Holiday special: signed copies of Writing Without Bullshit for your staff

holidayIt’s the perfect holiday present for your hard-working staff and clients: a signed copy of Writing Without Bullshit with a personalized message from you.

For less than $15 per person, you can show your workers, your clients, or anyone you value that you’re a no-bullshit kind of person — and make them smarter, too.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Email me and tell me how many signed books you want and your address and phone number. Also tell me what personal message (if any) you’d like me to put in each book.
  2. Place an order with a book retailer for the number of books you need, and ship them to me. (800CEOREAD is a good place to buy books in bulk, and my book is currently priced at $14.39 each. If you buy today, there’s a 15% discount at Barnes & Noble with the code BNCYBER16. And if you have Amazon Prime, shipping is free.)
  3. I will sign them with your message and turn them around in one day. I will ship them back to you (ground shipping, at my expense).
  4. You can then distribute them out to the people who need them.

A few rules that makes this manageable for me:

  • To take advantage of this offer, you must buy at least five books, and no more than 200. (For larger orders, give me a call.)
  • You must contact me ahead of time at josh at Do not buy books until you have confirmation from me. I will respond quickly with my mailing address and phone number.
  • I can ship to U.S. addresses only.
  • For orders of 10 books or more, your personal message must be seven words or less. My default is “Be bold!”
  • To get books in time for the holiday, act quickly. Shipping in both directions takes time.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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