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Josh Bernoff Author Portrait 2 smallI’m redesigning this blog. The top header is coming off (wasted space). I’ll be highlighting the book and the blog posts.

What else needs fixing (from a design perspective)?

Your comments appreciated.

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  1. Josh–I need to see your name in either the masthead or byline! Right after I subscribed, I couldn’t for the life of me remember your name and spent some time looking for it.

  2. so glad you are changing the masthead; I never understood the significance of the boring photo.

  3. Re: look and feel, it could be far more authentic in terms of how it reflects you personally, how and where you work, etc. There are many ways this could be accomplished (and what designers tend to be good at figuring out). The typography being used could also be updated. How you emphasize and de-emphasize elements in the interface could also improve usability for your users. Happy to expand the conversation further if you wish. Great blog, thank you for many great insights! -B

  4. In the “Ride to Cure Obesity on July 3” stripe across the top, just under the main header, the blue text of gofundme link clashes pretty harshly with the orange background. If you choose to keep that promotional area after July 3 (whether linking to Ride to Cure Obesity or promoting something else), consider changing the color of the stripe from orange to a color that doesn’t clash so strongly with “link blue.”

      1. My thoughts exactly, dark blue on a yellow background. Light lettering on dark can be problematic in a small font. Are you getting a matching necktie?

  5. Suggest you use your photo prominently in your header. It reminds everyone who you are and makes things more personal. (I don’t actually read ‘without bullshit’, I read Josh Bernoff.)

    The photo you used in your blog post above is great.

      1. Love the content of your blog, Josh. But yes, if you’re redesigning the top of your blog, then perhaps the Deer Island Waste Treatment Plant (which, I’m sorry, I never would have twigged to what it is) is far too subtle a photograph to communicate your ‘without bullshit’ approach to writing. Agreeing with a lot of the comments above: blue ‘ride for obesity’ type clashes with orange; would like to see your name in masthead as you, and your authority, are the reason I follow the blog. Your words are powerful. Feel the design of your blog doesn’t reflect the same powerful, no-nonsense and progressive blog content.

  6. The proposed changes are a good start. On several occasions I intended to write to you about the bizarre masthead photo. I’m too late I guess.

    What about inviting a good graphic designer to create a logo around WOBS – the possibilities are endless. If you create a contest around doing so, you’ll definitely want my daughter involved (presently the graphics design intern at Smart Lunches – Emily Nagle’s recent start-up effort).

  7. Josh, how about starting with a brand-new theme? If there was ever a site that could use a designer, this is. Your content is superb with the design needs will remake and glad you’re doing that. There are hundreds of incredibly beautifully-designed, responses, mobile-ready themes available at Theme Forest for $50 – $75.

    More interesting visuals and illustrations, and more of them, in your terrific posts would add huge value and increase reader interest.

    I’m really looking forward to seeing the redesign and continue enjoying your posts.

    1. I agree with Jeff about the theme. In fact, unless you are trying to monetize this audience eventually, I might argue that you should just make medium your platform…while you would give up some control, I think you would probably be able to reach a broader audience there, and I like the in-line commenting much better.

  8. Love the Deer Island photo, but people outside Boston may not get it… Maybe a subheadline? When I mention/forward to people, I usually have to mention the purpose of the blog (if you’re ok with verbiage, making the phrase “writing without bullshit” more prominent might do the trick)…

  9. I would suggest organizing blogs by topics on the home page (similar to a news site). This would provide easy navigation for readers who know the type of posts they prefer.

  10. Let the blog page be the start page and get rid of the current start page altogether. The majority of your visitors come to your site to read your new blog posts, not to re-read your presentation of yourself. With the current design you are effectively wasting their time. 😉

    Move the presentation to the sidebar instead. That way it’s always visible but disturbs no one. I’ve made a quick sketch for you: