. Haven’t found it yet. Done with this app cuz sick of playing Zoey!

    19. May I suggest that they go ahead with their Scrabble Go and also hang on to the current version and call it Scrabble Old? Kids over 12 will feel honored to think themselves as old. Adults will remain loyal to the “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” version. It’s a win-win situation and they’re going to lose everybody if they don’t see this.

    20. Scrabble GO is the most ridiculous, annoying, juvenile ‘version’ of Scrabble I have ever encountered. Perhaps 11 year olds will enjoy its carnival atmosphere. I do not.
      I have been playing the classic version with two childhood friends for about 15 years. Now . . . we will quit our games – and boycott Scrabble GO.

      Very disappointed in the ‘turn’ it has taken.

      Moronic. An insult to us and to a great game.

    21. That Scrabble Go is hideous. I share your thoughts exactly. We only have until June to play. Then What? Scrabble psychedelic HELL. Graphics are hideous , colours equally horrible. I think this is the first application I paid for. I play against the computer in expert mode as well.
      Not for long I guess. Going to delete. SCRABBLE HELL now😳😭🤬

      1. Can they not listen to their audience!!? Are they hoping to hook teenyboppers, who would rather play Fortnite with with one eye shut and a hand behind their backs?

    22. I dislike Scrabble Go immensely! I played with two friends for years on Scrabble. Now I have constant notifications for new players and challenges. I had to go through Facebook in able to play with my friends. I don’t do FB… grrrr. I wish I could turn off people I do not know. Have you figured out how to?
      The fact that you have to pay $4.99 a month for “scholar” is a travesty. I loved Teacher on Scrabble. I liked knowing when I screwed up for free.

    23. it’s not only Americans who play Scrabble. I’m Australian and have played it online for years with my Mum and siblings across the country. I downloaded Scrabble Go but have since deleted the App. It’s just an abomination. How can they think this is OK! Soooooo disappointing. Only one month left to use “quixotic” !

    24. How frustrating! I was acquainted with dozens of players through the original game. We would play rematches or just run into each other from periodically by chance. Then, a couple days ago, it just stopped working. Although I was in the middle of multiple games, none appeared available. I seriously doubt that I’ll like the new mediocre game.

    25. I was addicted to the old scrabble and look forward to playing it all day. This new format is frustrating there is no dictionary that you can sample a word before using and all those bells and whistle’s I do not want or understand. I am still looking for a level to play against the computer Because this one is no challenge

    26. What can we do???!! I play about 30 games at a time with friends from all over! I started in 2013 and it’s one of my fave things to do!! I’m not even a nerd! This is life altering!!

      1. Who ever thought this up are responsible for the worst app ever it’s a load of rubbish. I was trying to think of a word to describe it, I know it starts with a B and it as 2 ll’s in the middle.

      2. It is life-altering! It’s sacred ground and they should do the right thing and bring the old game back!

    27. Scrabble go is for the birds. Serious scrabble players are at the mercy of Scopely who seem to treat everybody as if they had low IQs

      1. They have us confused with Bejeweled or sone such crapola. You guys got a notification? Idn get any notification. I want my money back! How about you give us our old Scrabble back or we sue.

    28. This post is right on point! I want access to the old Scrabble app!!!!!!!! This is how my mom and I stay in contact from afar. Scrabble GO is a joke and I deleted 1 minute after downloading. Give us back the tried and true Scrabble!

    29. This isn’t scrabble. It’s garbage!!! Doesn’t follow the typical rules and anyone who plays it will he dumber for it

    30. It is childish rubbish. shame on them and the players are idiots. Because that is who will play scrabble go. I am so sad to see hasbro scrabble end. Please rethink your plan.

    31. Couldn’t have said it better. What a shame. I won’t be downloading the childish game they’re substituting. (I don’t need or want hints or rewards!) I want my brain intellectually stimulated, not taken on a ride through Disneyworld!

    32. Does anyone know who to contact and what we can do. Scrabble Go is so awful and has completely ruined the experience which is vital as I play with my 94 year old grandma and 6 year old daughter. As you say really important at these times! We need to find a way to reverse this!

    33. Am I able to get scrabble go on a kindle fire? I’m struggling. I think it is rubbish too, but I have made so many friends on the proper scrabble game, that it is this or nothing.

    34. The Go Scrabble is a disaster and I am about to delete the app. It’s pull ups are childish and annoying. You are now charging for the Teacher ability. One cannot tell wherectye opponent went last. The app is busy, confusing and very annoying. Please bring back the original app.

    35. I totally agree! Scrabble GO is so annoying. I am dreading June 5th.
      Scrabble GO says they have a traditional version, but you still have to wase through all the flash and sparkles… and you still win “gems”… I dont want gems, I want a plain and simple scrabble game!

    36. I do not like Scrabble Go and my days will be so lonely without my Scrabble game and my friends I play Scrabble with. I am elderly and because of Covid19 I spend a lot of time at home on Scrabble. Please let us keep the old Scrabble game.

    37. Please let’s try to complete a survey or petition to keep the old scrabble. This new Scrabble Go is “busy, confusing, annoying” and not easy to navigate. You need to pay for the teacher app and when it’s your turn, it takes forever to find the game you’re playing nor can you easily see where your opponent went last.

    38. Just played a couple of games on Scrabble Go. A truly awful experience. I suspect I have been lost to online scrabble….

    39. I installed this inane app as living abroad my daughter in the UK and l have been playing Scrabble happily for years. This Scrabboe Go is an insult to our intelligence- what were Hasbo thinking to sell out. If they had asked for a monthly or yearly subscription I’m sure most players would have gladly played. After one game on Go I’ve uninstalled it. Disgusted in Turkey

    40. Could not have said it better myself…Scrabble Go will certainly induce an epileptic seizure in many…even us with out it…

    41. Thank you for this. The app ends today or tomorrow, I do believe, and there’s no way I’m going to be playing Scrabble Go, which as you point out is a complete travesty. I play the classic game exactly as you do, against the expert computer with the teacher on to tell me when I miss something. It’s turned me into a phenomenal player. Also like you (almost) I was looking forward to the day when I could make the word “quixotic” hitting both triples. “Quixotry” is even better! Damn their eyes for taking our game away.

    42. I just found out about the change.I am a patient who has stayed distracted(and sane) by the original game, as well……
      OH GOD!!! HELP US COPE!!!

    43. I completely agree with every word you just said! I cannot stand Scrabble Go!!! It like walking into the Vegas lights and expecting to think of a great word to play. Not gonna happen.
      Please please please give us basic Scrabble back.

    44. I have been playing Scrabble with my Mother since Dad died. She lives far from me an this is how we kept her entertained. Now she cannot figure out this obsurd, childish replacement. WTF!. I am over 60 and this new game ‘Scrabble Go’ is a pain in the ass. So many foolish , cluttering graffics. WTF!!!

    45. This is the Worst!!!!!!!!!!!! I want my Scrabble game back as it brought me relaxing time at night and playing with challenging people. I will not play Scrabble go and not fond of words with friends. Bring back the traditional game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    46. Ugh. Scrabble Go is horrendous. The graphics are juvenile. I have been playing Scrabble since 2008.
      Today was a sad day. I switched over to Scrabble Go because I had to. Not because I wanted to. And no, I will never get used to this travesty. This whole format is not geared for real Scrabble players.

    47. I hate the new Scrabble-Go. It looks and acts like it is for kids. I’m working on 71 yrs old and I understand change.
      BUT some things need to be left as they are – the original version.
      So please bring back our beloved version, the original Scrabble!!

    48. Scrabble GO is a mockery of all the scrabble players. I am so lost, not been able to go online on my laptop and feel excited as i used to.

    49. Hey – of course I’m in complete agreement. BUT – while the old Scrabble app on my android phone is now dead, the one on my wife’s iPad, which always worked even when disconnected from wifi, still works that way! I don’t know why or how, or what the difference is or was between the two, but I’m not going to even try opening the iPad app while connected to wifi! In fact, I’m going to get her a whole new pad just so I can keep playing my beloved Scrabble on this one!
      (Does anyone have any info on why/how this one is still working??)

      1. I’m asking a similar question as you! I have a long time opponent in the original FB scrabble. He never got a notice the game was ending and he is still playing other opponents. accessed through FB. He says my games are still visible to him, and I am the only opponent of his he can no longer play. How can this be? I have looked online and can’t find any info.

    50. I am so sad. I can’t stand Scrabble Go. I don’t want to play against live people, only the computer. But this computer sets me up so I win everytime. I am deleting Scrabble Go.

    51. Misery loves company, and I am grateful for your post. I just got a new iPhone and downloaded Scrabble Go because it was the only version available. It is terrible. The pop-ups are as annoying as mosquitoes, and the level of challenge just isn’t the same. Is it leading us to our doom or is it a sign that we are heading there already? Either way, I have already deleted the app.

    52. Thank you so much for this. You hit the nail on the head. I was willing to tolerate the annoying sparkle and flashiness of Scrabble Go version, but now that the teacher is gone….???? Forget it. I’m done. I’m uninstalling the app

    53. Loved your response I too play any break I get during the day or nite my 230 point word is now erased

    54. Agreeing on the ridiculous re-engineering of the classic electronic game. It is a real pain!

      I could care less about earning diamonds or other childlike fake gifts…I am interested in challenging my mind by creatively forming words and earning points to beat the system!

      Pleas bring back the former game. If need be also keep the child’s version for those who like it.

    55. I totally agree. I installed the app 2 days ago and several people unknown to me have started a game with me. I don’t want to play them, but can’t figure out how to end the games. There’s no 2 letter dictionary that I can find, either. I’m very disappointed.

    56. God Bless you!
      Anybody out there a good-enuff programmer – create a “faux” Scrabble ?????

    57. Why would they spoil Scrabble? What were they thinking? It’s my go-to game I so enjoy and the only game I play. I’ve played with the same people from around the world for years since I retired in 2011. What a huge disappointment.

    58. I’m glad there are other commiserating. My Scrabble just stopped working, leaving at least 5 unfinished games. This article says if we’ve downloaded the classic Scrabble app, we should be able to still use it so why isn’t it working? I don’t want Scrabble Go. I want Scrabble stay!

    59. I sent a message and a link to this blog directly to Scopely through the Scopely Help menu about missing our beloved EA Scrabble app and the abomination called Scrabble Go. It certainly can’t hurt, and I would encourage all to do the same. The link: https://scopely.helpshift.com/a/scrabble-go/?p=web, then click the “Contact Us” question.

      Devin B.

      1. How ironic that Classic Scrabble began during The Great Depression and our digital Classic Scrabble is ending during The Greater? Depression. This is horrifically sad and quite a statement of our times. Not a good sign.

        1. Thanks, I did contact. Their reply:

          Hi Jack, Joshua here from the Scopely customer support, As a player myself I understand your concerns on the game and I understand how you may feel
          I appreciate you so much for sending us your feedback and suggestion. We will collect your feedback and direct it to the appropriate team for further review. I would not have an estimated time for changes that would come of this feedback, however I can assure you that your feedback has been heard.

          EA’s rights to publish Scrabble have transitioned to Scopely, who have recently launched Scrabble GO, a new game for Scrabble fans developed in partnership with Hasbro and Mattel. Scrabble GO is the new permanent home for Scrabble and word game players, and we encourage everyone to transition to the new game to get started.

      1. I have also tried several times with several different versions. At this point, I have un-apptivated (500 pts?) Scrabble Go and will stay in withdrawal mode until I can find an appropriate alternative. Sad during a time like this. Shame on them. 🙁

    60. Horrible. My one relaxation I confide to indulge in and we have to deal with a cheesy board as if we are in a casino. And I paid for scrabble. Definitely got use out of it while it existed. Is there nothing we can do.

    61. Who was the idiot who decided to change this beautiful game? Did they ask the faithful what they thought? Another fascist move.

    62. Me too! Surely someone will come to our rescue. I’m even willing to PAY to play the expert game against the computer again. PLEASE!!!

    63. It’s hard to believe that they would screw up Scrabble so much. Ugh, the new interface is so incredibly infantile. I’m sorry but it’s not for me.

    64. I’ve found that most of the players are AI and not real…you can tell by the number of wins…I mean what are the odds of 10 players having the same number of wins? Anyway, I either check before I play or add them to a list to decline when they want to challenge…unless of course you want to play the computer…

    65. I too totally hate the new scrabble go! I want the old scrabble app back, please!
      The change is unacceptable. What were you thinking??? There is no class to this scrabble go version. You are obviously catering to adolescents & teens. What a waste of time for adults.

    66. How can I play with my husband in the same room with me as a pass and play on Scrabble Go? I don’t see an option for it.

    67. Phuc. I’ll even pay for the game. I was already getting weary with all the advertisements that would come up with the regular Scrabble game. Now that Scrabble has been taken off, I would gladly take it back with all the extra advertisements and whatever BS they put on there. Just bring it back.

    68. Well said. Scrabble Go is a total joke. Like everything else in this world it all about money.
      We ALL got to stop idealizing the dollar bill.

    69. I have a suspicion that half the time I am playing against bots. For example, one of my opponents always loses but as soon as I finish the game she immediately launches a new one. I’ve sent her messages but she never responds. Her picture is too beautiful to be believed.

      1. Move to Scrabble Classic!! If you are in Scrabble Go the bots have clouds around their picture. I don’t think there are any bots if you are playing in Classic mode, other than Zoey (play against the computer). With the next release, due any day now, Zoey will have multiple levels of competence up to Grand Master. Hopefully that should keep most of us happy.

        1. Thanks Elaine. Most of my opponents have clouds so I guess you’re right. I was wasting my time thinking I was playing real people. One of my opponents even tried to get me to sign up for some kind of option trading scheme.

          1. it’s odd how peoples experience varies. I’ve not had any inappropriate comments at all.

    70. I agree. This new Scrabble go is just awful. Started using it but not bothering any more as it’s just too hateful for words.

    71. Lighten up. There’s a million games out there for all you intellectuals. Just because your not 100 or a genius doesnt mean there aren’t people who enjoy the game.
      Not everyone is as smart as you which I couldnt forget because you kept reminding me. There are average people of average intellect in the world who by the way make up the greater part of the population.
      The last poster who said every play they interfere with a prize is bulls#$t.

      1. How did you read through these comments and conclude that the primary complaint was about the intellect of players (though I do notice a significant dumbing-down of random players in this game)? It’s all of the bells and whistles. It feels like a pink and purple unicorn is about to fly out of the phone (which would actually be kind of cool, but, it’s not going to happen). The APPEARANCE of the game and ALL OF THE GARBAGE IN THE WAY are the problem, but, yea, dumbing down of supposed real players who are random matches is a reality.

    72. I too agree. I want our old Scrabble back. This Scrabble Go is so adolescent & boring.
      There is very little competition & meanfulness in this poor excuse of a game; and the “bot” thing…please!!! Give us back our beloved original Scrabble!

    73. I have found that this ScrabbleGo is just a “Dating Sight” disguised by another name. I hate all the gems and prizes and other games trying to get you… They are of no value. WE all just want to play Scrabble. On my tablet, there is a game called Classic Words and it is with the internet. Hasbro…..PLEASE give us back our plain Scrabble….

    74. Yes I agree. I am very disappointed that I can no longer play the “old” version of Scrabble. I spent many relaxing hours playing and now am stuck with a game I don’t want and don’t like. Hopefully the powers that be will see our comments and give us the option to have Scrabble back.

    75. I would buy the old scrabble app…. pay 10.00 anything I found it to be relaxing, distressing but made you use your use you brain, something so many people are obviously lacking in today’s society. The age group they’re trying to attract to play Scrabble have no idea what or how to play, so they had to dumb it down because their not intelligent enough to play It the way it was!!

    76. I fail to understand the point of the new “classic” scrabble.
      Players are assigned no value, nor matched with similar players.

      Also pandemic prevents small meetup groups which would bore me anyway.
      The point is to play 24 hrs. They usually could find you a player, but rank was a consideration.
      Thanks for listening to me vent!

    77. Thanks for the upbeat encouragement! Unfortunately, since I’m in isolation I can’t afford to look back at what was for so many years but need to forge ahead. to the present. Happily, I have connected with my 4 best opponents & they’ve joined me in the new format. None of us are thrilled with it as so many comments have noted…it’s definitely not our much loved classic game. It is however a chance to connect with my fave opponents and not feel so alone.
      Like most Scrabble buffs we keep hoping for the return of the classic game .but for now I’m so happy just to connect with my fellow addicts.

    78. Please just let us play scrabble. I would pay readily for it. How can you take it away? It’s been part of our culture for many years. Keep your silly updates but give us the original version even if it need to be bought. We will certainly reward you.

    79. Just out of curiosity, why can’t we have them both? Query scrabble and you have a choice… what’s the cost even if they call it Old Scrabble no one cares! It will be played!

    80. I totally agree. Have been in an email conversatation with them. Heheh still going.
      I get the Standard response and spiel.
      My question – what can’t they run / provide the original version we all know and love, alongside this infantile version?

      So what can we the fans do ? Is anyone starting protest of some form ?

    81. The new Scrabble Go is terrible!!!! Ijust want to play against the computer——no Joey, no jewels, no levels, no ads. I won’t play. Why not call it Scrabble 2 and keep the old one!

    82. Select Classic in your profile. Also, you can set Zooey’s skill level all the way to grand master

    83. I bought the old Scrabble App and enjoyed it immensely. I also paid for it and feel cheated that they took it away, wiped out our histories, and put in this inferior Scrabble GO

    84. Well said. I hope they’re just not reading but will actually listen and do something. I abhor scrabble go. PLEASE Bring scrabble back.

    85. I’m so glad I found this page. My beloved Scrabble has gone and I mean the original one where there were difficulty levels then they changed to the previous version which I stomached. But this new garbage WTF?!?

    86. I they skew the odds to get players to buy gems. There are many chests that do not work. Today all I got in one chest was six of the same unusable card. This was the chest for winning first place in a tournament.

    87. Another bizarre thing. When I’m trapped with something like UUNNCVB I exchange letters. I do this quite frequently because the draws are certainly rigged. I might exchange 7 consonants and draw 7 vowels. Never once has any of my opponents exchanged tiles because they aren’t allowed to by the algorithm and anyway don’t need to. Plus as everyone knows who has played the game, the opponents are pathetic. Who plays an S for one point?

      1. I play with my boyfriend for 12 years now. We both hate this new childish silly colors. Since covid I played with random players as well. I chose only high points players, since my average is about 30 points.
        My experience is that most of them have an agenda. Either to date, or to scam. Right away they want to chat, get to know you, and start pushing to go to privater chat. I think I played only with two real people so far. One of them is nice and keeps playing with me. His name is Michael M. He has a photo with his wife. He puts up with my long responses. I don’t always have time to play. The other one had some issues… quit when he was about to win. I asked him why? He said your welcome. Silly… I told him I don’t play to win or lose. I play to sharpen my brain. Then the second game he won again by 1 point and left.

        As much as we hate this new game, we play it. I figured, if I close the game right after I play a tile, I avoid most of the ads. And I don’t tap on any of the “winnings” the extra diamonds etc, only on the ongoing games. That way it’s fine. Also, I just decline to play with the mostly guys who sends an invitation. Couldn’t figure why some can start a game without my approval, I just leave those games.

        Be careful of scammers. One was trying to talk me into binary investments… he said he was a binary trader. Big NO-NO… FBI is investigating them.

    88. One other thing. Are you suspicious when your opponent comes up with something like BIBIMLAP? Not sure I’m spelling it right, but look it up. The *real* version of Scrabble has been ruined by players who use anagram sites to come up with unbelievable plays and run up ratings that are 2000+ which is why I stopped playing online.

    89. Yes it a joke but fun! But. A waste of time. It’s taken me three months to make some decent players use how mine were dictionary us to compete because it makes it more interesting for me and to slaughter easy players or I don’t even know why play unless they’re practicing English and yes I am retired and it keeps my mind busy when I’m too tired to do anything else and don’t feel like reading anybody on this app

    90. Thank you your post also made my day.. everything is about money!!!! I don’t like the new version it’s awefull I want to play SCRABBLE !!!!! Not a kids game …Keep the original scrabble stop messing with the original games!!!! Please just Stop!!!

    91. Scott, you nailed it.
      This is an abomination of the great game I’ve enjoyed since 1977. It would be laughable if it weren’t so tragic, and a real slap in the face to both serious players and those who just played ’round the old kitchen table. Obviously, the morons at ‘Scopely’ whatever that may be, didn’t bother to consult a serious player, or, in fact, ANYONE who’s ever played the game.
      where to begin?
      1.The quality of the opponents is just about right for those teenybopper social media addicts who are mesmerized by the sparkly crystals and bizarrely conceived ‘cards’ with seemingly random titles you can collect, and quite easily at that, as I ran off 30 victories in a row with 58 unopposed bingos, averaging 412 PPG. These ‘cards’ apparently let one collect various tiles, some of which are truly grotesque and unrelated to Scrabble in any way whatsoever. Hooray! What will I do with that happy horse-shit? Most opponents seem to never have played the game before, despite their alleged 600 victories. I suspect most are badly-designed bots. They have little word knowledge, no sense of strategy or rack management, and seem to just play the common word they know anywhere on the board, with no regard for position or even point totals.
      2. The user interface and navigation seem like something from the early days of Windows, except worse. There is no coherent, intuitive structure at all. This is, frankly, annoying as hell, as they seem deliberately trying to trap one into accidentally tapping on one of their other ridiculous games. Again, did anyone who built this app ever actually play?
      3. The ads and pop-ups are so infuriating as to make me want to hurl my phone against the nearest wall, or scour the neighborhood for an abandoned cinder block with which to crush it.
      4. The evisceration of the alleged ‘dictionary’ to make it ‘family-friendly’ is an insult to any serious player. Words that I’ve played for years are gone now. PC police, I guess, or trying to make it ‘safe’ to monetize it for sensitive Millenials.
      I could go on, but that’s my rant for now. From the tenor of the other replies, I can see that I’m not alone. This is not only one of the worst game apps, but one of the worst apps for any, well, application it’s ever been my misfortune to experience. They should stuff this thing in a sack and drown it in a radioactive power plant cooling pool.
      P.S. You may already be aware, but their is an excellent, free, no-frills site called isc.ro that seems to attract some of the best players in North America and is a real challenge w/ high-quality opponents, although I’ve played enough games there to suspect the tile distribution is not entirely random (lots of doubles/repeat draws–that is, you tend to draw what you just threw back, way more than in face-to-face competition.) But maybe that’s just me being a sore loser…Anyway, thanks for your well-written post.

    92. I’ve just discovered Scrabble Go! It’s awful. All those irritating ‘treasures’ – I’m not even sure what to do about them. You can’t click them off and in trying to do so, I got booted out of my game and into a new games area. I will have to delete the App as it’s so frustrating.

    93. Me too. I share your frustrations and am about to kick Scrabble Go out of my desktop after over a year. We suffer through the endless commercials between every hand, but what has become even more intolerable are the popup ads that obliterate our ability to see the score between us and our opponent, or even to go to the next hand. No amount of clicking on the four corners while we try to find the tiny dim x to click on gets us out of the ad purgatory, therefore we opt out of the game. Guess the developer has it figured out that they will weed out us free players who cannot be enticed into buying jewels, chips, or whatever. We just want to play the game. Alas! I guess I will be switching to streaming movies for my entertainment rather than the brain games. Que lastima!

