Don’t blurb yourself like Mike Pompeo. You’ll look like an idiot.

There are two good ways to get people to believe in your book.

First, show them all the good things in the book. Publish excerpts. Write bylined articles. Preview the content.

Second, have other people tell the world how good the book is. Collect blurb quotes from prominent people. Get people to write reviews on Amazon and similar sites, or on their own publications, blogs, and podcasts.

Quoting yourself looks very dumb

If you have zero Amazon reviews and you review your own book, you’ll look very silly. This is a net negative. You’re worse off than if you did nothing.

And if you’re publishing an ad, don’t quote yourself about how good your book is — as Mike Pompeo did.

Ammar Moussa

This book is coming out on January 24, two weeks from now. There are no blurbs from anyone on the Amazon or Barnes & Noble pages for it, nor on the page at HarperCollins, nor on (The fact that HarperCollins workers are on strike may have contributed to this lapse.)

Blurbs are the author’s responsibility.

If you can’t get any, talk about the book. Don’t quote yourself. Because that just looks pathetic.

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