How can you blog every day?

Groundhog Day

Wrong question.

How can you not blog every day?

What work did you do today?

What did you learn from that? Surely you learned something. Is it something others could benefit from learning?

What did you read today? Did you agree with it? Why? Did you disagree? How would you explain what was wrong about it?

What got you upset enough to express yourself?

What touched your heart in a way that more people should hear about?

What ideas did you connect in a new way? Would others benefit from hearing about that connection?

Who is doing great work that others really ought to hear about?

If you’re aware enough of what is going on with you and around you; if you notice what’s new and worth sharing; if you’re moved to say what you’re thinking, why wouldn’t you blog?

If nothing ever happens to you worth writing about, that’s quite sad. Wake up. We want to hear from you — and you ought be thinking about what you know that we could learn from.

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