    94. Wordscramble.eu have a game scrabble-online which allows you to play against a reasonably tough computer opponent and has none of the obscene sparkly things you mention. Occasionally it refuses to recognise a valid Scrabble word (today it wouldn’t let me play “helter”) but mostly gets it right.

  1. This will make me keep my ancient Ipad until my dying day. I play Scrabble daily, as does my 89-year old father. I have a phone message that I will never delete of him calling me to complain that the machine played a fake word that he couldn’t find online anywhere. He asked me what he was supposed to do about it…who could he call?

    Do these Scrabble GO people think this will entice anyone to play? (BTW, your bathroom comment made me laugh out loud, so thank you for that.)

    1. I’ve played Scrabble since childhood. I’ve logged about 12,000 games on the old app. I am very disappointed that it is being discontinued. I agree with everyone else that Scrabble GO is garbage, and of no appeal to any serious Scrabble player. We need the existing app either continued or replaced by something similar. We can all do without the chintziness, bells, whistles, silly prizes, gems, cheat aids, and distractions of Scrabble GO.

      1. Barb – mine still works in solitaire mode (that’s all I like to do) on my iPad, but I don’t connect to wifi (I don’t dare!). I believe I originally paid for the version, so that may have made the difference. Like Judy, I’m going to protect this iPad with my life!

  2. Double triple-word score of 194 points for wingover. I’ve been playing scrabble over 60 years. Loved it when it went online so I could play with friends in other states. If I wanted jewels, I’d play those games.

    1. Are the perpetrator owners of this Scrabble game change hearing our out crys??? I want our old version back….now!

  3. Check out WordFeud….a Scrabble-like game that you can pay a small amount (~$7 if I remember correctly) to opt out of the horrid ads which ruin WordswithFriends and (apparently Scrabble GO)….a good alternative that I have been playing with a pal for several months, quite good….

    1. If you play WWF just use adblock ,,,,it will knock out most the ads,,a free ap..not scrabble,,,but better than Scrabble Go unless you are 6 years old and up to the challenge…Totally agree with all the above statements!!

  4. This looks like a typical corporate strategy to appeal to “the next generation.” Why can’t Hasbro have 2 versions available at once: Scrabble Classic for purists, and Scrabble Go for kids? I constantly see advice about personalizing the customer experience, etc, etc. Hasbro has personalized the experience for anyone who doesn’t know how to play or spell very well, and DE-PERSONALIZED it for anyone who was already a loyal fan. Kind of silly and short-sighted. I’ll sign any online petition to bring back the old version and keep the new one. Let them fight it out… and we’ll see which one more people play!

    1. I whole heartedly agree with you. How can we get through to the powers that be to give us back the adult version?

  5. Been playing scrabble for a long time on this app. Has anyone noticed recently on expert mode that computer gets an obscene number of bingo plays? I did a little experiment where I used an app to solve the best word for every rack and I got 18% as many bingo words in my rack (let alone that I could actually play on the board) compared to the computer. It’s driving me nuts! Anyone else noticed this?

  6. Oh my gosh! I thought I was going crazy. Thank you for writing this. I am on chemo, had a child home with flu symptoms and needed Scrabble desperately. Scrabble go was a nightmare and I am getting lots of spam texts. I don’t think it is a coincidence.

  7. I agree. Scrabble Go is a ridiculous waste of of time. I just want to play words, and I spend so much more time clicking out of “rewards, bonuses, jewels etc” and turning down multiple game requests everyday from people I’m not interested in playing.

    Please bring our simple but elegant Scrabble game option back!

  8. Love this! I shared a similar review with Scrabble GO…just before I uninstalled the app! Juvenile drivel I believe is how it ended!

  9. My husband (in FL) has enjoyed playing Scrabble online with his 88 year old mother (in OH) for years, nearly every evening. Now Scrabble GO has ruined that wonderful connection and source of pride (esp for my smart & amazing mother-in-law). Scrabble GO needs to GO AWAY! Pleeeease bring the old Scrabble back NOW!

  10. Thank you so much for writing this! I’ve been playing Scrabble on my phone for years, and it’s so relaxing. Now, during the virus, I’m playing all day. The new game is disgusting. So many people love the original game. The new one is wrong and a total failure in every way. A few weeks ago I left a scathing review of it on the iTunes aApp Store, as had thousands of other people. I just checked and all reviews have been deleted. It’s just an idiotic business decision. I feel crazy for being so upset about this, but I am. Is there anything we can do? Why can’t they keep the original, and have this dumb new version? Please list alternative games. Thank you!

  11. I have been playing Scrabble HD for years, several times a day. Now when we are housebound and really need it, it will be gone in June. I tried to introduce a friend to the game and found only GO is available. This game is rubbish. I started a game, was going well, then could not get back to it, We should be able to keep the old game and let the new one be available for those who want it.

  12. I agree with you 100%. They need to understand that there are millions of us who grew up playing real Scrabble, and many of us have migrated to online Scrabble. None of US are interested in all the juvenile and gaudy features of Scrabble GO. I despise it. There are way too many distracting bells, whistles, built-in cheats, gems, prizes, bots, and treasure chests, not to mention slow transitions and difficult navigation. SCRABBLE GO IS GARBAGE . . . and it really needs to GO!

    1. I totally agree. Hate all the bells & whistles. I deleted Scrabble Go and I guess will have to find something else to do when the proper version is deleted.

    2. I also agree completely. Especially now, when we are “stuck in” and want to continue playing “Scrabble for grownups” with our friends. I was having problems with my phone and Scrabble was deleted – couldn’t get it back, so had to install Scrabble GO. After 20 minutes of playing with a friend, we both agreed that it was awful and deleted the app. Never again. thank goodness I still have the “old” scrabble on my i-pad and computer. At least until June. Then I guess we will have to find soothing new to play. Not happy at all!

  13. Scrabble GO is an obscenity. Does Scopely not realize how many genuine players of this classic game they’d are about to lose in favour of picking up bored kids looking for another jewel game? Can only imagine what Scopely would do if they owned the sole rights to chess …

  14. I am really unhappy. I PAID Scrabble without advertisement. That to me equals a contract. They have broken their contract. I cannot install the origional Scrabble on my IPad. I had to deleted it after it totally stalled on a word. Nothing I did would get it to work properly. Once deleted it could not be reinstalled. (That previously had been the recommended to fix bugs).
    I will not play that childish, ridiculous, Scrabble Go.
    Come on Electronic Arts, honor you contract with thousands of Scrabble users.

    1. I absolutely cannot even look at scrabble go without getting furious. What’s this all about? Why would anyone in their right mind get rid of a wonderful game and replace it with pathetic nonsense!
      I’m getting the scrabble board game delivered tomorrow. At least it can’t be ruined by a fool!

  15. Yep, it’s total junk, a monstrosity. One thing not mentioned in this blog: Scrabble Go uses bots — not real players — if you want to play a “random” opponent. The only way to get a real human player is to play your Facebook friends.

    I had the misfortune of my iPhone crashing just when Scrabble Go launched, so when I tried to download scrabble on my new phone, Scrabble Go was my only app choice.

    The rest of you who still have the old EA Scrabble app on your phones have only until June 3020 — then the app will be bricked, shut off, and you’ll be left with no other app but the monstrosity of Scrabble Go. I pity us all.

  16. With apologies for repeating myself, for folks looking for an alternative….please check out Wordfeud (I have no connection to the game, no $ COI..etc)…as far as I can tell it is pretty much Scrabble…and you can opt out of ads at a pretty low price…I generally play 2 games at once with the same friend…here is a link for the apple version, there is also an Android version apparently….https://apps.apple.com/us/app/wordfeud/id428312806

  17. Thank you for opening this forum. I called Hasbro customer service and voiced my disgust, but was not allowed to get connected with someone of decision making authority.
    As stated, this is a money making scheme targeting the younger generation. If it were not, what would be the need to scrap the classic app?
    Hasbro has given us senior citizens the middle finger.

  18. Been playing constantly since 2009 and am appalled at the option that we’re being steered towards. Please do the right thing! SAVE THE EXISTING APP..
    If this is as close as we’ll see to a petition then consider me signed up.

  19. I totally agree. The current app must be kept for serious players. The new one is classless and immature, with bright lights and reminders. Definitely not for me!!!


  20. So happy I found this site!! I am also so upset over this upcoming removal of Scrabble. I even signed a petition on Change.org….I don’t feel like it’ll accomplish anything. Like one person put it, it is about money! This childish substitute is ridiculous. Would love to know who was in that meeting and who claimed that this was a great idea! Just awful!!

  21. I just want to play scrabble like the original board game. No rewards, flashy coloured lights and silly fake contestants. Such a shame a good game is ruined by adding unnecessary trivia.

  22. Totally agree with all the other comments regarding the awful arcade style scrabble, it’s terrible and it makes me feel confused and stressed just looking at it all flashing and popping up at you constantly, Horrible, I keep the sound off, just leave scrabble as It was which was and still is a fabulous game, I don’t want suggestions of who to play, just, leave me alone to play the game my way which is the original way!!

  23. My mother and I are two more extremely distraught, long-time Scrabble app players. We’ve had 2 games going at all times for many years, always starting up the next game immediately. We are amazingly well-matched (she has a slight edge of 53% wins) and especially now we depend on this as a wonderful distraction and intellectually stimulating outlet. The new version is a joke and I don’t understand how it is to their advantage to eliminate the old version rather than just having both versions available? They’re going to lose a lot of long-term players.

    Has anyone seen any online petitions?

  24. Two of the high-level corporate people behind the move from Scrabble to Scrabble GO are Tim O’Brien at Scopely and Janet Hsu at Mattel, and they are both on LinkedIn. I have contacted both and sent messages expressing our concerns about the move to Scrabble GO. Feel free to do the same, or perhaps someone wants to start an online petition?

  25. Please bring back Scabble ea and get rid of this mind blowing appalling excuse for what has always been a soothing activity. Scrabble Go is so bad, too much interaction with comic trash. I for one will not continue with this dreadful new format.

  26. Just had the obscene experience of opening Scrabble GO for the first time. The app was promptly deleted and will never again grace my iPad. I am inarticulate with disgust. What a profoundly misguided corporate move.

  27. It’s a terrible thing to ruin a classic. There are plenty of silly games out there and one more is not needed. I can just imaging the discussion in the board room – “let’s make this more modern and fun”, “we can’t keep a game running just for old timers”, “ let’s make it fresh”, “we need bright colors and lights to keep people’s attention because no one wants to THINK any more”.

  28. The world is ending! This is pure lunacy!! The only hit will be in seeing Scrabble GO epically fail and go down like Ancient Rome into a massive dumpster fire of digital jewels!!!! Bastards!

  29. Is there a developer out there who could recreate the classic Scrabble game in an app in a way that is not a copyright infringement??? It must be possible! 🙏🏼😃

    1. And ARE the developers reading all of our comments? How could they not listen to the voices of all of their consumers? I cannot tell you how upset I am. It’s almost life changing for some of us — especially now. And, for those before, who for whatever reasons, find themselves housebound. It’s unreal what they have done to the previous app. Unbelievable.

      1. Check out the suggestions and links Margery Snider provided in the threads above … They’re not listening to us here – unless they’re members of this blog. 😉

    2. Unfortunately, unless they’re part of this blog, there is no one from either Hasbro or EA listening to us. However, if anyone happens to KNOW of a developer with this talent, well … 😉

      The best options to be heard are to sign the petition, try to comment on the new app (I’ve heard they aren’t allowing negative comments!), and to reach out via the outlet Margarly Snider posted:

      “Things you can do, in addition to signing the petition at: https://www.change.org/p/electronic-arts-keep-ea-scrabble-alive:

      Rate the Scrabble GO app in your app store: To do so you will likely have to install the app, then go back to the store and the option to rate and write a review should be live. Then you can uninstall the app.

