Ghostwriting comes out of the shadows: Gathering of the Ghosts, New York City, January 22, 2024

Ghostwriters are a secretive lot. We shouldn’t have to be.

We do our work out of view of the public. Like any other service professionals, we create what our clients, authors, need. But we generally don’t talk about it and don’t seek recognition for it.

Everyone knows and most generally respect the work of publicists, ad agency folks, consultants, and others who work for clients.

Outside our industry, we’re unknown. But in the small community of ghostwriters, publishers, and authors, everyone knows what we do. And it’s not easy. It takes not just writing skill, but excellence at listening and organizing ideas as well as a deep understanding of the publishing process. Working with authors and their colleagues also demands subtle diplomatic skills. For skilled writers, it’s fun, but it’s certainly not easy.

The Gathering of the Ghosts

On January 22, 2024, in New York, ghostwriters can attend the first ever Gathering of the Ghosts.

From the program description:

The Gathering of the Ghosts will highlight and promote the ghostwriting profession and elevate it as a viable career path for writers, bringing them together for a one-day, in-person event with education, awards, and networking.

Our immediate goal is to build a greater sense of community and connectivity within the field and start what we hope will be an ongoing dialogue about the trends shaping our work and the common challenges ghostwriters face.

Sessions will include the state of the publishing industry and the role of the “ghost” in the traditional publishing, hybrid, and self-publishing sectors; the impact of AI; and a town hall forum on how the field can be best be served, including the imperative to diversify our community.

GOTG is sponsored by Gotham Ghostwriters and the American Society of Journalists and Authors, both highly worthwhile organizations.

I am on the program committee, and we are working to bring together the most talented experts to educate and entertain an audience of new and experienced ghostwriters.

I am excited about this event. Not just because of what we will learn, but because of who we will connect with. It’s time for ghostwriters to celebrate our craft and the expert work we do. And to share war stories — because there are so many good ones.

Will I see you there?

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