Could this ad raise men’s vaccination rates?

An Italian study shows that men testing positive for COVID-19 have three times the likelihood of suffering erectile dysfunction compared to those without a positive test.


Interior, casual restaurant. A man, mid-40s, good-looking but not strikingly so, slightly balding, sits at a restaurant table opposite an attractive woman, brunette, several years younger than him. They are speaking softly and she smiles at whatever he is saying; they are enjoying themselves. We cannot hear their words, but we hear the buzz of the restaurant in the background. The camera starts focused over his shoulder on her face, then slowly moves around the couple, eventually showing both, and then as the spot ends resting on his face.

VOICEOVER (calm, neutral tone)

It’s been an insane year for all of us. We understand. You’re just a regular guy, trying to get back to a regular life.

Why not go out to a restaurant? Spend time with a charming woman. Do what you used to do. That’s what it means to be a man — to be strong, to listen, to spend time with somebody who appreciates the qualities that make you the kind of guy women like to be around.

A virus doesn’t have to get in the way of all that, does it? I mean what are the chances that she — or anybody else in this place — is infected. They all seem fine. This whole thing has to be overblown.

And you’re healthy as a horse. If you get it, you’ll probably get over it. You probably won’t end up the hospital. You’re a man in your prime, you treat your body right, and you never seem to get sick for very long.

But if you do get COVID, you might want to know this. The latest medical studies say you’re three times as likely to end up with erectile dysfunction. Yes, even a man like you who has never had problems in . . . that area.

I’m sure you’re fine. I’m sure this evening is going to end the way you want it to. And I’m sure you’re up for whatever ends up happening when it’s just you and her.

But if you want to be sure . . . why risk an infection that could make you impotent?

All it takes it jab or two from a little needle and you’ll be vaccinated and protected. You’re man enough to handle that, aren’t you?

Because catching COVID is the one boner you’re better off missing out on.

Get the free vaccine. Protect yourself. Protect your date. And be ready when the time comes. Because that’s what a real man would do.

Am I hitting home yet?

Let’s get creative with these vaccine ads, shall we?

It’s time to tap into some primal emotions.

If you’re up for producing this script, just let me know.

Graphic: The Why Axis

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  1. “It’s just a little prick.”

    “Save your d*ck. Get the prick.”

    Great graphic.

    Yes, I would love to see an ad like this, though I’m disappointed we have to focus on the ED aspect.

      1. Excellent! And the “Don’t be a dick! Get the prick!” is something you might even see in Germany. They aren’t as prudish as Americans are.

  2. Please look at the sample size of the study. With more than 200 million cases worldwide, they could only find 100 for their study? But maybe men keep these problems to themselves? An unspoken cause of the COVID baby bust?

  3. Our nation needs a full court press against vaccination and mask stupidity. People attending New Orleans Saints home games will have to be vaccinated or have a recent test. Fans must wear masks unless they are eating or drinking (a brilliant stance within a state with lots of stupid people and evil political leaders). Kudos for the University of Indiana, the Supreme Court, and our armed forces!

    Family members, religious leaders, politicians, teachers, captains of industry, media folks, artists, athletes, and tv and screen celebrities must speak out for vaccinations and masking. We should cuss out and shun our friends and family members who oppose vaccination and masking. Please save Florida from Death by DeSantis!