Revealed: Talk track for the Trump Media & Technology Group pitch deck

You probably read yesterday that Donald Trump is launching a media company, including a social networked called Truth Social, that will be publicly traded through a SPAC merger.

You may even have seen that Insider found a copy of the pitch deck for this new media venture.

But pitch decks are just slides.

In a WithoutBullshit exclusive, we got leaked access to the talk track for the pitch deck.

Here are the actual slides, with the script used to sell the new venture.

Trump Media & Technology slides and pitch deck

Unidentified speaker: Good morning and welcome to the investment presentation for Trump Media and Technology Group, which will be launching shortly as a publicly traded company. Please be aware that anyone who leaks copies of the contents of this deck to the media will be prosecuted for violations of non-disclosure agreements, and that this presentation includes forward-looking statements regarding a company with no audited financial statements. Any investors who . . .

Donald Trump: Steve, I’ll take it from here. This is a big deal. You want in on it. Trust me, you want in on it.

It’s time for us to take back power from the lamestream media. Trump Media will be huge. Huge.

We will finally tell the truth that we don’t hear from the liberal media that controls what people see and hear and read. And Trump Media will finally provide a balanced, uncensored social network.

As Chairman, I am the center of this new company, and I will appear on it frequently. It will be my primary way of speaking to the world. And I will tell the truth.

On Trump Media you will hear how I was re-elected, who was paid off to block that election and replace it with the big fraud that happened in 2020, and where the real threats to America are coming from. Just look to the southern border and the radical liberal mobs and you’ll see.

Trump media will finally host the voices of those who are unafraid to tell the truth. Liberals and lefties need to look out.

It’s shameful what happened to media in this country. The social networks are now controlled by a lefty woke mob. That’s why they found excuses to to kick me off.

Big Tech is determined to control what you read. So I said, let’s build our own. Your investment will help me create a place where my voice — and those of my followers — my words will be uncensored. We won’t have to obey phony rules put in place by out-of-touch billionaire tech losers. My network, my rules.

Who told Twitter it could decide to ban me for some arbitrary reason? But of course they’re a fine place to see the fundamentalist Islamic leaders of Afghanistan who post freely. We had to do something. Our social network will never ban free speech by patriots, but will have no place for the enemies of America.

Who has all the money in the markets? They tell me it’s called FAANG. Facebook. Amazon. Apple. Netflix. Google. I’d add Twitter on there, because they’re just as bad.

No one elected these companies. They just decide what you see on the social, what you can buy, what videos you see, what’s on your TV, and what you see when you search. You know, everything. Disrupt. It’s time to disrupt them. Bring real Americans what they want, not what loser Silicon Valley types decide. We will de-fang FAANG.

On Trump Media, you will see what is banned from weak, loser sites and networks. Our social network, Truth Social, will leave Twitter and Facebook in the dust because it tells the truth. Our news network will crush CNN and radio. Our entertainment will leave Netflix and the other media companies way, way behind.

Other people who tried this got shut down because they were using lefty tech from companies like Amazon. We will build our own tech, we will not depend on anyone. Our own security. Our our cloud. Trump cloud. Not beholden to anyone.

There’s even the Trump phone, which is all gold . . . what, Steve? Oh, that’s not public. I wasn’t supposed to say that.

Every other country has left media and right media. We supposedly have plain media, only it’s really run by the far left. History is, conservatives get a foothold in new media and get huge audiences. Rush Limbaugh radio. Fox News television. And now Trump Media and Truth Social.

I forget what this one is about. Skip to the next slide.

Until they made the stupid decision to kick me out, I had more followers than anyone else in the world. That’s a huge audience. Huge! Even without being on crooked Twitter and the rest, we still make lots of money just by asking these people to send us money. And they send it to us! They want to spend money. So it’s obvious they’ll spend money to hear from us again.

Do you realize how huge this is? There are millions, hundreds of millions, probably billions of people who want to hear from us. Look at the size of those bars. And they keep getting bigger? Sorta looks like my wall, doesn’t it?

This is our chance to take back control of the planet for people like us . . . patriots.

Twitter and Facebook look big, but people don’t realize how many people they leave behind. Real people whose views aren’t politically correct. We’ll let everyone in.

Who did this survey? Was it us? No, The Hill, The Hill, Look at those numbers. Half of loyal Republicans are ready to sign up now, and a bunch of independents and Democrats, too. Our voice was missing. They want it back.

We’re like the egg at the center of the conservative world. And all the little networks will sorta fertilize us. We’ll link to them. They’ll link to us. We’ll be stronger together, united against the radical left. We’ll be like an embryo, growing stronger, stronger . . . nobody kills a fetus, you know that. That’s a misconception.

Obviously, it’s a phone app.

Everyone can say everything on Truth Social. Everything. Even if you tell the truth about the election. About what happened on January 6. Even if you tell the truth about the vaccine, or the China virus. Or about traitors like Hunter Biden. No censorship. Anyone will be able to say anything . . . except unamerican traitor talk. We’ll block that.

We’re way bigger than Sleepy Joe. All we need a place to speak. Truth Social is the place to follow us. Follow me.

Streaming. Streaming is big. We will stream everything. Not silly stuff like baseball. Real sports with blood and competition. Sorta like Hunger Games. We’ll control streaming inside of a year and half. Just watch.

Look. I know media. I know ratings. Was there ever a better reality show than Trump for President and my time as president? No namby-pamby stuff. Real reality. I create my own reality — you gotta know that.

This is just legal bullshit, don’t read it.

Bottom line — this is your chance to invest in me. In Trump. You know my audience. I’m gonna make money from it. You can, if you get in now. It’s only going to go up.

Trump Media and Truth Social. Trust me. Because I’m a winner.

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  1. 1. “We will build our own tech …. Our own security. Our our cloud.” Please, PLEASE let it be true! 🙂
    2. According to a Washington Post commenter, the terms of use forbid users from criticizing the platform. How’s that for freedom of speech?

    1. Actually, the terms of service include not disparaging “us,” which includes the platform and, presumably, Trump himself or anyone in his organization. Exact wording, the following is prohibited:

      “23. disparage, tarnish, or otherwise harm, in our opinion, us and/or the Site”

      So if you say Trump is ugly or a liar, you are violating the terms of service.

      1. “So if you say Trump is ugly or a liar, you are violating the terms of service.”
        I can’t wait for them to enforce this clause and make headlines.

  2. I am a little bit sorry for the folks, lacking any BS meter or critical thinking skills, will follow along and be swept up by ‘the truth’, along with lots of their money. But only a little sorry.