It’s your name on that book. Why settle for anything less than great?

Your book may be the most important thing you ever put your name on (with the possible exception of your children).

People are going to see that and say, “Ah, that’s who that person is.”

So . . .

Why would you settle for anything less than the most awesome title?

Why would you allow your cover design to be anything less than awesome?

Why would you let any boring stuff stay in there?

Why wouldn’t you concentrate on great storytelling?

Why wouldn’t you get feedback from people who care about you, and about quality?

Why wouldn’t you fact-check every last detail?

Why would you lose focus during copy editing?

Why would you put in anything less than an inspired, persistent effort on book promotion?

Anything less than greatness says, “Yeah, the person who wrote this book is just sorta okay at best.” And that’s not much of a return for a year’s effort.

I didn’t settle

Go search Amazon for my name. You’ll find books I wrote, books I ghostwrote, and books I edited and wrote a foreword for.

That’s my legacy. And I’m proud of every one of them.

If you’re an author, why would you settle for anything less than that?

Really, don’t half-ass any of this. Because it’s your name on the cover of those books.

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