One more day to vote for bullshitter of the year (tune in Feb 16 to hear who won)

What You See May Not Be Real” by Chen Wenling, photo via Impressive Magazine

I’ve received hundreds of votes for the Bullshitty Awards. I suspect I know who’s going to win. But there’s still time to vote.

Voting closes on Friday, February 3 at midnight, Eastern time. Vote here. And then tune in to find out:

  • Whose apology was least sincere, Donald Trump or Ryan Lochte?
  • Who was the most outrageous abuser of passive voice, James Comey or the Belgian Justice Minister?
  • Was Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer more weaselly than LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner?
  • Who put lipstick on the pig better, United Airlines or Wells Fargo?
  • Was a transgender filmmaker more honest than Warren Buffet?
  • And who will win Bullshitter of the year?

And block off time to watch the Bullshitty Awards announcement at 2:00 Eastern Time on Thursday, February 16, on Facebook Live and right here.

The suspense is mildly uncomfortable! See you in two weeks.

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  1. Josh
    Thanks for all you are doing to stem the tide of bullshit.
    In an era of alternate facts and ‘post truthiness’ you provide a rare beacon of enlightened thought!
    The Bullshity Awards deserve more coverage!
    So, by the way, do your posts on clear writing – can you extend your promotional offer to Canada? If so, drop me a line as to how to do this cost-effectively.