      Post a comment on EA’s Scrabble Digital Facebook page at:

      Write to EA’s PR Department: Jino Talens Sr. PR Manager 650-628-9111 jtalen@ea.com

      Cait Doherty Global PR Manager 778-222-4055 cadoherty@ea.com

      Send a message to the CEO of Scopely, Walter Driver, through Linked in at:

      Encourage your fellow Scrabble fans to do any or all of the above, and post about it on your own Facebook page.

      Also post a comment on Hasbro’s Facebook page ( under their March 30 post We’re here with you.)

  30. After years of playing digital Scrabble I am angry and appalled at its replacement with Scrabble Go.
    It is a childlike and irritating version lacking many features of the original.
    I would be insulting to our teen generation if I said it wouldn’t appeal to anyone over 15 years old.
    I will continue playing the original version until it expires [ 5th June suggested]. D Day minus one?.
    For me it will be “Dump” day, but I won’t be waiting that long to ditch Scrabble Go from my screens.
    Corporate lunacy and possibly suicide!

  31. Thank you. So well said . My sentiments exactly. I play with my 89 year old Mum, across the other side of the country, also with my siblings. No way would any of them use this new app. It is an absolute load of crap and I am deleting it. Makes me angry and sad all at the same time. And they say they have a 4.5 star rating!! As if. Also, many of the “players” are scammers using fake photos of middle class white men, trying to lure middle aged women with their chat. Is there anything we can do ? How can this be happening!

  32. Thank you very much for this post that states exactly how I feel about this new “improved” version of the classic Scrabble game. I’ve been playing every day since 2015 with my good friend in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. We’re both old men (he 71 and me 78). We DO NOT NEED ALL THE BELLS AND WHISTLES of Scrabble-Go! What were the developers thinking when they foisted this abomination upon us? To lure younger players to see their ads? Hey, got a clue for you, the younger players aren’t coming in the droves they expect. If they’re smart they would return the classic original version of Scrabble. Or at least have two versions. Some people just don’t learn from history. Remember when Coca Cola brought out a new version of Coke? That went well didn’t it?

  33. It is truly AWFUL! I’m deleting it. So sad that Scrabble as we knew it is gone. And the senior I play with will never be able to navigate through this new Scrabble Go. What a mistake this was.

  34. But can anyone tell me what was wrong with the real Scrabble (the one we are going to lose) ? Why do this?? Someone work out how we can rise up and demand our grown-up game back again!! Please.

  35. Jazz, the “why” is to monetize it. I gather there is more $ to be made with in app purchases that tie to other games than simply paying $9.99 for the (premium) original Scrabble app.

  36. Scrabble was a way that my daughter and I stayed connected everyday. Her app stopped working, she deleted it and now it’s no longer in her App Store. Does anyone know if there is a way to get it back? 😢 Scrabble Go is a joke!😭😭😭

  37. I love playing scrabble. I play 4-5 different games with my neighbor at a time. We both look forward to playing in the morning while sipping our coffee and then again before bedtime. It is shocking that it is being removed. It can not be replaced with a childlike game. To add insult to injury I paid for the Scrabble app. Really mad about this after enjoying for so many years!!!!!

  38. Okay, something else is going on with this App. I have noticed that all my suggested players are men with the exception of one really good player, who happens to be a woman.

    The men like to chat with me. They encourage me to get on other apps so we can get to know each other better.

    When I challenge them on this, they either deny it or persist. I just think it is weird and worrisome.

    Can I report it to someone?

    1. Hi, yes you can report it. I have reported stuff to them before just go on the Scopely website and use their contact. They were very prompt at answering.

      1. You can simply put them on mute or block by clicking on their profile and access the cog on the upper right corner. Works beautifully.

        I do this to block creeps messaging unsavory small talk or to prevent obvious cheaters and bots to request a rematch.

    2. I’ve had this too, which is putting me off playing anyone I don’t know. Without exception, if they’re American men (and the women tend not to engage in conversation) they’re widowers. Their second question is always ‘are you married with kids?’ I just want to play Scrabble but I quite like chatting and am still playing on the old site with people I ‘met’ there 10 years ago. We still chat. They’re real. I feel that these opponents aren’t. What do they hope to gain from this?

      I also agree with all the comments about how dumbed down the game has become but I joined because it was that or nothing – there must be a solution, surely?

      1. I agree that if costs were the issue, then a small subscription would have been a better option. However this would not have satisfied the egos of developers and designers who believe they can improve the original. They haven’t. Perhaps they should try to invent a new game instead of messing with someone else’s winning formula.
        The colours make it difficult to see the tiles. The flashing graphics are too distracting.I can’t see how many tiles are left in the game. I also miss the easy to read list of games played and in progress. There are annoying pop-ups, childish awards and let’s not forget those adds. You can’t turn off their sound and you can’t buy your way out.
        For a game that is obviously designed for (and possibly by) children, I find it disturbing that some of these ads are for gambling-type games.
        I feel that they have totally misread their market. We just want to play the Scrabble that many of us began playing on a board where you didn’t need any flashing lights, streamers or treasure chests.
        Bring back our game!!!

  39. What an excellent article! I have played Scrabble daily for years with friends and family all around the world and love it.
    I am struggling to play a game on ScrabbleGO amid constant interruptions advertising other games in their repertoire. – while being inundated with diamonds and treasure chests!
    My only hope is that we will be able to purchase a Scrabble game without all the hideous distractions in the near future.

  40. A big fat thank you from Germany!

    As founder of a scrabble community with 100+ members („Spezis“) I can assure you speak for the most of us.

    There’s a special place in hell for the makers of ScrabbleGo …

  41. For anyone in here asking what to do…go to the game store and pull up Scrabble Go…at the bottom it allows for reviews and contact to company by email…please send your comments there! I did both…an email and a review and it went as follows…including their response from some idiot named Wax! ( face palm emoji here!)

    Hi there, Lynn. I’m Wax. Thanks for sharing your insight and feedback with us about Scrabble GO. We certainly appreciate all feedback from our players as this will help our development team to improve the game more in the future. I’ll take note of your feedback and share it with the development team for further review. Rest assured that your voice and concerns are heard. Should you have other thoughts or feedback in mind, feel free to share it with us. Thank you! ### Do not reply below this line ### Scopely Support April 09, 2020, 13:11

    Horrific…just horrific!  Even worse than New Coke!  That’s if you’re old enough to get the reference!  Absolute codswallop is another term!  Will be sad to see a perfectly great game and pastime for many years for millions of people go swirling around the bejewelled toilet bowl!  Dumbing down of the world is complete thanks to you. Saddest regards, L.

  42. Scrabble Go is awful! Clearly the makers have no idea of their key demographics. It would be bad enough playing alone, but I played with a friend last night and we were both incredibly frustrated by the need to go off and clear our ‘prizes’!! Both of us got lost at least once and it took ages to find our way back to the board. I was even forced to design a new tile in the middle of the game – then had to live with the distraction of the weird tiles for the rest of the game (trying to find my way back to the game I accidentally clicked on ‘new game’ and the opposition was playing with cupcake tiles!!!)

    So – how do we fix it?

  43. Scrabble Go is a joke!!!! AN ABSOLUTE JOKE!!!
    They ruined a historically good game, one that I’ve been playing for 40 years, oftentimes just before going to bed. I purchased The Franklin Mint version 35 years ago, to keep as a collectible. I tried playing Scrabble Go, for approximately 5 minutes. There is no way that I found to set the game level. I guess I’ll just go to bed earlier…..

  44. I tried ScrabbleGo and was hugely disappointed. I am not keen with the games within games, new graphics, prizes, etc. Hasbro has made a monumental mistake by diluting the Classic Scrabble brand into such a juvenile game. Shame on you! I get it, you’re trying to generate more revenue, but why can’t you just keep both versions?

  45. I can see it is not only us, my boyfriend and I, who are very upset over this childish rendition of the old fashioned scrabble game. English is my second language, and playing scrabble was always a fun way to help learning new words.

    I complained a few times to them… at first they replied, now they stopped. I saw the reviews are bad, but they don’t care. They put annoying nonstop ads, so you buy the $4.99/MONTH?!! ad free version, that still bad, only without ads.

    So I was thinking…. building an app cannot be that difficult. We should get together, and make an app just for us “old” fashioned people. We can call it something different if the “scrabble” name is sold to Scopely

    Send me an email if you have suggestions or ideas or know someone who could make the program. info@denes.co (not com)


    Earlier this week, my friend and I wanted to play Scrabble. It would have been our first game in months. Little did we know we’d be going down a rabbit hole.

    We did try Scrabble Go, and I couldn’t believe the speed at which that aberration not only was draining my battery, but was seemingly giving me homicidal urges. Needless to say we uninstalled that thing within minutes. Frustrated and practically panting in anger, I googled “scrabble go too much”, and I stumbled upon this most delicious blog post. I was so happy to read what you guys have written. I felt understand and I could totally relate.

    Fast-forward a couple of days to Wednesday. I suddenly had the idea of checking out whether the Steam gaming platform (which I only use to play uber violent games such as those of the Myst and Syberia series) had Scrabble for sale… and, lo and behold, IT DOES. Only this time, it seems to be from good old Hasbro; not EA (though it indicates that the developer is Sperasoft, and the publisher, PopCap). It’s priced at $9.99 (not sure if it would be that price outside of Canada, where I’m located).

    I guess my message is premature, because I haven’t even bought the game yet – I’m waiting for my friend to confirm that she can download the Steam platform *and* access Scrabble on her iPhone (I’m using an Android). But as soon as she confirms that she can indeed access Scrabble, I’ll buy the game and see what it looks like. I have a feeling it’s legit.

    I’ll keep you posted!

    1. Well, I caved in and bought the game without waiting for my friend’s confirmation. It’s legit. But… I don’t see any option to play a human opponent, so that’s a major bummer. I guess I bought the game for nothing since I won’t be able to play against my friend. Those of you who like to play solo might like it, though. Ah, the price *was* in Canadian dollars.

      1. Sounded promising, Dany. But although it says “The fantastically fun crossword game is now specially designed for your PC or Mac,” it doesn’t actually run on a Mac, which is what I have.

  47. I’m late to the party with the old Scrabble game. My brother told me about it and we were going to set up a game with our siblings for this weekend. So disappointing that the classic game isn’t available. Thank you for the post and replies. I’m going to follow up with my own complaints. It would be so good to have the true game available right now!

  48. Who ever came up with the dumb idea called Scrabble Go should please scrap it as soon as possible. It is childish and full of trivialities. What were they thinking?

  49. I’ve played scrabble the 1950’s. Taught sons, grandsons. I play everyday. Sooo, will we have to return to the old BOARD game and use our smartphones to send our plays out? But that won’t help me play the advanced computer. Scrabble Go is a ridiculous substitute for classic Scrabble. I won’t play. Aarrrgh!!

  50. It will not surprise me if the Trump family owns a big piece of this new Scrabble abomination. Before I deleted the app, I typed in “covfefe” and it was accepted. Thanks for your assault on this insult of a game. It made me feel better.

  51. Things you can do, in addition to signing the petition at:  https://www.change.org/p/electronic-arts-keep-ea-scrabble-alive

    Rate the Scrabble GO app in your app store:  To do so you will likely have to install the app, then go back to the store and the option to rate and write a review should be live.  Then you can uninstall the app.

    Post a comment on EA’s Scrabble Digital Facebook page at:  https://www.facebook.com/pg/ScrabbleEA/posts/?ref=page_internal

    Write to EA’s PR Department:  Jino Talens Sr. PR Manager 650-628-9111 jtalen@ea.com
    Cait Doherty Global PR Manager 778-222-4055 cadoherty@ea.com

    Send a message to the CEO of Scopely, Walter Driver, through Linked in at:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/walter-driver-6a156211/

    Encourage your fellow Scrabble fans to do any or all of the above, and post about it on your own Facebook page.

  52. Scrabble go is awful..please keep the original..way more fun ….new versions sucks and I already deleted it..

  53. I’m reminded of a song from my youth that goes something like this:
    “Oh please don’t take my scrabble away,
    Oh please don’t take it awayyay”
    “Oh please don’t take my scrabble away,
    Cuz I promise to spam your new site with negative feedback…”
    Or something like that. Lol

  54. Interesting that as a scrabble player you mis-spelled puerile, very good article otherwise totally agree will be signing petition

  55. Posting this again because I see the links weren’t live in my post of April 12. I hope they will be here.

    Things you can do, in addition to signing the petition at: https://www.change.org/p/electronic-arts-keep-ea-scrabble-alive

    Rate the Scrabble GO app in your app store: To do so you will likely have to install the app, then go back to the store and the option to rate and write a review should be live. Then you can uninstall the app.

    Post a comment on EA’s Scrabble Digital Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/pg/ScrabbleEA/posts/?ref=page_internal

    Write to EA’s PR Department:
    Jino Talens
    Sr. PR Manager
    Cait Doherty
    Global PR Manager

    Post a comment on Hasbro’s Facebook page (under their March 30 post We’re here with you) at: https://www.facebook.com/hasbrogaming/

    Encourage your fellow Scrabble fans to do any or all of the above, and post about it on your own Facebook page.

  56. Thank you for this article. The coming disappearance of Scrabble is bringing great sadness to my life. It is like watching an old friend die of cancer. Scrabble Go is a truly awful game, and it even makes Words with Friends look elegant and, to use your word, “staid.” I’ve never seen such a confusing, ugly, noisy game.

    I had already written a bad review on the Scrabble Go site. They asked me to review the game!, and you betcha I did! I will sign the petition and write to Hasbro.

  57. Absolutely true.It is a childish layout and most people are not very bright and make a move every 72 hours (score usually between 6 and 12!)Please bring back the old Scrabble game! Sparkley rubbish everywhere,it is designed for a 4 year old.

  58. Does anyone know if this is just a licensing issue? Did EA just lose the right to continue?

    In any case, I have written similar reviews for the App Store and directly to the makers of Scrabble go. Minus the “it’s typical for me to score this high” (I can only nVIEW if that’s a regular play for you). I have told them that I would happily pay for an app that was made for grown-ups to play a strategy word game.

  59. I tried to leave a criticizing review on the App Store, but it continually rejected my “nickname” – even though I picked out outlandish options!! So obviously they are not allowing I’ll reviews. Sad.

  60. I agree Scrabble Go is massively off the mark for actual Scrabble players, never mind the purists who think all online versions are an abomination. I understand why they went this way for the new version, they looked at the demographics and decided they needed the cool kids to join or there would be no new players in a few years. My suggestion would be to have a setting that lets you opt out of all the added nonsense. Heck, even make users pay to opt out. I would pay to make all the obnoxious prize chests and diamonds go away!

  61. Yes to what all the erudite, literate and intelligent people above said.

    Hasbro, are you really only wanting to appeal to the young people with very little disposable income and flibbertigibbet ways, who have no brand loyalty and don’t care if you go out of business because something else comes up tomorrow that is more exciting?

    Hasbro what is the say about your marketing team, who are probably all the young celebrity give it’s themselves, but perhaps should have the best interests of the corporation at heart? Save the original game and add the new one as an option!!!!

    why on Earth can’t both exist so that you satisfy your entire customer base? Use some of the intelligence that your Classic Scrabble players demonstrate daily!

  62. I transitioned with a couple of EA Scrabble buddies to Scrable Go by exchanging phone numbers and emails and inviting each other. Like you, we all hate the new platform because we aren’t 10 years old. I emailed Scopely..my comment was titled gems and bots. As in, how can I just play a good game of scrabble with an actual human and skip the candy crushish treasures and prizes. Ummm…they write back really fast, I have to give them that. No way to know who is a bot “for privacy reasons.” (Do bots have privacy rights?) And no way to get rid of gems and such right now but such an option maybe could exist someday. So keep expressing your thoughts to Hasbro and Scopely. I don’t see a point in writing EA Arts…I too love the simplicity of it but it crashes a lot, has to be uninstalled and reinstalled, the chat sometimes doesn’t show up, and there is no customer service. Hasbro ended the relationship with EA Arts so I think working on getting results from Hasbro and Scopely seems more realistic.

  63. Thanks for posting. Scrabble GO will fail miserably. (Persons who might like the sorts of garbage put into the game are not the sorts who care for word games like Scrabble generally.). When Scrabble GO falls flat, it will be like New Coke. The fastest way to restore the classic will be in Hasbro’s interest to get back in place, via EA or the new clowns, or whatever.

  64. Agree! Also, I’m pretty sure ScrabbleGo uses fake accounts/profiles that have people’s faces, but are actually computers. Any thoughts on that??

  65. OMG! Just read this and it completely articulates how I feel about the loss of scrabble? Is there any way that we can save it? I’d even pay the stupid monthly fee that scrabble go wants. I will NOT play scrabble GO. Scrabble GO AWAY!

  66. I strongly encourage everyone who has posted on this blog to contact Scopely’s Customer Support at https://scopely.com/customer-support/ and repeat the same comments they posted here. That is the best way to get the messages to a place where something could actually be done about this.

    Here, in part, is the response I got when I contacted them: “I’ll make sure to share your feedback about Scrabble GO with the rest of the team for review. No guarantees that it will be changed right away though. We’ll have to discuss it first before we can change anything.”

    This may be a meaningless sop, or it could be seen as an encouraging sign. I think the more people who contact Scopely the better. Ask them to give back our classic game experience, and to pass the message up to senior management.

    1. Margery I have been giving my feedback to GO customer support. It doesn’t seem to matter one whit to the, whaonsumers think. If you’ve played GO you will get offers to buy silly tokens and diamonds and stuff.
      Money money money….it’s a rich mans world!

      They won’t change their stupid ways.

      BOYCOTT all products of HASBRO/MATTEL/SCOPELY/EA….. hit them where it counts!

  67. Breaking news from from the official Scrabble GO Facebook page I just found out about. This was posted earlier today:

    “We’re excited to share with you some of the items we are actively working on that you will see in the next several game updates:
    – Adding an option to focus on a more simplified classic Scrabble experience
    – Streamlining the home lobby
    – Making it easier to start games and find friends
    – Making it easier to play against the computer
    – More clarity around dictionary selections”

    Read the full post and provide feedback at https://www.facebook.com/ScrabbleGO/posts/1896871303780561

  68. Excellent news! I have been persevering with Scrabble Go for a few weeks and welcome the promised reforms.

  69. Among the other problems identified with Scrabble GO, a major one is that it does not appear to be available off line. Being able to play against “the computer” when no Wi-Fi is available has been a key aspect. That has made it a pastime that can be enjoyed outdoors, or when travelling in a car or on a plane, etc. Scrabble GO forces you to play against a “person”, and requires internet access. I suppose Scopely expects everyone using Scrabble GO will be playing on their phone and using cellular access. But lots of people don’t have or want to use data on their portable devices, not to mention there are plenty of places in the US and Canada where there is no cell service.

  70. Thank you for this! I am still in shock that Scopley’s opinion of humanity is so low that they actually felt they could have a chance at success with this abomination called Scrabble Go. And to do this to such a beloved classic game. Shame on Scopley not only for developing this unnatural disaster…but more than anything for slapping humanity in the face and insulting us by expecting any moderately intelligent human to be anything but utterly repulsed by this noisy, candy colored piece of garbage!

    1. This is the response I received from Scopely.:
      Hi, David! This is Sarah from the support team. I’d like to thank you for your time sending out to us your thoughts about the current phase of the game. No worries, I’ll share your feedback with the team and we’ll determine how will we make proper adjustments for the improvement of the game. We always want to make the game as fun as possible to all types of players we have so your understanding means a lot to us as we work on providing a smooth and excellent gaming experience and I want you to know that we are exerting our utmost efforts to meet this conditions. Meanwhile, you may want to try our Classic Mode in-game. From the Home Lobby, tap the (+) Start a New Game button, under More Games, you’ll see the Scrabble Classic Mode. From there, you’ll have an option to Play with your friends or have a match with random players. I hope this helps! Don’t hesitate to contact us again for other in-game concerns.

      1. Honestly, I don’t know how they could fix this without scrapping the entire app and starting over from scratch.

  71. So thankful for this thread. To know that I am not alone in my utter disbelief. To read the eloquent protests.

    The classic game is beautiful and practical. The new game is a caricature….worthy of an SNL parody.

    Thanks for all your posts. Reaffirms my notion of common sense.

  72. Yes, I agree
    Downloaded Scrabble Go today after the original Scrabble stopped working. For me it is unplayable. What the hell are all those “rewards” for? Maybe OK for 5 year olds but it is totally ridiculous.

  73. I couldn’t agree more with this writer. I love Scrabble, but loathe this childish, irritating, slow, irrelevant, messy app. The old app was infinitely better – straightforward, and no nonsense. Hasbro, please reconsider!

  74. Yep. I have been playing scrabble with my cousin 3000 miles away since I was on bed rest pregnant with my first child 12 years ago. Ironic and sad that I’ll have to quite during the Coronavirus lockdown of 2020 due to this horrible app.

  75. I heartily endorse these views and call on Scopley to reconsider and leave the existing plain, much-loved version in place. If they are so confident that their new game is an improvement, maybe they should get some free market research by letting them both run and looking at usage.
    No doubt what will happen is we faithful devotees of an absorbing, ingenious word game will be deprived of mental stimulation and pleasure whilst younger players will flit in and out of this gaudy replacement and move on to the next thing within months. Shame on you Scopley.

  76. Rename Scrabble Go to Vomit Go as this will actually describe the sensation it produces. What a sad day it will be for the Scrabble Community when the original is withdrawn.

  77. I have been playing scrabble for years. I tried the new game. I hated it. I dread losing regular Scrabble.
    It’s supposed to be on until June. However when I go to play it it cancels out with every play. Basically they’re trying to harass you off the site. I guess the creators of this new game or like most politicians, They know what’s good for us. Obviously the majority does not rule. Disgraceful.

  78. Here’s how I’m handling this new abomination. As soon as my “game” disappears and one of their colorful “ads” pops up, I swipe up the Ad on my iPad to immediately close it. Then, I swipe up on the Scrabble Go app itself to also close that. I wait a few seconds and open Scrabble Go again to continue “play” — if you call it that — until the next ad appears. Then, I repeat all over again. Oh, and why have I not lost a game to an “opponent”? That is totally bullshit. I NEVER won every game in the previous incarnation of the game. No challenge whatsoever, hey, I even beat the “computer” all the time. And we all know that is a lie. What’s with this mess of painted windows they call “Scrabble”?

  79. I also greatly appreciate this posting – well said! I’m sure most of us have left scathing reviews on the app store. If you scroll through them, the sentiment is overwhelming. You’d think that the average rating would be about 1.1 stars. But no – it is 4.6 stars thanks to literally thousands of 5-star ratings without reviews. SCAM! Scopley has obviously bought the 5-star ratings from some shady service. I tried notifying Apple support about it, but I have gotten no response. They probably don’t care.

  80. I’d love the plain and simple original scrabble back too. The only version I’ve seen has been scrabble go…and like most posters I’d like to tell it where to go. Lockdown brought me to this and I was sure I’d seen a more authentic game years ago.

