I have one hope for 2021

It is that our health officials and our government can accomplish enough to allow each of us to achieve our creative goals.

When you are worried every day about your job, your loved ones, your relatives, and the state of the nation and the world, it’s difficult to do anything more than cope.

Consider for a moment what you might accomplish if your mind was not so occupied. Would you invent something great, build a business, raise a family, take risks, upgrade your skills, write a book, support a community, work for social justice?

Only you know what those goals are — or could be. And this is a good time to think about them.

Then do this for me. Wear a mask, work from home if you can, support the work of public and health officials, respect your fellow travelers on this earth, the people who might die from getting sick, and the poor weary health workers who have to deal with the flood of intensive care patients.

We still have months until all of us can be vaccinated and knock this thing down for good. This is no time to let up.

It’s what you have to do now so we can all accomplish our goals for the year.

I wish you well.

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  1. Hi Josh,
    Thanks for this message. I think we need to hear it from all our media sources until we have this pandemic beat.

  2. Hi Josh,
    Best wishes from the relative safety of New Zealand. We have watched in horror as the pandemic has preyed on you in the US. The freezer trucks of New York in the early days and the to the polarised politics impeding science are what stand out from this distance. Hoping that all that resourceful and creative energy you folk are known for carries you through the remaining months. We’re cheering for you over here.