Professors and parents: arm your students with “Writing Without Bullshit”

If your high school or college students are about to go back to school, put a copy of “Writing Without Bullshit” in their schoolbags. (Assuming, of course, that your school isn’t offended by a little plain language.) It’s the perfect antidote to the outdated and ossified methods so many writing teachers use. Start them off right!

And if you’re a college or business writing teacher, make “Writing Without Bullshit” a required textbook. Contact academic@harpercollins.com to request a review copy (ISBN 9780062477156). If you adopt the book for your course, let me know. I’m happy to Skype into your class and answer students questions.

There’s too much bullshit in the world. Let’s teach our young adults a better way to communicate.

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