Join me live at 2 Eastern this Thursday 16 Feb – Learn who is the biggest bullshitter

What You See May Not Be Real” by Chen Wenling, photo via Impressive Magazine

I spent 2016 cataloguing and critiquing the most egregious bullshit statements of public figures. Somebody had to do it.

Hundreds of you spent the last three weeks voting. Thanks.

On Thursday I will announce the winners in a live broadcast from Cambridge, Massachusetts. There are 11 categories, including bullshitter of the year (both corporate and political).

Donald Trump led the pack with three nominations (four if you count a statement by the Trump Organization). But his competition includes Samsung with exploding phones, Wells Fargo with fraudulent accounts, Tim Cook with meaningless platitudes, and Mark Zuckerberg explaining that fake news didn’t really affect the election. And no, we didn’t forget a media company named tronc, an EpiPen that went up in cost by a factor of six, or a statement by United Airlines claiming that airlines seats with no overhead bin space were better for consumers.

Not to mention the amazing bluster of the government of North Korea.

Please mark you calendar. Then click on the event on Facebook. I’ll see you on Facebook live on Thursday.



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