Donald Trump concession speech Bingo

Regardless of what happens tonight, the future of our nation will depend on what Donald Trump says. He can heal the divisions in American that he has revealed, or he can inflame them.

This is no game. But it can be for you, for just one night, because by now, we’re all sick of this.

Below are two Bingo cards. I created them for use during a Trump concession speech, but you can also use them if he wins, or if the results of the election are inconclusive (please, no). Here’s how it works:

  • Some time before 5pm tonight, choose one card: Version Red or Version Green. Choose carefully: each card represents a possible attitude for Trump in the wake of the election. Print out the card that you choose.
  • Unless something very unlikely happens to prevent it, Donald Trump will emerge at some point in the evening to address his followers.
  • When that happens, pull out a printout of your card. Mark each phrase that Trump uses. If a phrase is in quotes, he must state it exactly; if not, he must just reference it in some way.
  • Five squares in a row — across, down, or diagonally — is Bingo. Even if he never says what’s in the center square, you get credit for it. If you get a Bingo, post a photo of your card on this blog’s comments or on social media (hashtag #TrumpBingo). The first three people to post get a signed “Writing Without Bullshit” book from me.

I’d love to hear which card you picked, since this is sort of a referendum on what you think of Trump. Let me know in the comments.





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  1. Your political analysis is no where near the caliber of your writing advice. Please. Stick with the writing.