Living on a houseboat in Amsterdam

Curious about what it’s like to live on a houseboat? Here’s a video of our Airbnb on Westerdok. While there are some tight spots, it was a blast . . .  easily accessible to everything by bus and tram, and a truly unique accommodation.


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  1. Looks quite comfortable and pleasant. Just one request, next time, please film in landscape rather than portrait mode.

  2. My older daughter lives in The Netherlands and we took a canal tour in Amsterdam last spring. The creativity of houseboats was fascinating. Thanks for the great tour of one! (And your reply to Henry made me laugh…)

  3. Do you think you could live on one full time? I wonder if space becomes an issue or if it is “just like” any other city apartment where you constantly deal with small space. That space for reading/hanging out – I am sure I would be there always!