My Bloomberg interview and media mindsets (podcast)

bloomberg radioI talked to Bloomberg Radio last week, thanks to a great guy, Woody Benson, who has a regular spot there.

This was fun. I think radio is not necessarily ready for this level of honesty.

This was fun, but the most interesting thing is the unspoken bias of where they’re coming from.

At about 5:40 in this segment, you can hear the anchors saying, essentially, “Don’t we need press releases full of blather so we can guess what they are thinking and bid the stock up or down?” If you mostly care what the stock price is at this second, my advice may be lost on you.

And at 13:55, they ask “Do companies talk to you any more?” This follows them bragging about what nice guy Dick Costolo was when they interviewed him the day before. The unspoken implication is that you can’t call out the bullshit if you want to maintain friendly relations with businesspeople. (We proved that false at Forrester, which calls out bullshit all the time.)

Worth a listen if you have a few minutes. Skip the market news and start at 2:00. That segment ends at 8:00, you can skip to 10:00 where it picks up again. Total time of actual content: 10 and a half minutes.

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