Greatest hits: I hate bullshit, why bullshit, Inovalon, Ellen Pao, & more

Queen_Greatest_HitsI root out bullshit where you tell me to. So far you’ve seem to enjoy watching me do what I love doing.

Based on the research in this blog, a book is forming in my brain. I’ve opened up threads of research on mission statements and the causes of bullshit. If you’ve got new ideas or things you’d like to see more of, just use the comments to point me to them.

Here are the greatest hits so far:

I hate bullshit (27 March) Curiosity and novelty most likely propelled this, my first post and statement of purpose.

Why there is so much bullshit: an analysis (20 April) I turned my analytical chops to the question of bullshit. This post had legs; people continue to share it.

Inovalon’s impenetrable Web description and how to fix it (3 April) How to screw up a mission statement big-time, and how to fix it.

The fluff in the WSJ article about the Pao sex-discrimination suit (27 March) In case you think mainstream media writes fairly and clearly, I debunk it.

Generalization Z: The Times reduces generation Z to a caricature (30 March) Never let actual statistics get in the way of a good story.

20 years an analyst (9 April). Apparently compressing 20 years of experience into one blog post makes an impression. This post was also popular on Linked In.

I’ve certainly got ideas on where to go from here, but I’d love to hear yours.

For you marketing geeks, here are a few stats you might enjoy:

26 posts
12,407 blog views
5,490 blog visitors
61 blog comments
840 shares on Facebook
437 shares on Twitter
191 shares on Linked In
2,408 views coming from Facebook
1,637 views coming from Twitter
179 views coming from search
162 views coming from LinkedIn
31 views coming from Tumblr
18 views coming from Flipboard
28% of views from top 5 posts

1,815 views of 7 associated LinkedIn posts
110 LinkedIn thumbs ups
20 LinkedIn comments

246 views of 4 associated Medium posts
96 Medium reads
16 Medium recommends

Graphic: Queen album cover from Wikipedia.

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