    I came across this post after googling bots, wondering why they have them or allow them? I don’t mind Zoey but to put real looking pictures on profiles that aren’t real players made me feel rather foolish. I messaged Bobby E to let him know I needed to take a work call..so he wouldn’t be waiting for me to take my next move…lol. On another forum it explains you can work out the bots as their stats show highest word score as zero. My app has frozen dozens of times and I’ve deleted and reinstalled over and over again. My most exciting play was scoring 149 for cornetto my son questioned if that was a word, we speculated that as hoover has become recognised for vacuum cleaner then maybe, I notice artex was also accepted. In a real game I’d have stuck to cornet but just had to test if would accept the to as an ending. That also bothers me as my grandson has been playing and I’d prefer him to learn without cheats.I’ve only had one inappropriate player so it’s nice to know I can block him. However it seems most of my play hasn’t been with humans now I know how to check. I messaged thanks after a couple of games with no response back so felt this was all very impersonal. If this game is aimed at kids then the bots should be declared, and removed from the rankings of the completions for prizes so they aren’t misled. Rant over.

    1. Yes, after a few games i realized why this person is putting words exactly matching the score with a difference of around +/- 2, so I message to know, if he is a real person or not, i did not received any reply. Bobby E is also playing 24×7 with quick reply on the board. Then I searched on Internet and landed here. I don’t think it is a good idea to put bots with real players, it can be used for practice games.

  81. Agreed. Bobby E is fun until you realize he is a bot and will always match your score play by play and finally lose to you by 2-3 points. Where’s the fun in that? Boys should be declared.

  82. My sense is the bots are there, quite simply, because so few are playing. It’s important that when players start a game, there’s someone to play against. Problem is, I don’t think the need will go away.

  83. This article was great and every word is so true. I have been playing the classic scrabble app with my 85 year old mother. It keeps us in contact and keeps her brain sharp. Especially during this time of isolation. She will not handle the ridiculous twist on a game she has cherished for 70 years.

  84. I can just envision the board meeting that led to this abomination; “Our market research has indicated that garish drag queens who like to snort sparkle laced methamphetamine feel left out of the game market. So what we’re going to do is create a game just for them.”

    1. All the garish drag queens who like to snort sparkle laced methamphetamine that I’ve known would find Scrabble Go to be an abomination just like everyone else does.

  85. Excellent article and I 100% agree. Has anyone started a change.org petition to have the new owner of the app keep it in its current state? I’m willing to sign anything, and I’m even willing to pay a reasonable monthly fee to keep the game in its current state.

  86. Bobby E. Is also a bit, can always place just moments after laying my tiles. Reverse searched his photo and it’s a stock photo. Thinking about starting a conversation with him to see where it goes….

  87. It’s not just in America, I play here in the UK and am devastated. I tried Scrabble Go and hate it, I don’t want my old version to go, it is for grownups and I enjoy relaxing quietly while exercising my mind. I am not a teenager so don’t need stupid graphics and puerile comments. How can we get Electronic Arts to realise there are sensible people who want to play sensible games? What am I going to do after June 4 when it goes, I can’t just play Klondike forever! I’m heartbroken. Have downloaded Classic Words which is not too bad but it’s just not the same.

  88. This is bullshit. Scrabble is an institution. My wife and I have been playing it for over 25 years, about ten of which were using the Scrabble app. I don’t want gems or extraneous baubles. I don’t need to play with my teenybopper friends Hartley, Haley, Alexis, or Tiffany.

    I want the traditional game that challenges my intellect without having to wade through a morass of color, glitz, sparkles, and hype.

    It amazes me that marketing people, programmers, and CEOs being paid all kinds of money don’t understand that in a world where complexity and anxiety abound, many people crave tradition and simplicity in their choice of diversion, especially in a game so beloved and ingrained in our consciences as Scrabble.

  89. I’m addicted to online scrabble. Maybe to the point of unhealthy obsession, but I love it. Scrabble go is insulting. My withdrawal and recovery begins June 5 2020. I would happily pay to continue my addiction with the old app, but maybe its time to move on. RIP Scrabble.

  90. I’ve switched to Words With Friends. It’s not as good as old school Scrabble, but it’s much better than Scrabble Go.

  91. This abomination will propel me faster on the path through “digital minimization” to the 1890s. The sound you hear is me dusting off the old Scrabble board.

  92. So disappointed that the classic Scrabble game is going in early June. Scrabble GO is not even close and in these challenging times we need the old game more than ever!

  93. Totally agree with most here – scrabble GO is an abomination. Have tried a couple of games and found another issue for me. Are all the opponents, even the bots, from the USA so using American words and spellings? I’m in the UK and so far have not seen any opponents from UK.

  94. Well said, Josh and everyone who has weighed in on this juvenile, abominable monstrosity. I’ve been playing the EA game since 2011 daily, with friends and random opponents and the prospect of losing it is stressing me out more than I need right now. There is a version here that I’ve tried: https://isc.ro/index.php
    It’s really a glorified chatroom. There’s a time limit and I don’t think you can play more than one game at a time, but it’s the classic game, no nonsense. Not as good as the EA game but infinitely better than ScrabbleGO.

  95. Thank you for writing this. My 82-year-old mother who lives alone loves her Scrabble games. At any time she likely has more than 10 games on the go. My wife got her onto Scrabble Go on the weekend so they could try it out before EA Scrabble goes away. Mom reports that all the flashing and nonsense on Scrabble Go gives her headaches. “I’m not going to be able to play it,” she says. This breaks my heart.

  96. Unattractive, retired senior with kids and grandkids. Decided to try it yesterday and have already been “chatted up” twice. The second guy resigned the game when I declined to give him my gmail so I blocked him and reported it. In the 6 years playing real Scrabble, that happened once.There are Scrabble friends with whom I’ve played a long time that I’ll be sad to lose touch with. Very sad development!

  97. After years of looking forward to a challenging game of Scrabble with my morning coffee, I am offered a glitzy peice of garbage which wouldn’t try the intelligence of a 5 year old. I gave both Scrabble Go and Words with Friends a fair try, and after six seconds too long , dumped them. Opportunities to add coins, balloons, god knows whatall are not anything I want in my life. PLEASE PUT SCRABBLE BACK.

  98. Yes. The March 12th post was on point. I was always taught to know your audience and obviously this wasn’t considered. I am the youngest member of a Scrabble club at a senior center. Everyone is on lock down due to pandemic. I was trying to find a way to teach them to access and play online Scrabble as simple as possible. Believe me if it is not simple they will not be interested. This Scrabble Go is not the game for them. So disappointed!

  99. Please leave us the option to continue as we have leave the new stuff with bells and whistles to the younger. Why not give us the option?

  100. I am devastated by the removal of the original scrabble and I do not like the childish scrabble go replacement at all
    It has bright lights, silly comments and totally out of place.especually the rewards which I just find irritating.
    There are far too many other games with all that nonsense
    I personally believe it will fail
    Why not keep the original one going ? I would be willing to pay for it

  101. I totally agree here.

    And as someone pointed out, I PAID for the Ad-Free Scrabble and now they have taken away that service. Nobody should play Scrabble GO until they offer the crap-free, “just the facts, ma’am” option like the old game.

    I’ve read the Word Master page, and find that it lacks the one feature I need, the ability to play online with real friends. I don’t want to play the machine.

    Thanks for doing this, I just signed the petition.

  102. Ditto for the above. For all its flaws, I am not sure what I am going to do on June 5th. I’m reading a bookevery couple of days at it is.

  103. Hey Scrabblers. I don’t want to defend Scopely, but the most recent update to Scrabble Go does make significant changes – at least cosmetically – in deference to the complaints being hurled at them. It’s kind of hard to find, but if you go to profile settings, in the lower right there is a “Mode Settings” option where you can choose “classic” as your default, and that’ll get rid of all the gems and bonuses and such crap, and it will stay that way whenever you restart the game. However, while they’ve improved the optics, the functionality is still a long way off, particularly for single player mode against the computer, which is my modus operandi. The only option is still to play “Zoey”, who is a terrible player. I tried single player yesterday and beat Zoey by over 100 points playing the first word that popped into my head. Just no challenge to it. It is also very annoying that Zoey takes so long to play, and while she “thinks” a window pops up with a number of options I don’t care about. Classic mode should get rid of Zoey altogether, as well as the pop-ups, and the user should be able to set the level of difficulty when playing the computer. And, we shouldn’t forget, we need to be able to query a dictionary, and make the green outline that indicates a valid word into an option. So, some progress in visuals but a long way to go before the single-player functionality comes close to emulating the EA Scrabble experience. I’ve purchased Word Master Pro and will switch to that when my EA Scrabble goes dark.

    1. I think this is more important than you realize. For those of us who don’t play against the computer, but play online against friends, Scopely has basically delivered what we’ve asked. I don’t know why they felt to need to add all the crap in the first place, but you can turn it off. I suspect that improving the algorithm of the computer opponent will be a fairly easy improvement to implement and they would want to release it fairly soon. In the meantime for those playing against the computer, Word Master looks like a good option.

      1. I totally agree with you, though I’m sure there are plenty of Scrabblers who enjoy playing both ways (no pun intended, maybe;-). I wish Scopely would lay out what their development plans are, if any, for continuing to regain the “classic” experience. I’ve had several conversations with customer service folks (who are very nice and responsive, btw), who say they understand my concerns but cannot commit to any particular changes. They can only say that they will forward my concerns to the right people.

  104. I’ve just switched to classic mode and it’s got rid of all that flashy rubbish.
    I looked in the customer service area which it turns out has lots of info – who knew? Don’t know why they don’t call it ‘help’.
    You have to change modes but I didn’t see the Mode option on my profile Settings. However I contacted customer services As they suggest and they replied very quickly (Within seconds) in their own message window. They added the mode option and within 5 minutes I was switched over,
    Excellent customer service
    I did have to give up a game that was going on though ☹️
    I can switch back any time if I ever felt the need

  105. I can’t find a link but I just heard that the government of the province of Quebec has been asked to intervene by an association of seniors. They say that in this time, Scrabble is a lifeline for isolated seniors trying to keep their minds active and interact with friends and family.

    There was some British coverage of this story last week on BBC news.


  106. Having switched to classic mode it is a lot better. No jewels or rewards so that’s a real bonus.

    But I am still getting adverts for other games though not as often and it’s easy to close them

  107. Mattel is DESTROYING the BRAND VALUE of Scrabble by introducing GO, with the sole purpose of MONETISING it.
    It should RETAIN BOTH VERSIONS and let players decide.

    Remember the PUBLIC PROTEST when CCOCA COLA first introduced its sugar free version? Huge consumer REVOLT led to Coca Cola backtracking in two days. It retained both versions.

    Does Mattel management not read HISTORY. Or is it that they don’t care for customers? MORONS

  108. We all hate the new Scrabble….gimmicky and awful colours. Had a catfish experience in my first game.

  109. Play Lexulous instead folks! Having 8 letters instead of 7 makes very little difference 9and it feels just like Scrabble. No bells and whistles or other childish gimmicks. Chat as you play if you wish, or not. Play by email 24/7 with as many players as you wish or directly to board with 2, 3 or 4 players or play on your own with a robot.

  110. In the older version I like the ease of access to the two letter word list. I can’t find this in Scrabble Go. Also, I like the “teacher” function; this has help me improve my game. Again , I can’t find this on Scrabble Go. Finally, Scrabble Go uses a standard dictionary, not the Scrabble dictionary. So many of the words expert Scrabble players use are not there! We are so screwed. This is another example of corporate America selling out to the highest bidder. Why can’t they keep the older version alongside the Scrabble Go?

