On Thursday, a webinar where anything could happen

webinar artYou know, the Webinar I’m doing tomorrow is live. Anything could happen. I might say just about anything. No one can stop me.

Sign up now and tune in tomorrow, Thursday, at 1PM.

Here’s what I can guarantee will happen.

  • I will tear apart some really bad writing, teaching technique and making you smile at the same time.
  • I will explain how you can write shorter, front-load your content, and make an impact that accomplishes your goals and makes people remember you.
  • I will explain the three P’s process that most of use to write: Procrastinate, Panic, and Pray — and why we do it that way.
  • I will say some words you won’t hear on television

Thanks to WriterAccess for partnering with me on this.

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  1. Looking forward to hosting this Webinar with you Josh.
    The response has been overwhelming, with open rates and conversions an all time high in comparison with 65 other webinars we’ve hosted. More than 1,000 people have registered, and they keep coming in down to the wire. The recording will be available in case anyone misses it, so feel free to post if you want.

    Write On!

  2. Hi Josh. I’ve just listened to the webinar – really interesting presentation, thanks.

    I have a question I’d appreciate your thoughts on. At the beginning of the webinar there was a survey asking “Which of the following time-wasters annoy you most?”. 32% of people said that “not being able to put your best ideas into words effectively”. I didn’t vote but I would have voted for that one. Do you have any suggestions for people struggling with this?