Require my book for your students, and I’ll Skype into your class

Dear Professor:

If you’re teaching writing in 2017, consider requiring Writing Without Bullshit as a textbook. Here’s why (plus a special offer to push you over the edge):

  • In 2017, your students ought to have a writing book that acknowledges that writing must be different for those who read on screens.
  • It uses modern real-world examples.
  • It addresses writing in the real-world environment, as part of a team.
  • It has sections on email, press releases, reports, and social media — the things your students must learn to write now.
  • You’ll look cool if you recommend a book with “Bullshit” in the title.
  • Your students will enjoy it because of the smartass tone.
  • It’s only $23.99, a lot less than their other textbooks.

Here’s the bonus. If you require the book for a class, I’ll Skype into your class and answer students’ questions.

To take me up on the offer, contact me at josh at bernoff dotcom or here.

To get this offer, you must:

  • Have at least ten students.
  • Teach a class that meets between 8am and 9pm eastern time.
  • Be one of the first ten professors who contact me.
  • Share a link or email showing the required texts for your class.

I can’t wait to talk to your students!

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One Comment

  1. Can’t go wrong having Josh talk to your class. He was a big hit with my PR students at UNC’s media & j-school. And there was no BS!