My favorite stories

Business books are stories. This isn’t an exaggeration. Every successful business book is story about how to solve a problem. And the ones you remember are full of stories about people solving problems.

The biggest problem business authors have — at least based on my interactions with them — is they haven’t collected enough stories to make their books interesting. Without stories, books are collections of facts and argumentation. That might be useful, but it’s not likely to be interesting enough to retain readers’ attention. No attention, and you might as well not bother.

I made the decision to start every chapter in my book for authors — 24 chapters in all — with an author story. At the time, it seemed questionable. Now, it seems excellent. It makes what might otherwise have been a dry reference book into a relatable set of advice.

My favorite author stories

The fun part about book research is hearing the insane and unusual stories of the people you write about. Here are some of the author stories I loved.

What stories are you telling? It makes all the difference to your readers.

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