  111. There are several 2 and 3 letter word lists online. Like Scrabble Lexulous uses the SOWPODS and TWL dictionaries and you can choose which one to use. (I have no commercial interest in Lexulous but as a former Scrabble league player I have used their ‘scrabble’ game with pleasure for many years. It is also well administrated and for a small fee you can opt out of adverts.)

  112. Scrabble GO doesnt have the teacher function, which points out which was the best word, nor the Dictionary, which allows you to know if there is, indeed, that word.
    Instead, it has all sorts of inane “rewards” which may appeal to kids but not to adults, and options to buy more “diamonds” or “cards” etc. in short, making money for the game owners is more important than retaining consumer loyalty.

    I find that attitude REPUGNANT, DISGRACEFUL and OBNOXIOUS.
    If you agree, express your angst!

  113. My email to Scopely regarding Scrabble Go wbich is an abomination; it is so bad that my wife and I went back to playing the board-game version of Scrabble:

    no longer exists because some fucking marketing and corporate-executive idiots felt they knew betters Ai than generations of Scrabble lovers what Scrabble players want.

    Less is more, and in the world of Scrabble, where words are paramount, those are good ones to fucking live by.


    [My first and last name]

  114. I will say, after much disgust of losing the Scrabble Soo when I got my new phone. And trying the abomination that is Scrabble go, while not quite as good, words with friends 2 is a decently suitable replacement. A few extra features such as earning rewards for different things, but not as annoying as GO. And a slightly different board layout. All in all its not too bad.

  115. I seem to agree with the originator of this article there is a need for the good old classic scrabble or if it must be scrabble go that the classic mode can be accessed separately. There is far to much rubbish going on. CLASSIC ONLY is the way to go

  116. I received an email this morning welcoming me to Scrabble GO. It did have a return address so I sent them my thoughts about their new “game”. I still cannot believe that this company would take down a classic game and replace it with the garbage called Scrabble GO. Why could they not just leave this one up and add GO if they think there is a market for such total crap?

  117. Thanks for your blog post. What’s happening to EA scrabble is an outrage.

    Let’s hope they don’t get their hands on chess as well.

  118. I’m so relieved to have run across this blog this morning after I turned on my Scrabble game and found that on June 5 it will no longer be available. I am in total agreement with everyone who has posted a comments about the infantile new version!!! Who needs prizes, bells and whistles. They are nothing but an annoyance. I absolutely hate it for all the reasons posted. Is there no option to have access to the old Scrabble. I’d even pay an annual fee to have access to it.

  119. Im totally in agreement with all the above..
    Why cant these game people leave well enough alone..there is nothing like a nice quiet game of Scrabble to get your mind off the Covid frenzy, especially for us older folks..I dont like all these Bell and Whistles..prizes etc .. Please give us the old Scrabble back

  120. You can get back (nearly) to the Scrabble you know and love. Scopely have recently released their Classic mode and everyone here who hates the new Scrabble Go really should try the new Classic version. It is still in testing so view it as a work in progress. But it does get you much closer to what most people here want and much closer than any of the alternatives.

    They’ve got rid of all the b******t people complain about.

    To quote from their Customer Service help pages:

    All other features that are available in the signature Scrabble GO mode are hidden or deactivated when in Classic mode, including:
    * Rewards such as Gems, Arena Tickets, League Trophies, and Daily Points Chests
    * The signature Scrabble GO gameplay (Scrabble with boosts)
    * Customization options such as custom Tiles and Frames
    * All other game modes such Duels and Arena (Rush, Tumbler, and Word Drop)

    If you don’t see how to make the change using a new “mode settings” at the bottom right under your profile, (I assume it’s not automatically visible because still in testing), just get in touch with Scopely’s customer services and they will switch you over. You contact Customer Services from your profile then click the cog in the upper right hand corner. Then click Contact Customer Services ( which should really be named “Help” and in fact when you get to the next window it is called “help”.). They switched me over within 5 minutes of first contact.

    Be aware you will forfeit any games in progress but since most of us are not playing in the new app, that shouldn’t be a problem. If you are using it, all your relevant stats carry over.

    In help, you will see that their note on Classic Mode is top of the list. (OK after the Covid note). I believe it is very important to them.

    You do still get ads for other games. But at the moment they are offering ad-free for a month for free then after that is just a couple of pounds a month. They do have to make money somewhere especially since in Classic mode you are not buying extra rewards etc.. Surely that’s not that much to play a game you love and to maintain so many social contacts?

    I have found Scopely’s customer services to be very responsive. Plus they want feedback. Their first response is a standard one but every time I’ve been in touch I’ve had a human response within minutes, referencing my suggestion or question. Please gIve them something constructive rather than just complaints.

    My list so far is we want access to the dictionary and 2 letter word lists, better Zoey (I believe they are working on making single player against the computer configurable so “Zoey” can play at different levels of expertise rather than the current simple level), and please don’t make us choose “Play with friends” or “play as guest” every time I open the app.

    I suggest you try Classic mode before continuing to complain here. Sure there will be suggestions/comments on it but they really have fixed most of what you wanted. .

    1. I’ve been trying out classic mode as well, and also communicating with Scopely customer support – who are indeed very responsive and sympathetic, even if they can’t give me the answer I want. They have indeed made real progress indicating they fully realize the pile of shit they stepped in and are working to make it right. On Facebook, they gave me a response that hinted that they are working on the Zoey difficulty level issue. Until that gets fixed I can’t play the game on the Scrabble Go app, and if it doesn’t happen by June 5, I’m heading over to Wordmaster. I personally wish they’d get rid of the Zoey avatar altogether for classic mode – too much of a connection to the kiddie version that we want to run away from.
      Other issues that need addressing are:
      -For those that have chosen classic mode, don’t start us on the glitzy start screen before hitting “start new game” to get to the classic screen.
      -Make the red and green outlining an option
      -Add a teacher mode

      1. All good suggestions.

        Since the start screen is only there for a short while in relation to the length of the game you will play, I can ignore it. Teacher mode would be good to have back and I’d pay a little bit to have that.

        Personally I like the green outline and red/green word total. Saves me putting in something that not allowed.

        Would be good to have the Zoey avatar customisable. Maybe when they have a “Zoey” with different skill levels the avatar can change to being less of an airhead!

    2. Sorry, no. Classic mode is an improvement, yes, but unless you buy the ad-free subscription at $5 a month (60 bucks a year) you will see these extremely obnoxious ads with loud audio after every play you make. (And not right away, maybe a week after you get it, sneaky). You’ve probably already paid for ad-free EA Scrabble – it was a one time charge of $0.99. Now that may have been too low a price, in retrospect. I’ve written about that above, somewhere. I’d gladly pay $5 a year. But $60 a year to avoid deliberately obnoxious ads? No thank you, assholes. That’s ransomware.

      Scopely is the Martin Shkreli of internet gaming. Don’t remember who he is? See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martin_Shkreli And sadly, this is the new business model of gaming on the Internet. It’s sick. And so the otherwise hyperbolic title of this thread, it’s actually close to right. No Scrabble GO won’t LEAD America to its doom – for that we have Donald Trump – but it is a damned good marker of the doom.

      1. To amplify my own thoughts a little, I was thinking about what bothers me so much about Scopely’s ads. Then it hit me. They really aren’t ads at all. Nobody could possibly be interested in purchasing the “products” they are advertising. Legitimate ads presumably are of interest to someone, if not you, and too many of them can be very annoying but these are different. They don’t expect you to buy the advertised product. What they are really selling is the ad-free subscription that will make their obnoxious ads go away. It’s more like a protection racket than anything else. Pay me to protect you from me.

  121. I sent the text below the line this morning to the Apple Store Report a Problem site: https://reportaproblem.apple.com/ after they answered my initial complaint with standard boilerplate pabulum. We should all make such complaints to them, avoiding technical issues, concerns about app appearance, etc. which lead down the deadend street of “tech support”. To Scopely, the current functionality of the app is a feature, not a bug. The key point is the vile extortionate behavior of Scopely here, a protection racket really, in which they hope to gain a ridiculous amount of money from users just to make their phony ads (does anyone really want the crap they advertise) disappear. If enough people complain to apple (or to google for the android users) maybe Scopely can be pressured to end their vile behavior.


    You have ignored the content of my complaint. Let me reiterate it for you.

    An app that seeks to gain money from its users by bombarding them with phony ads whose only purpose is to annoy users into paying exorbitant fees to get rid of them, is an abusive app. Since that is their obvious strategy, complaining to them will do no good.

    Furthermore. Apple cannot evade responsibility for this situation by directing users to complain to the app developers. By allowing Scopely to host this scam app in your App Store, you implicitly endorse their fraudulent business model.

    Apple can help remedy this situation by forcing Scopely to modify this fraudulent and abusive business model by withholding access to your store. Apple needs to do this.

    No, I paid nothing for this app. I am willing to pay a reasonable fee for the service it provides me even if I once did pay for a one-time ad-free version of its predecessor app. But I will not pay this extortionate “ransom”. Apple needs to pressure the vendor.

  122. Please, please, please, do not remove Scrabble.
    I understand charging for it, and I will certainly pay a reasonable amount, but PLEASE do not remove it.

  123. As Scrabble prepares to disappear in favor of Scrabble Go (and I agree it’s dreadful), I decided to take the advice of our moderator and drop $3.99 on Word Master Plus. I still prefer the interface and features of the original Scrabble, but the game is the same on WM+ and there are some interesting options. No need to get the Scrabble Go folks to make their game more like the original — it is what it is and you can still play Scrabble on WM+ without annoying distractions. It’s certainly worth the $3.99 and will satisfy my Scrabble needs.

    1. Dooms day today! I feel like I am in mourning saying goodbye to an old friend that has kept me entertained and connected for so many years…
      I too have downloaded Word Master but unfortunately can’t be played with online friends….yet. Does anyone know when it will be available for online play?

      1. Exactly… that’s my issue with it too. My boyfriend and I are playing since ’12, and it connects us, even when I am traveling. Maybe the “plus” has that option? I checked on the free version

  124. Scopley just posted an extensive FAQ on the Scrabble Go home page. Doesn’t sound like they’re going to make a significant effort to further improve the “classic” mode beyond what they’ve done, despite continued complaints. But, there was one bit of good news for solitaire players like myself – whoever bought the EA Scrabble game will continue to be able to use the app it in “offline” mode after today.

  125. Thank you for these comments on Scrabble Go. What were they thinking! I ‘m glad I’m not alone in hating it!

  126. all these complaints, will they make a difference, i hope so, i totally hate scrabble go. bring back the original.

  127. Thank you for saying what desperately needed to be said. I am so annoyed at this travesty. Scrabble is iconic, any developer who doesn’t get that is missing the point. The original game could have been monetized without turning it into what is, frankly, an abomination. Today, the mobile app stopped working. I had hoped they would realize their mistake and change their plans, but no. I will never play Scrabble Go. I uninstalled it after giving it a fair try for about a week, but I really could not stand it. Today is a very sad day.

  128. I spent a sad day yesterday, thinking it was the last day of the Scrabble App. However, I seem to still be playing this morning with my Scrabble buddy. They must have delayed killing the old app?

    I will go to Words with Friends when Scrabble is no longer. It isn’t perfect, but it’s much better than the atrocious Scrabble Go.


  129. I hope someone can get all these comments into the hands of the new owners of Scrabble. I had played about 13,000 games on the original app, which I really enjoyed. I, like many others, would pay a reasonable amount to get it back exactly as it was. Scrabble GO misses the point completely and I do not want it. There is a lot of demand here which spells opportunity if anyone is listening.

    1. There is no opportunity. That’s because Scrabble is copyrighted. No one has the right to sell a competing product because Scopely holds the copyright.

      Compare it to chess, which was invented in the Middle Ages instead of the mid-20th century. It’s in the public domain and can’t be copyrighted. Nobody would dare release a Scopely-ized version of online chess because the competition would eat them for lunch.

