Political Ad

Bad politician is bad. Very bad.

He kills puppies. He eats babies.

He is a communist fascist just like the well known fascist communist leader of his party, shown here in a distorted slanted photo.

If elected, he and his corrupt fascistocommunist buddies will kill babies, eat puppies, take away your rights, and raise your taxes. A lot.

He doesn’t understand hard working people like this hard working person shown in the act of working hard. Also a child smiling.

Only our politician is good. Only our politician can save you.

He is behind bad politician by one point in polls.

Give me money.

Paid for by the Committee to Protect America from Communist Fascist Socialist Nationalism, Enlightened White People USA, and WOBS America PAC LLC DIFM.

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  1. I wish the FCC wiuld the use of visual tricks to make the opposing candidate seem sinister: Playing footage in slow motion, reducing the frame rate, changing color footage to black and white, distorting the colors (as shown in your photo), and so on.

  2. I envision a future where Jr. High and Highschool students MUST take Critical Thinking courses. The curriculum for the course includes a segment on “How to know when you are being manipulated”. The lessons include analyses of visual and auditory techniques and how they work to sway emotions and trigger irrational responses (fear, judgement, anger, disgust) to serve the purpose of manipulation. People need to have the skills for and the practice of seeing Bullshit for what it is.

  3. Many pols promise to not run negative ads, until they realize that negative ads are the only way to win.
    Be nice if single-subject bills were required.