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A groundswell occurs when a large number of people each do something very small. Those people don’t even realize they’re part of a movement until they see something to get behind, and to share.

If you’re against bullshit, I’d like to give you something to get behind, and a way to make a difference quickly.

Here’s the backstory: After 18 months, my blog has now accumulated 1 million visits and 1.5 million views. Over 700,000 people have viewed my Writing Tips post. And I published a book one month ago. For this groundswell to take off, a lot more people need to hear about it.

The good news is, the people who’ve have read the book have liked it. It’s got 4.9 out of 5 stars on Amazon reviews. And I keep hearing about people who bought bunches of copies for their friends or their department. Judging from Twitter, the word of mouth is pretty good.

0-wwbs-cover-largeThe challenge is, it’s still an underground success. I’ve done lots of blogs and podcast interviews, but it needs to go bigger. My reporter friends are all tech reporters (or have left the business), and they’re not interested. I did posts in HBR and Fortune and went on the radio. We got a review in the largest weekday paper in Canada, Toronto’s Globe and Mail. Next week, I’ll get covered in the Wall Street Journal. But it’s not enough. The groundswell is still building.

I’d like your help. And what I want is very small, because it only take a small action by a lot of people to make this groundswell happen.

Here’s what to do:

  1. If you believe in what I’m doing, share something. The Goodies part of my blog is full of useful infographics. Post one on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or Pinterest or your blog. Or you can share one of the quote graphics below. Your friends and followers matter to the groundswell. (Namecheck me in your post so I can see it. )
  2. If you believe in what I’m doing, and you haven’t bought the book, get a copy. It really is everything you need to know to get better at writing in your work, with a few jokes thrown in, and all in one package. It’s on Amazon, BN.com, and in bookstores. It’s on audiobook. The Kindle version is 12 bucks. It’s now one of the top 60 business books in Canada, and you can get it in the UK, too.
  3. If you already got a copy, write a review. It makes so much difference when people do this, because it tells people just finding out about it that the book is worth buying. One paragraph is fine. Amazon, or Goodreads.
  4. And if you want to create broader change, get a bunch. Contact 800CEOREAD for a 40% discount. Then contact me. I’ll talk to your group or your department or your club or your event.
  5. If you know a reporter who covers business, whisper in their ear. I’ll talk to them.

It’s time for this thing to take off. Do something small, but do something. It would mean a lot, not just to me, but to all the people out there that have to wade through the bullshit every day.

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  1. Josh, I have been crushing on your content now for the last few weeks. It’s like you read my mind and captured all of my own pet peeves that I’ve been trying to unlearn and train out of others for years! Thank you. You can count me in on the groundswell. I’ve already told my agencies partners and many colleagues that they must follow you and read the book. Keep fighting the good fight.