      Copyright law gives Scopely a monopoly that they’re abusing. Copyright law exists to allow authors a reasonable return on their creations. Not to enable the holder to add on a bunch of obnoxious “features” from which to extract money from users for removing.

  130. How can so many people play a game without realising they are just playing a smut chat? Or do you realise? But are still moaning?
    G O spells the end of the game. Loosing is winning.
    The bots that play even speak in code.
    Just think, you won all those games thinking you were good, not realising that you’ve had lurid chat the whole time.

  131. Scrabble Go has really messed up the charm of playing the game.. The format is terrible, I doubt if anyone has figured it out.

  132. Mine EA Scrabble is still working after the drop dead date midnight last night…This is good news and hopefully it will remain.

  133. I’ve been playing Scrabble since 1959! The electronic version allowed me to stay in contact with friends and even make new ones. The decision to eliminate it and replace it with some cheap toy is despicable! I quit!

  134. The comments on here are 99.99% negative toward Scrabble GO. I also despise it and wish to return to the game we know and love.

  135. I want my old scrabble game…..I was too in middle of multiple games and I lost all my statistics points which I worked so hard since 2012.

  136. This is ridiculous. I want to continue my games. Why is it still available on my husband’s iPad? Plus I can start new games on my phone. I want to play on my iPad. Just put it back on and let those who want to continue do so. If anyone prefers the Go one, let them play it.

  137. I just uninstalled it. Absolutely no way I am playing that version. I couldn’t wait for the game to end it was too slow going and childish.
    Very disappointing.

  138. Scrabble Gone. This is total BS. We are really dumbing down America. Is this what you want your kids playing too? How many gems can I get? Doomed.

  139. Listen, all Scrabble lovers. EA is not going to change its stupid ways. They won’t listen to pleas.

    What we need to do is to go on the offensive.

    Here is one idea.
    Go to Playstore. search for EA products.
    Flood the reviews for each product with negative reviews! Let them feel customer angst. And stop buying EA products from stores or online.

    1. Make sure your anger is not directed at the victim. EA had their Scrabble license taken away by Hasbro who sold it to Scopely so that they could “modernize” (read: monetize) the game. It’s Scopely and Hasbro that should be vilified, not EA. And EA makes plenty of successful glitzy games with in-app purchases (eg Bejeweled Stars) – they could have done that to Scrabble. Who knows – maybe the refused to debase their version of Scrabble.

  140. I agree Scrabble Gone!!! I’ve deleted Scrabble Go… What nonsense! The designers evidently are NOT Scrabble players! Adding my name to the petition at Change.org… I’m checking out Word Master next.

  141. Hey – of course I’m in complete agreement. BUT – while the old Scrabble app on my android phone is now dead, the one on my wife’s iPad, which always worked even when disconnected from wifi (I only play vs. the computer), still works that way! I don’t know why or how, or what the difference is or was between the two, but I’m not going to even dare try opening the iPad app while connected to wifi! In fact, I’m going to buy her a new pad just so I can keep playing my beloved Scrabble on this one!
    (Does anyone have any info on why/how this one is still working??)

    1. Sure. They’ve left Scrabble running on Their servers. Both single player and play with others. Don’t ask them to maintain it. It will fall on deaf ears. If a new OS version comes out, that’s the end. But while it still works, we’re able to enjoy it.

      1. Steve – so what makes one version stay alive while others die? Is it simply paid vs. unpaid? And will opening the app while connected to wifi cause it to go away? The FAQ says that we “may continue to use its offline features”….

        1. It has been left alive in all versions for as long as it works. While it still works you can enjoy it. As soon as it stops working, you’re out of luck. Opening the app while on Wi-Fi should have no effect one way or the other. Nothing is downloaded to you automatically.

          1. Well, the version on my Android phone died – won’t even load. So there’s SOME difference out there allowing certain versions and/or platforms to keep working. The one on my iPad should last forever, as long as I disable the wifi every time (so it cannot interact with the servers). I see what you said about wifi not having an effect, but it’s too big a risk to even take the chance!

          2. I just got this from Scopely support:

            “Because that game has already been transitioned to what is known today as Scrabble go, when you turn on the WiFi, the game will most likely send you a message saying that it no longer exists and that the new scrabble is currently valid.”

            See? Not worth finding out, as there’s no going back!!

  142. My Apple apps are still working as well. I always play three games with a friend, two in English and one in French. As soon as I realized the app didn’t die at midnight on Friday, we started three new games.

    It might just be that Apple has a different time-table.


  143. I am trying to transfer to Scrabble GO..However I get to the installing bit and I then get this message…”An error occurred running the Unity content on this page. See your Java Script console for more info. The error was: Invalid character.” I have played Scrabble for years and I have rivals waiting to have words with me….!! Any solutions?
    I have accessed Scrabble via Facebook on my Desktop computer.

  144. nailed it! though at least thanks to all the howls of protest, they have now introduced a ‘classic’ mode which dispenses with most of the tedious gimmicks like jewels and silly extra screens . you can access it by installing Scrabble Go (search on Fb, go to the Scrabble Go, into the pinned post with FAQs and there’s a link to download it ) lose the will to live after a few minutes, then back to FAQs and instructions on how to go into Classic mode. (click on your profile pic in the game, click on the gear icon on right, settings, down to ‘Mode’ and select Classic. cuts out a lot of the crap though still a bit annoying. you can then invite friends to play . basicially I’ve tried other games on Fb and they are OK but I like my Scrabble. I can’t imagine kids being attracted by the bells and whistles version either – there are plenty of other games they will find more engaging. Scrabble involves using your knowledge of words and good strategy – if any young people enjoy that, they will prefer the proper version

  145. My iPhone app is still active and working. Started numerous games today. Anyone know when it will be shut down?

      1. Ever paid. I’m online. Playing various games. Although I think some of my opponents have lost there access cause someone went two days. And I just nudged them. Will see how long it lasts.

          1. I’m surprised, but as someone said earlier, maybe it’s just that Apple has a different timetable or arrangement with this app. My android app stopped loading altogether. Doesn’t seem to be any consistency…here’s what their FAQ says:

            “Players that purchased the game from EA and have access to it on their device may continue to use its offline features. Any gameplay that requires the game servers to be active will no longer be supported”

            So I guess if it’s still working, don’t change anything!

    1. Shhhh!

      Actually, I’m personally not too concerned, because I only play solitaire, so I don’t need to go online. So there’s no reason for it to ever stop working.

      Good luck with yours….let us know!

      1. I cannot believe that they did away with such a great game I looked forward to playing scrabble every day, and now whatever crap they replace it with is disgusting.

        I would hope that they bring back scrabble, for me this scrabble is horrible.

    1. I’m almost too scared to utter the words in case it brings on bad karma but my game is still working on my iPhone too. Could it possibly be that because I purchased the app that they haven’t taken it away? I also know that my Android friends have lost it – maybe an iPhone thing? Probably just a matter of time….

      1. I never purchased the app. It must be a different timing issue. The thing is there are a couple of matches I’m in that should lose but now those players have disappeared and there for I can force forfeit a win. Not that it matters cause eventually it all will be gone. And we all lose.

  146. Who are you playing WITH? Everyone I know has been disconnected. I still have the app And can play against the computer.

  147. Thank you for this accurate review. I’ve also just about had it with the guys who don’t really want to play, but instead want to “chat” starting games where their lead play is something like “fun”, and they forfeit when I don’t answer chats.

  148. Still agree Scrabble Go sucks! But I have 2 friends playing in classic mode…so I requested it and its better, no bells and whistles, but still not as good as old app by EA….instructions for classic mode are in a video on Scopely’s fb page…or just find customer service in the app and ask them to switch you to classic mode! They’ll ask if you’re sure and ask you to confirm…lmao! Otherwise many of us have switched to Lexulous app if avail to you its decent.

  149. I have tried Scrabble Go’s “classic” version. I cannot see the board well and they have a flashing thing at the top begging me to click on it. I cannot think when that kind of visual in my face. I can’t relax. I need to feel calm when I’m playing this game. It’s why I play it as well as to stimulate my brain. I don’t need to develop ADHD which is what these types of games do to young minds. Think about that seriously for a moment. I switched to Solitaire last night and while it isn’t Scrabble, it’s much better than trying to fight this major malfunction.

    Thanks for writing about it!

  150. 6/8/2020 3:15PM EDT – I believe they just shut down the iPhone servers. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

    1. Crap! Looks that way. I can still play single player though. Hold on to that as long as I can.
      This company should be ashamed of themselves!

  151. Loud wailing coming from my house….I think I just said goodbye to our beloved scrabble. No longer opening on iPhone or iPad. Sigh….

  152. I had scrabble go installed for all of 30 minutes before I deleted it. There are way too many other choices to put up with that.

  153. I’m starting to really dig Wordmaster pro for playing against the computer. One thing I disliked about EA Scrabble (I know: sacrilege) was the absolutely obscure and crazy words it would come up with, especially in expert mode, so I’d play in advanced mode and win 2/3 time. Wanted something a bit more challenging without pissing me off. In Wordmaster pro there is a setting to avoid obscure words – I.e., play with a “human” vocabulary. Now I get a fairer challenge playing “master” level, and closer to 50% wins. I am keeping Scrabble Go on my iPad, tho – just because I’m intensely curious to see how far they’ll go in trying to win us back. Scopely have dropped several hints in reply to Facebook comments that they’re still planning more improvements to the “classic” mode. But no way I’ll pay a monthly fee for Go after purchasing Wordmaster Pro for $3.99.

    1. And one other improvement in WM: whether player or computer plays first is determined by random draw, as it should be

  154. I am so disappointed that we have lost the old scrabble, this new one is more of a juvenile game, I don’t want rewards popping up and random people wanting to play, Had a lovely routine going on with friends, none of us are continuing with this new one, I’m so upset

  155. As a life long scrabble player and being thoroughly disgusted with WWF, EA Scrabble was my scrabble salvation especially since my monthly game with my scrabble nemesis was put on hold due to COVID. I got my ELO over 1900 (albeit for a short time) but settled in the mid 1800’s, was winning 69% of my games, I was hooked and was always playing at least 3 games at a time.

    Tried to play yesterday and it said I couldn’t connect to the network but my internet was up. I reloaded, rebooted, tried everything and was hoping it was temporary until I googled it today and found this post.

    Shame on you EA sports, Scrabble lives Matter!

  156. Brilliant post. Sad times for online Scrabble enthusiasts. I hope they see the folly of their ways and reactivate the game we love.

  157. As if we needed another reason to hate Scopely, I have one. Scrabble GO doesn’t play well with other apps on the IPhone. Their stupid ads are so goddamned important that they stop podcasts I’m listening to. If I’m listening to a podcast, I can get a phone call and the podcast stops, but when I’ve disposed of the call, the podcast comes back on. Podcasts are supposed to be multitasking. You’re supposed to be able to do other things on the phone while listening. But if the other thing I do is Scrabble GO, and I make a play which launches an ad with audio, I have to restart the podcast. Needless to say, this wasn’t an issue with EA Scrabble.

  158. FYI, I went to the ScoPely site and included the URL to this page in my comments about their horrendous game design, which looks like it’s aimed at a five year old. As I pointed out to them, I expect a pink and purple unicorn to fly out of my phone any second. SO CORNY and absolutely useless to anyone who is looking to actually play Scrabble. Hasbro can kiss this fan goodbye. They sold out long ago, I think but this was the last chink I could take. I’m OUT of Hasbro’s consumer database!

    Anyway, thought some here might like to know that there is a bit more of a chance that the CEO, or some minion, may pop over and take a gander and some of your words. I HIGHLY DOUBT (even when I’m not high) that any action will result to restore our beloved Scrabble, but it’s the only avenue I see to potentially getting my game back!