Freelancing is better

Here’s why.

I don’t have to keep my workspace tidy.

I can choose which clients to work with and which not to. Nobody tells me what to do.

I can work late if I want and sleep late if I want. Nobody cares when I do the work.

I can charge whatever I want. I can price tough projects high. I can price fun projects for cool people low. No one can stop me.

I can work on my own stuff (like this blog) when I want to.

I can take whatever blocks of time off I want to. And I can work on holidays if I feel like it, too.

I can have lunch with my wife (if we both feel like it) — or take a hike or a bike ride.

Nobody cares how I dress.

I can outsource stuff that I hate doing or that I’m not good at and pay people who I like working with.

My clients keep coming back to me with more interesting projects. You don’t need that many if you’ve got a pretty good crew. And that doesn’t even count the people they refer.

I admit it. This lifestyle is only possible because of the experience and assets I built up working in offices for companies — and because my kids are grown and out of the house.

But really — is there any better way to work than this?

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  1. I am glad for those of you that have achieved this lifestyle and are enjoying it. I treasure the comradery, teamwork, and comedy that are part of the daily office routine. I am fortunate because my coworkers are funny, interesting, diverse, friendly, and enthusiastic. I am happy to trade my knowledge and experience for their computer skills.