Marco Rubio: the candidate that might have been

rubioHow did we end up with such unpopular candidates?

Donald Trump continues to respond to pain with hate. The GOP Rules Committee voted down a proposal to unbind delegates from their promises, so he’ll be the nominee of the Republican party. Dozens of prominent Republicans have withheld their support. Mitt Romney and both ex-President Bushes won’t be speaking, and won’t even be there.

American’s trust in Hillary Clinton remains weak in the wake of withering testimony by FBI head James Comey about her sloppy treatment of classified information.

Meanwhile, President Obama attempts to bind the wounds of the nation after police shot blacks in Louisiana and Minnesota and a black man shot police in Texas.

In the midst of all of this, I discovered a remarkable and sensitive piece of video from the Miami Herald of a Republican who might have been the nominee: Marco Rubio. If we could have heard from this Rubio over the shouting of the Republican nomination fight, things would look very different today — and it’s possible that the Republicans would not be facing what Nate Silver predicts are 2-to-1 odds against winning the presidency. Have a look.

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  1. This election may forever be remembered for what might have been. Marco, John Kasich and, yes, even Jeb were voices of reason, moderation and candor on the Republican stage. If I’m fearful, it’s because our electorate has traded frustration for “blame the other party” rhetoric. The enemy is us.