I’m giving link spammers what they asked for

In the three weeks since I posted the notice on my site about link building, I’ve received lots of link solicitations. Now it’s time to give them what they want.

First: why do I classify emails asking for links or a contributed article to be spam? Because:

  1. You’ve paid no attention to what is on my site — your message is completely generic.
  2. The solicitations are clearly automated and sent in bulk.
  3. I never signed up to be on these mailing lists.

That sounds like spam to me.

Link spammers want a link from my site. It’s my site so I decide what kind of link to post. The link I’ve chosen to post is a mailto link with their emails, as promised in my published site policy. I’ve included an excerpt from each email so you can get an idea of their unique personalities. (These are verbatim, including typos.)

  • Samuel Alfie: samuel@proprofs.com . Contributed articles include “10 Best Online Test Maker For Teachers During the Coronavirus Pandemic.”
  • Rodney Laws: rodney@ecommerceplatforms.io . “I have more than a decade of experience providing marketing advice.”
  • Swapnali Manjare: manjareswapnali@gmail.com . “I am an enthusiastic writer.”
  • Harvey Maila: harvey@elephantstock.com . Topics include “8 Wall Decor Ideas That Bring Freshness to Your Home.”
  • Lidia H, lidia@theteethblog.com . Content & Marketing Director for “The Teeth.”
  • Leo Johnson, leo@awise.se . “We are an marketing agency whom help both clients and partners within your country.”
  • Dexter Rory, dexterrory933@gmail.com . “Hello sir what is guest post price on your site.”
  • Gaby Alexander, gaby@homebasemom.email . “I live in Marietta, Ohio where I grew up and it’s the coziest little town you’d ever visit. It’s really small though!”
  • Quentin LaRue, quentin@gscsm.org . “I’m happy to be the bearer of good news at this point when all of us could use some. Would you be interested in a paid link insertion”
  • Amily Bronte, amilybronte20@gmail.com . “Hello. I am Amily Bronte, I would like to cooperate with you.” (Do you think she’s related to the novelist Emily Bronte?)

I make these email addresses available to be useful to the Internet at large. Please feel free to add them to any mailing list you have, especially if you, too are a spammer. And if you want to send any of them an email, regarding working with them or any other opinion you may have, just click on the email links in this post.

I will be filing spam complaints for each emailer.

I will update this post with more links as I get more solicitations.

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  1. I just got the email from Leo Johnson as well. Interesting fact: their own website has loads of lorem ipsum text, especially on the specific pages, but even on the homepage. How could anyone take an agency seriously if they don’t even have a finished website?